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You'll be assessed in the 4 different areas that contribute to the progression of hair loss, whilst also showing you how to improve your score in each area

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This is for men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning who want to understand what is causing their hair loss so that they can take effective action to regrow their hair.

"I've found the analysis incredibly helpful. It's allowed me to focus on what actually matters. 3 months later and my hair loss has completely stopped and I just feel healthier in general. I highly recommend it."

Ben Richards

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You’ll be scored against the following key areas:


Eating the correct foods and maintaining a good diet in general is critical to providing the nutrients and building blocks for healthy hair growth.


Find out how helpful or harmful your current lifestyle is to your hair. We'll assess factors such as sleep, exercise and sunlight exposure.

Gut Health

An unhealthy guy can have severe knock-on effects on our hair that many people don't even realise is happening to them. Find out if you are on of them.

Scalp Health

An unhealthy scalp will never be able to produce healthy hair long term. See how you score against specific criteria such as scalp elasticity and blood flow.

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