Just Nutritive Grow New Hair Shampoo: Review

Grow New Hair Shampoo is a relatively new formulation of a hair growth and hair supporting shampoo.

This product is ideal for both men and women suffering from hair loss. It has a powerful herbal smell that isn’t too floral or masculine.

But, what makes it worth your time and money?

The folks at Just Naturals claim that the presence of of rice and soy proteins make their shampoo unique, and the addition of Vitamin B5 helps to strengthen and thicken hair, which makes it look fuller and stronger.

How Exactly Does Just Natural Hair Loss Shampoo Do All That?

Let’s go in more details about the ingredients in Just Nutritive New Hair Shampoo, and the specific role each of these may play in fighting hair loss.

The shampoo includes hair-supporting plant-based extracts like licorice, sarsaparilla, and papaya fruit plus basil and thyme.

Carrot seed, pumpkin, and argan oils also bring richness and vibrance to the hair.

Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum)

Basil essential oil improves blood circulation to the hair tissue, which promotes hair growth (1). The antioxidant properties of this herb are beneficial for the scalp and hair follicles (2).

Castor Seed Oil (Ricinus communis)

Regular usage of castor oil is purported to increase hair growth, reduce breakage, and moisturize hair and your scalp. Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid which makes it a very effective nutritive anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent (3).

This can help keep any fungus or bacteria from preventing or slowing hair growth. Castor oil is also high in omega 9 fatty acids.

Sea Buckthorn Oil (Hippophae rhamnoides)

The oil is extracted from the seeds or the pulp of the fruit, both of which are extremely high in fatty acids (4). It is known as a super fruit for its wonderful healing properties.

The numerous benefits of sea buckthorn oil have caused it to be used as one of the basic ingredients of traditional folk medicine throughout time.

Rice Protein (Orysa sativa)

Rice protein is a soluble vegetable protein, which has been extracted from rice bran. A nutritive plant derived protein that provides superior antioxidant properties and essential fatty acids (5). In 1694, rice arrived in South Carolina, probably originating from Madagascar. It is an excellent in adding nutritive shine and highlights to the hair.

This substantive protein also increases the ability of skin and hair to bind moisture. In the hair, this results in increased flexibility and tensile strength. On the skin, increased moisture retention results in a more hydrated and elastic surface. It is also an effective anti-irritant and leaves a smooth, dry feel on skin.

Together, all these ingredients work symbiotically to target hair loss and promote new growth and healthier looking hair.

It’s worth noting that Grow New Hair Shampoo doesn’t contain any of the crap in our usual fare. No parabans, no artificial dyes or colors, no artificial fragrance, and most critically: no sulfates!

A $6 grocery store shampoo will say it contains some of the above ingredients, but the quantity is so small compared to the filler and chemical base, those quality ingredients so rarely offsets the damage done by the other crap.

When you pay more for a quality, plant-based and balanced shampoo like this one, it’s ALL goodness without the toxic and cheap base chemicals, and you can use far less per shampooing for the same cleansing and nourishing effect.

Grow New Hair Shampoo Reviews

So what do people think of this shampoo? As with any hair loss product, this isn’t the perfect solution for every single person, and so there’s a mix of reviews. But, most are pretty darn positive.

On Amazon.com, this shampoo has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars with over 50 reviews at the time of this blog entry. That means way more fans than not!

Let’s look in more detail at the pros and cons of Grow New Hair:


  • Helps stop breakage
  • Hair stops falling out
  • More volume
  • New hair growth seen in as little as a month
  • Smells awesome
  • Makes hair softer
  • Lathers well


  • Some experienced it leaving a film
  • Some plant extract ingredients may trigger allergies
  • Some experienced more static
  • Should be used with the matching conditioner for best results
  • Some saw results only after 6 months of use (so, technically this is both a pro and a con!)

Here’s one positive review from a woman that I found on their website, that I found pretty incredible and encouraging:

“I have been using the grow new hair shampoo and conditioner for a month…..maybe even a little longer. The difference is unbelievable. My stylist cannot believe the change in my hair. My hair started to fall out, I was panicking and went for a scalp analysis.

They wanted to charge me $1800 for treatment which is way too steep for my wallet. I saw this product on pinterest and read all the positive reviews and decided why not try it. I am glad I did. I can see the regrowth in my part and my hair is thicker too. I am not seeing the pile of hair in the drain either. I just ordered it for my daughter who has damaged her hair with a flat iron.

I highly recommend this product and can’t say thank you enough.”

Other Products from the Just Natural Brand

Just Natural is a producer of skin and hair products that includes two brands – Just Natural, and Just Nutritive. These brands offer an array of hair care products to choose from.

For those who are combating hair loss, you may find these products to be helpful:

  • Bald Spot Treatment
  • Grow New Hair Conditioner
  • Grow New Hair Treatment
  • Hot Oil Grow Hair Formula
  • Loss & Thin Black Hair
  • Nightly Scalp Massage

These contain similar ingredients to the Grow New Hair Shampoo, and their reviews are along the same lines.

But they also offer products for those who are interested in a more natural approach to hair care, even if thinning and balding aren’t a concern.

This includes a line of styling products (Organic Herbal Gel, Anti-Humidity Pomade), and even products for African American hair (Pre-Wash Hair Treatment, Nutritive Hair Setting Lotion).

Of course, I cannot possibly review each individual product. Though, it does seem that they are a company committed to natural, real-ingredient products.

Overall: Grow New Hair Shampoo May Help Grow New Hair

Disclaimer: I’m a big fan of Just Nutritive products. They’re natural, well-researched, they’re superbly well-reviewed.

But, it can take some time to see changes whenever you switch to a new hair product or care regimen. You must be consistent, using the product for six to 12 weeks to see what impact, if any, it has on your hair.

And while this may seem like a long time, keep in mind that many people who are switching from off-the-shelf products that contain additives will need to wash multiple times with the new shampoo to even remove all of the build up left behind by the previous products.

Any thoughts about Just Nutritive Products, or anything in the Grow New Hair product line? Leave them in the comments below!

35 thoughts on “Just Nutritive Grow New Hair Shampoo: Review”

  1. Very informative article! I’ve always heard that caster oil was good for hair growth but rice protein and sea buckthorn oil is new to me. I like how you included both the pro’s and con’s also, as some websites tend to only list the pro’s πŸ™‚ Overall great read.



  2. Hi Sarah, thanks so much for reading, and I’m glad we all learned something new. I also didn’t know that rice was good for hair, and knowledge is power!

  3. Hi,
    Interesting read. I is it safe for daily use? I tend to wash my hair everyday… I usually do coconut oil treatments once a week to maintain balance.

  4. Thanks for doing the research on this. I think you have convinced me to give it a go. The cons don’t seem like too much of a risk. Is the conditioner as well received by others too?

  5. Hey Penelope, i never realised that normal shampoos only have small amounts of the good stuff in them, but i suppose it makes sense that you are paying for the quality!
    I love how your reviews always list the pros and cons, allowing visitors to make informed decisions. This product looks really great and i love the one review that you have highlighted, it really says a lot that the woman is experiencing such great results after such a short space of time!
    Great post as always,

  6. I like that this product contains no synthetic fragrances or sulfates and is plant based. And a 30 day money back guarantee, that sounds promising!

  7. I agree with you- these are major draws for this shampoo, especially for those of us with sensitive scalps in addition to thinning or vulnerable hair. thanks for reading!

  8. Hi Colleen – thanks for the great comment and yeah, sorry to burst the “normal shampoo” bubble πŸ™‚ And yeah, I don’t wanna read a review that only lists the pros, because then it’s not really a review, it’s just an advertisement. Thanks for reading!

  9. Thanks for the question – yes, a lot of people had reviewed both the Grow New Hair Shampoo and Grown New Hair Conditioner simultaneously because they bought both. I’d always been taught that the shampoo was the most important part of the duo, which is one reason I primarily review those over conditioners, but my thinking may be starting to change now that I live in a REALLY dry climate and my hair sucks up conditioner like no one’s business!

  10. Yes, you can use this shampoo safely daily. Consider in the past if you’ve used the more harmful grocery store shampoos daily, the ones with fillers and hair strippers and scalp drying agents. Using something with only beneficial ingredients daily is gonna be a MAJOR improvement!

  11. Hi Penelope, another great product review. I love learning about all the many ways there are out there to boost hair growth and renewal. This shampoo seems like a pretty easy to do way of boosting hair growth. It’s great that it is all natural and has all those amazing products and oils in. I work in a herbal apothecary and we use pretty much all those things for various reasons, including hair growth. It’s interesting that it contains sea buckthorne, this is one of my favorite oils as it is such a great all rounder, and one of the only known sources of omega 7. I use it in my night cream and wow is it anti aging too!
    I would love to know which of your products you recommend the most on a small budget?

  12. This is the first time I am reading about the Rice Protein as an ingredient to help prevent hair loss.
    I have to admit that this looks like a very interesting product to try.
    I was wondering about the matching conditioner: what is your experience with it? In case I don’t have the matching conditioner, what is the second best option based on your experience?
    Going back to the shampoo: is it a universal shampoo for all kinds of hair or are there any exceptions?

  13. Love the shampoos you recommend Penelope. I also am a big fan of Just Nutritive! Especially as a man, i think it is important to spread awareness that men suffer from hair loss and there are natural ways we can implement to combat this. Men seem to brush off this health issue but it is important to take action if we want to look healthier and better for that matter. I will spread the word!

  14. Thank you! I think part of the issue is that people are so sensitive about their hair loss and how it affects their appearance, it’s hard to bring it up.

    I think everyone should just play santa with the balding men and women in their life and family this year, and just gift them some nurturing regenerative products. That also might be my way of saying I want some serums and shampoos from Santa!

  15. I am interested in this product.
    I have a question about this shampoo.
    Is it suitable for my oily hair?
    Thank you.

  16. Penelope,
    The new hair shampoo looks like it would be a great item to try. Most will have to try it to see if the natural ingredients will work for them. I wonder if the rice would dry out some peoples hair, as it is used to dry things and absorbs a lot of water. This may be why some have more static in their hair after use.

  17. I would be surprised if the amount of rice protein in this shampoo would be drying. My guess is that by putting it in in protein form, they are isolating what makes rice strong and beneficial. But that’s a really good question, thanks for the comment!

  18. OMG! How informative. Does this work on all hair textures? If not, can you recommend some? Your site is awesome.

  19. Hi Shalisha, thanks for the question, and thanks for reading. and the answer is YES, Just Nutritive products are for all hair textures and types and many are well reviewed especially for African hair. They’re all natural and full of healing oils.

  20. Very informative post! I knew about the castor and rice protein however, I have never heard of the Seabuck thorn oil. I personally use castor oil mixed with rosemary essential oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil and it works wonders as well. I have never heard of this shampoo but, you made it seem so temping to go and buy. The only problem is I do not use over the counter shampoo. It gets my hair tangled up and in a bunch. I have to make my own shampoo. Who knows one day, I might just take a risk and see how this product works.

  21. I think it’s amazing that you make your own shampoo, you go! One thing’s for sure – the vast majority of shampoos for sale are crap. Good shampoo is almost always expensive because it doesn’t have any of those nasty chemical fillers in it.

  22. As a lot of people especially mums are suffering from hair fall. This article will help them a lot in order to prevent hair loss as it is fully loaded with a lot of useful info along with best products …

  23. That fact that it’s a unisex shampoo is awesome. Not too floral or masculine…nice. I was about to send this page via Facebook to my pal who is losing hair but I forgot he don’t have Facebook. I sent him the web link instead. =)

  24. Thanks for passing on the info to your friend! I’m sure he’ll appreciate it if he’s looking for a natural hair loss solution.

  25. Thank you for this Penelope, another great product review =) I’ve actually shared your link to a friend who will find this article very helpful =) Super thanks =)

  26. Penelope – thanks for your great website. You have provided much information that will undoubtedly, be helpful to many people. I appreciate the research you have shared, as well as your reviews of products. Keep up the good work you are doing.

  27. I’m gonna have to check out sea buckthorne face cream – that sounds like an awesome product. I live in a dry climate now so I need ALL the moisturizing help I can get.

    Budget suggestions for treating hair loss:
    Rosemary oil scalp massages nightly – very inexpensive at around $12
    DHT blocking shampoo – this is a HUGE unisex bottle full of potent DHT blockers and rolls in under $15.
    Hairfluence – by far the most affordable out of these comprehensive hair loss supplements, and it has a ton of rave reviews!
    Someone on a very strict budget should also be regularly making and consuming bone broth to help support their collagen needs.

  28. This shampoo is for all kinds of hair – it’s not specified for straight or curly hair. I haven’t tried the conditioner but going by my research, people seem to love it and think it makes their hair quite soft and workable. For people who don’t live in dry climates, I think rosemary vinegar rinses are actually better than most conditioner (and cheaper).

  29. It does, yes! Just Nutritive products have natural ingredients and awesome reviews. I personally use and recommend their Grow New Hair Faster Treatment as well πŸ™‚

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