Healthy Hair Lifestyle

Cold showers
Overly hot water can be very damaging for your hair. Most people have enjoy a hot shower or two everyday, but if you turn the temperature up very high it could be damaging to your hair and scalp.

Hot water dries the scalp and can cause dandruff and irritation. It strips away naturally protective oils leaving the hair and scalp very vulnerable and brittle.

Brittle, strawy hair and dandruff are signs your could be running your shower water too hot. Overproduction of scalp sebum is also a sign. These are also signs you may not be drinking enough water. See the water module here.

In addition, cold showers are good for your hair because they invigorate the scalp and, protect the hair and scalp and helps reduce sebum production.From now on try running your showers, when you wet your hair, just below what is comfortably cold.


Don’t use hot water whilst showering your hair, use cool or cold water instead to avoid damaging your scalp and hair.



Bad posture can put extra tension on your scalp through rounded shoulders and neck tension.

Poor posture can also cause stress. Since poor posture is seen by the body as a defensive position, having better posture can actually help reduce stress levels.

These 5 stretches should help with your posture.

If you spend a lot of time sitting then see if you can use a standing desk instead.

Be aware of your posture and try to improve it as much as you can by doing these simple stretches everyday.


Be aware that poor posture can contribute to scalp tension and stress. Do posture stretches and try to improve your posture overall.


Vitamin D

Low vitamin D can contribute to hair loss.

If you live in Northern latitudes or spend most of your time indoors then you could have a vitamin D deficiency which could be contributing to your hair loss.


The simple answer is to get outdoors more and expose a large area of your skin to the sun. If this isn’t always possible then you may want to supplement with a vitamin D supplement.

I won’t make a particular recommendation of a supplement here as they can change or not be available in certain parts of the world but most supplement will be okay. Always prioritise getting more sun though instead of supplementation if possible.


If you spend most of your time indoors get outside and expose large areas of your skin to the sun more, or take a vitamin D supplement.



Shampooing too much, or using a shampoo that contains chemicals can be extremely damaging for your hair.

We recommend only using shampoo once or twice a week maximum. If you currently use a shampoo more than twice per week your hair will benefit from reducing this.

The reason is that shampoos strip away natural and protective oils from the scalp and hair. Without these oils the scalp can become easily irritable and also get dried out. The oils are there to protect the hair and scalp.

Chemicals in almost also shampoos can enter into the scalp, damaging it and causing irritation and potentially leading the way for dandruff and itchy scalp.


Chemicals in most shampoos can also disrupt your hormonal system and cause hair shedding.

For this reason I recommend using the all-natural Hairguard Caffeine Shampoo once or twice a week and no more.


This shampoo also contains a group of specially chosen natural extracts that are added to help support healthy hair growth.


Shampoo max twice per week, ideally once or less per week and use a non-chemical shampoo with proven hair boosting ingredients.