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Get The Anti-Thinning Caffeine Shampoo For Just $29



A shampoo loaded with ultra high-quality active ingredients that nourishes your scalp and follicles.

Our Anti-Thinning Caffeine Shampoo is packed with active ingredients that are scientifically-proven to improve hair growth and restore balance to the scalp.

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  • 2 month supply of Anti-Thinning Caffeine Shampoo
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"The shampoo has really helped my scalp and hair."

Verified Purchase

Great products, and helpful staff. The shampoo has really helped my scalp and hair.

"One of the best natural shampoos on the market!"

Verified Purchase

This product is my favourite! It has a nice fruity smell, is gentle on the hair and leaves my scalp feeling clean and moisturized. You can tell there’s no chemicals because there’s no foam forming. Although I had to switch to minoxidil & finasteride for my hair loss (natural treatments didn’t work), I still keep this gem in my arsenal. For the price of the subscription I believe it’s one of the best natural shampoos on the market!

"I love it so much!"

Verified Purchase

Other than getting used to no longer having a bubbly sud-filled Shampooing experience, this product truly leaves your scalp not only feeling clean but cleansed. After using this product regularly now for about a year, I can see to everyone that it is Guaranteed to notice a healthier texture and feel to both your hair and scalp after every use! I love it so much, and even better I love that I only need to use it roughly 1 -to- 2 times per week.

"I love the caffeine shampoo, it really helped my hair."

Verified Purchase

Great products and 5 star customer service. I love the biotin shampoo, it really helped my hair. Thank you Sarah for your kind contact and Carmen for the packaging. You guys are great.

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