MSM for Hair Growth: Does It Really Work?

MSM clinical studies of hair growth positive results

There are a variety of products on the market, including Rogaine and Propecia, that aim to target hair loss. What if I told you, however, that a supplement that is found naturally in our bodies and abundantly throughout the world, might help to lessen hair loss and even promote hair growth? This post will introduce …

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Best Natural 5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitors

A handful of reishi mushrooms

5-alpha-reductase (5AR) is an enzyme in the body that converts testosterone into DHT which then goes on to cause hair loss in men affected with androgenic alopecia. By inhibiting the enzyme, you can slow down the production of DHT and thereby prevent hair loss. Here are the top three natural compounds that inhibit 5-alpha-reductase. Reishi …

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Thuja Orientalis for Hair Loss: Results and Analysis

The Thuja Orientalis plant used for making the hot water extract

A naturally occurring product, Thuja Orientalis hot water extract has been clinically proven in studies to improve hair count when applied topically to the scalp. But the question remains, how do these study results play out in real life when it comes to hair growth outcomes? In this article I’m going to summarise the findings …

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Zinc for Hair Loss: Does It Really Help?

Foods that contain high amounts of zinc includes almonds

Zinc is important in the healthy functioning of our bodies, but too much of it can create hair loss (1). Zinc helps build cells and it keeps our hormones balanced (2). It also assists with the assimilation of other vitamins, and it assists the body with assimilating protein, all of which are important for growing …

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Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Loss: Is There A Link?

Make sure you're getting enough vitamin D from exposure to sunlight

Vitamin D is understood to be one of the most important nutrients required for the body to function optimally and for an individual to be healthy. A deficiency in this essential vitamin can have many negative consequences, and it has even been linked to hair loss directly and indirectly. The negative impact of a vitamin …

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Foods For Hair Growth – Which Are Best?

Bone broth provides plenty of collagen and other nutrients and minerals that are essential for hair growth

When you’re suffering from hair loss, no matter the cause, it’s important to take a multi-pronged approach to tackling the problem. And while there’s never one answer for all types of hair loss, there is one factor that you have the power to change: your diet. The foods you eat have a direct impact on …

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Bamboo Extract for Hair Growth: Research and Studies

Bamboo plants

Bamboo is a flowering perennial evergreen plant that belongs to the Poaceae family. It’s thought to have originated from Central China where people have used it for thousands of years. There is significant anecdotal evidence that suggests this, but when it comes to the empirical kind we are quite sure that bamboo has been used …

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Polysorbate 80 – Can It Help Stop Hair Loss?

A man applying Brontzu lotion to his scalp

First off, in this article you’ll learn what Polysorbate 80 is, how it’s commonly used and where it came from. Next, I’ll discuss the research surrounding Polysorbate 80 use for hair growth, and what this means for those suffering from male-pattern baldness. Last, you’ll learn about Polysorbate 80 availability and cost, and how to go …

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