The 10-Minute Ritual That Regrows Hair

A Growing Number of Happy Users

How Does It Work?

1: Place the Growband comfortably on your head and adjust for a snug fit.

The Growband sits comfortably on your head with the soft inside cushioning and neck support. It can be easily adjusted to fit all head sizes. Some users reported they like to use the Growband for whilst watching Netflix.

2: Connect the Growbox and begin inflating the Growband automatically

Simply connect the Growbox to the Growband, turn it on and press go! The inner tubes of the Growband will immediately start to inflate, comfortably pushing the scalp upwards and relieving tension throughout the top.

3: As the band inflates the scalp is gently lifted upwards, releasing scalp tension.

As the inner tubes inflate the Growband naturally pushes the scalp upwards, relieving tension throughout the scalp in an enjoyable way. Blood is forced back into the scalp and the pressure causes creasing and pinching of the scalp. You'll start feeling a slight warming sensation in your scalp as blood starts to move around and towards the hair follicles.

4: The pressure is released and the scalp is let back down.

The Growbox pauses at peak inflation for a few seconds before releasing the pressure and allowing the scalp to return back to its starting state. After a short pause the Growbox restarts the cycle, pumping even more blood into the scalp.

Relax your scalp in just 10 minutes per day.

The Growbox is fully customisable, so you can set it to your exact preferences. We recommend using the Growband for 10 minutes each day. This is incredibly easy and enjoyable to do so since the whole process is completely automated. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

What Makes The Growband Different?

Create Your Own Transformation


In 2014 my hairline was rapidly receding, and thinning all over. I'd been losing my hair since age 18 at that point.

With my father, uncle, cousins and both grandfathers completely bald, I'd basically lost hope at that point.

But I wasn't quite ready to give up yet....


Today my hair is thick and healthy, and getting stronger every day.

The thickness and quality of the hair has improved massively. It's just so nice being able to style my hair how I like and it just looks so much more healthy

All the hard work that went into creating the Growband was worth it.

William Slator - Founder of Hairguard

The 3-in-1 Way To Reverse Hair Loss

What Makes The Growband Such A Powerful Hair Growth Tool?


Hair loss starts with scalp tension. Unlock the muscles around the perimeter of the scalp and reduce the downward scalp tension. The patent-pending GB design is the ultimate way to do this.


Pinch, squeeze and gently massage the top of the scalp. This helps promote new microvascular circulation, reduce fibrosis and stimulate healing and growth factors into all areas of the scalp.


The patent-pending GB design creates a gentle pressure towards the top of the scalp resulting in vasodilation of the tissues. Our study showed 178% increase in BPU (Blood Perfusion Units) after 9:30 minutes.



Customers Are Loving The Growband

"Early days still but promising"

Verified Purchase

By Said H.

Early days still but promising so far with my scalp feeling much less taught and I've noticed less hair fall.

"Gets to the root cause of hair loss"

Verified Purchase

By Gaurav

Its easy to use and gets to the root cause of hair loss. I tried minoxidil for over a year for a large expense and almost no results. Now after adding the Growband to my routine I'm seeing a meaningful improvement (still using minoxidil). My guess is that they work well together. Getting rid of the scalp tension and then using the minoxidil to activate the follicles back into the growth phase is a good 1, 2 punch knockout for hair loss.

"Thrilled to see an improvement"

Verified Purchase

By Lisa R.

Thrilled to finally see some improvement after a year of trying different products with no such results. I use the scalp brush, dermaroller and growband and although I was losing some at the start I can tell my hair has gotten thicker in the last few months. 

"My bald patch is slowly going"

Verified Purchase

By Kurt

I've had a patch on my crown now for a year or more. I hadn't seen it getting bigger and bigger until a friend pointed it out. Which was so embarassing! I also felt my scalp was extremely tight so I decided to try the Growband. Much to my surprise I have seen a d

"Gotten better over the past 6 months."

Verified Purchase

By Toth O.

New hairs along hairline, crown and thicker on top all over. 6 months in, long journey but worth it now. Only getting better and better from here on.

"Wow my scalp feels so much better"

Verified Purchase

By John W.

Within couple of months and already an improvement. Wow. And my scalp feels much, much better and more relaxed. There's less tension on the top and way less dandruff and itching now as well. I'm seriously happy with it. I'm using this and the scalp brush. I really want to get my scalp into a better condition before I start on topical products or DHT blockers if I still need to. I probably won't need them at this rate.

The Growbox Makes Life Easy

Battery Powered

The Growbox is powered by a powerful battery that lasts around 120 minutes. That's almost 2 weeks of daily sessions before it needs a recharge.


You can clip the Growbox onto a garment, place it beside you or whatever you want. Using the Growband Pro is totally hands-free.


Recharge the Growbox with our USB 2 cable (included) Takes just 30 minutes to fully recharge.


Once you've found the perfect settings you'll want to save them for next time. Making each session quick and easy.

Unlock Scalp Tension & Boost Blood Flow

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The Growband helps reduce scalp tension and boost blood flow in just 10 minutes per day, helping people with hair loss who want to grow thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

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1 year warranty

Quick, friendly support

Fix the Real Cause

The Growband Pro

  • No side effects
  • Doesn't affect your hormonal system
  • Affordable and lasts a lifetime
  • Easy, quick and enjoyable to use
  • Fixes the root cause

Other treatments

  • Can cause side effects
  • Ageing, itchy, hormone-disrupting chemicals
  • On-going expensive monthly costs
  • Lose all the hair you've gained when treatment stops
  • Does nothing to fix the real cause

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The GrowBand is simple and easy to use. Simply sit in a comfy chair and place it on your head. Then simply switch on the Growbox and let it do the hard work for you.


Scalp tension is uncomfortable and can cause an itchy scalp and headaches. The Growband reduces tension and gives your a massages at the same time, making your scalp feel amazing.


Constructed with quality materials, simply let the Growband do the work whilst you relax and catch up with your favourite TV show.


All the risk is on us because the Growband comes with a 60 day refund guarantee. Simple as that!


Reducing scalp tension has been proven to help regrow hair in men and women with hair loss.


Pay once and use it forever. No on-going costs like most hair loss treatments.

The Latest Science is Clear

1: 2.6X Less Blood Flow in Balding Scalps

2: Balding Scalps Have 40% Less Oxygen

3: Low Oxygenation Disrupts Hair Growth Cycle

4: Tension Patterns Match Hair Loss Pattern

5: Scalp Relaxation Promotes Hair Growth

6: Relaxing The Scalp Regrows Hair

7: Minoxidil Stimulates Blood Flow

8: Reducing Tension Regrows Hair


  • GrowBand Headset
  • Growbox Automated Pump
  • GrowBand User Manual

Verified Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I start seeing results?

Initial tests show that after 3 months results start becoming visible. Typically the treatment works like this:

30-60 days: Hair loss is stabilized, with less hairs coming out and hair follicles preparing for the growth phase.

60-180 days: Hair regrowth kicks in and the hair follicles increase in both number, thickness and tensile strength. Hair looks thicker, stronger and healthier with higher overall coverage. 

180 days onwards: Continued maintenance and continued thickening, strengthening and regrowth. Individual results may vary.

Does this work for women too?

Yes, it works for women too. Clinical studies showed that scalp tension relaxers worked extremely effectively for both men and women, causing a significant amount of regrowth for both genders.

How long will it take to arrive?

We ship from the U.S. and UK and domestic deliveries take 2 - 4 days.

For international orders, delivery times depends on the destination but is typically 5 - 8 days.

Are there any side-effects from the Growband?

There are no known side effects from the GrowBand. 

Some people have reported a temporary increase in sebum production which usually decreases after a few weeks. Minor swelling or irritation is also a possible minor side effect, especially to start with. However this usually resides after the scalp gets used to it. 

In general, the Growband is a much safer treatment option than minoxidil or prescription DHT blockers, both of which have significant side effects because these drugs affect the body on a biochemical and hormonal level, artificially manipulating the body. 

The Growband directly fights the true cause of hair loss, which is lack of blood flow making it an incredibly effective and low-side-effect treatment.

Are there any customs/import duties?

We ship from both the UK and US. For shipments to these countries you will not be charged import fees. 

For orders outside of the US and UK, it is almost impossible for us to say whether import charges will apply and if so how much these charges will be.

We recommend checking with your local import authority to assess whether custom / import charges will apply. 

Can I use other treatments as well?

Yes sure.

It's up to you, but that's one of the great things about the Growband, you can use it with conventional options as well, because it works using an entirely new mechanism.

In fact, other treatments will work better because of using the Growband at the same time. You'll be fixing the root cause, whilst other options help in other ways such as stimulating the hair follicle back into growth phase.

Good other options are Maxoxidil, along with our shampoo and supplement. You can also use a dermaroller too if you like.

Terms & conditions of payment

If any any point you're not satisfied with any of your purchases from us then you have 60 days to request a refund. Simply email us by replying to your receipt to make your refund request. We will then issue your refund within a maximum of 48 hours, no questions asked. Payments are made through secure 3rd party providers. You can pay with Credit/Debit card.

Medical disclaimer


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What if I want to return the Growband?

Simply email us within 60 days of purchase. We will then require you to return the Growband back to us, in its original packaging. 

The Growband is your responsibility until we receive it back at warehouse, so we recommend you send it via a Tracked & Signed For service. Once we have received it we will issue your refund within a maximum of 48 hours, no questions asked.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the GrowBand comes with a 1 year warranty, so if for any reason a part needs replacing then you're covered.

We're proud to support the countries we ♥ by designing, sourcing & manufacturing all of our core products in the USA, UK & Canada.