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"The Easiest Way To Drastically Accelerate Hair Regrowth..."

You've got the Biogaine Anti-Hairloss Serum. Now turbocharge your results with the 1mm Dermaroller.

Using a 1mm Dermaroller just once per week has been shown to speed up hair regrowth by 3 times.

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Save over 50% By Adding the 1mm Dermaroller And Get Regrowth Even Faster (3x Faster)

Stimulate New Growth: In multiple studies Dermarolling has been clinically proven to stimulate hair regrowth more effectively than any other treatment. In fact, in a recent 2019 study, when participants used a Dermaroller just once per week they regrew 3 times as much hair as those who didn't use one.

Re-establish Blood Flow: Dermarolling works by trigger the body to heal itself. By doing so, it re-establishes a stronger blood supply network to the scalp so that the  follicles can more easily grow healthy hair.

No Side Effects: Unlike Finasteride and Minoxidil, Dermarolling is a safe and natural treatment which has been used for years in the cosmetic industry with zero side effects to worry about.

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