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Low-Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Hair Growth

Low-Light Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as laser therapy, is a growing trend in the hair loss community. With minimal side effects and positive growth results, it’s easy to see why!

In this post, I’ll discuss the latest in hair loss treatment methods – LLLT. This will include a look at how the treatment works, the scientific evidence to support its use, and how you can get started using it today.

Additionally, I’ll share a few tips to improve the effectiveness of your LLLT sessions.

What Is Laser Hair Growth?

Low-Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a treatment method used for a variety of ailments. More recently, LLLT has been introduced as a treatment for hair loss.

In simplest terms, LLLT is a method that uses low-level lasers to stimulate the hair follicles. This stimulation, through a variety of possible mechanisms (which we’ll explain further below), promotes hair growth.

(Learn more about hair loss treatment methods here.)

Fun fact: LLLT was discovered accidentally by Hungarian physician Endre Mester. While attempting to treat tumors in mice, the laser level was set too low.

While the tumors remained without change, he did notice that the shaved hair was growing back much more quickly in treated areas than non-treated.

How Do Laser Hair Growth Treatments Work?

While there is much on the topic that still requires research, there are a few mechanisms that are believed to provide the growth seen with laser treatment. However, it’s first important to understand hair loss to better understand how LLLT works.

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons, but Male-Pattern Baldness (MPB) is the most common. This form occurs as a result of sensitivity to DHT, a natural hormone within the body.

As DHT is produced (through interaction between testosterone and 5-Alpha-Reductase (5AR)), the sensitive hair follicles inflame. As a result, the follicles miniaturize.

Through miniaturization, hair is less and less able to make its way from the bulge (at the bottom of the follicle) to the scalp. Eventually, the hair strand can no longer poke through the scalp, and the follicle withers and dies.

(Learn more about hair miniaturization AND what you can do about it here.)

So, what does all of this have to do with laser treatment?

As I’ll show you more fully below, LLLT has actually been proven to promote hair growth in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look!

It Stimulates Epidermal Stem Cells

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that commonly take part in repair and restoration of organs and body structures. They also play a role in the proliferation of hair follicle cells and hair growth.

As lasers penetrate the scalp, they’re able to interact with the structures (such as cells) within. In this case, the light is absorbed by the stem cells and energy is released. This energy is then used to perform needed repairs and even stimulate the hair growth cycle.

A diagram showing how LLLT interacts with the cell

With LLLT, you can stimulate the stem cells within each affected hair follicle. This means you can target hair regrowth.

It Promotes Anagen Phase Hair Growth

As mentioned above, light absorption can be used to interact with the cells and stimulate the hair growth cycle. This is an important step, as only hair in anagen phase can grow.

The hair growth cycle is split into three phases:

  1. Anagen.
  2. Catagen.
  3. Telogen.

While the majority of your hair follicles should be in anagen phase at any given time, miniaturization and other issues can lead to premature transition. This means your hair transitions from active growth (anagen) to rest (telogen) before hair growth has reached its peak.

When this occurs, the anagen phase will shorten each and every time the cycle is performed. This means that, over time, you could be spending more time actively shedding hair in telogen than growing hair!

With LLLT, the hair follicles will spend more time in anagen. As such, you’ll see more hair growth and less telogen phase shedding.

It Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a side effects of many types of hair loss, including MPB and Alopecia Areata (AA). Unfortunately, the presence of inflammation can then worsen the hair loss and the cycle continues.

With LLLT, though, it may be possible to reduce inflammation and stop hair loss in its tracks.

Inflammation is a sign that your body is attempting to heal itself. When it occurs temporarily, this is a good thing. However, chronic inflammation can be a sign that something isn’t right.

In the case of MPB, the presence of DHT is causing the inflammation. However, other causes can be autoimmune (in the case of AA) and even fungal (in the case of ringworm).

By targeting inflammation, then, LLLT can be a good treatment option for a myriad of hair loss forms. In fact, treatment of inflammation (and hair loss) was even proven in cases of AA.

The Scientific Evidence

LLLT for hair loss is still in its earliest stages, though there have been a few studies done on the treatment method in recent years.

The majority of these – including 2 in vitro, 7 animal, and 12 clinical studies – were featured in an evidence review in 2016:

A list of animal studies lllt
A table showing clinical studies of lllt

Let’s look closer at two such studies.

United States, 2012

In this study, Alopecia Areata (AA) was induced in 14 mice. The diagnosis was confirmed in two mice, and the remaining 12 mice received treatment.

The first group (six mice) received laser therapy with the use of the HairMax LaserComb for 20 seconds, three times per week. This continued for six weeks. The second group (six mice) received the same “treatment”, but with the laser beam off.

Skin biopsies were then taken from all 12 mice and examined under a microscope:

A skin biopsy of Alopecia Areata mice

As shown above, the biopsies to the left show very little in the way of hair follicles. This is the “sham” group, who received no laser treatment at all. On the right (treatment group), though, a multitude of elongated hair follicles are clearly seen.

A mouse before, during, and after lasercomb treatment

As noted by researchers, the majority of hair follicles in mice from the treatment group after 6 weeks were in anagen phase (with a few already having entered catagen). However, the majority of the follicles in the non-treatment group were still in telogen.

Of course, results on mice don’t directly translate to similar results in human subjects. Fortunately, human subjects have been studied, too!

United States, 2014

This randomized, double-blind clinical trial consisted of 269 subjects altogether (128 male and 141 female). All were diagnosed with androgenetic hair loss.

The patients were randomly split into four separate trials.

The first trial consisted of 78 female subjects who received either treatment with a 9-beam lasercomb or sham treatment.

The second trial consisted of 63 female subjects who received either treatment with a 12-beam lasercomb or sham treatment.

The third trial consisted of 49 male subjects who received either treatment with a 7-beam lasercomb or sham treatment.

The fourth trial consisted of 79 male subjects who received either treatment with a 9- and 12-beam lasercomb or sham treatment.

The main measurement of efficacy was the change of terminal hair density at 26 weeks from baseline. Digital imaging was then examined by an experienced hair transplant surgeon who was blinded to the patients’ trial statuses. The results were as follows:

The results of lasercomb treatment on females
The results of lasercomb treatment on males

In every study, the results of lasercomb treatment significantly outweighed the sham treatment results.

Before and after image of female treated with lasercomb

In short, the 2016 evidence review states “overall, the studies summarized here have moderate to high quality of evidence”. Of course, researchers would like to see more studies done, specifically those that use randomized, controlled methods.

Side Effects and Considerations

While adverse reactions to treatment were minimal, a few of the most common side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Skin pain and burning
  • Itching
  • Acne
  • Redness
  • Mild numbness

Out of all studies considered in the 2016 review mentioned above, only one case of telogen effluvium was noted. As such, this was likely unrelated to the treatment.

One thing to keep in mind is the presence of growths or malignant lesions on the scalp. Stimulation with low-light lasers may increase their incidence of growth and should be avoided.

The Best Laser Hair Growth Products On the Market

LLLT is offered by health professionals and estheticians alike. However, you can also practice this method of hair growth stimulation at home.


The only at-home LLLT product that is currently approved by the FDA, laser therapy combs are available online and at many health and beauty stores.

Laser therapy combs work by targeting the hair follicles directly, and this can be done on a regular basis. In fact, a study done on mice showed that laser combs actually increased the number of hair follicles in anagen phase.

How to Use

The laser comb should be used at least three times per week, and each treatment session will take about 15 minutes.

To begin, place the comb (with all teeth directly touching the scalp) on the very front of your hairline. Move the comb through your hair very slowly, moving only about one-half inch every four seconds.

Pay special attention to areas with considerable hair loss (such as the hairline and crown), and repeat the process over these areas for the duration of the session.

It’s very important that all the teeth are making contact with your scalp, as this ensures that the lasers are penetrating completely.

Cost and Availability

LLLT combs can be purchased online or at a variety of stores. The cost varies, though keep in mind that you do get what you pay for. See this useful review guide here.

On the lower end, quality combs will cost about $200. However, they can easily go up to $1000.


While not FDA-approved, LLLT helmets are quickly becoming a popular alternative to the laser comb.

LLLT helmets are laser devices that resemble a typical bicycle helmet. They are placed on the head and remain there for the duration of the treatment session. A 2013 study shows that the use of such helmets can result in a 35% increase in hair growth when used regularly over a period of time.

How to Use

As the product is not FDA-approved, there aren’t any clinical guidelines for use. However, we can get a few use ideas from the studies that have been carried out.

In the study above, patients used the helmet every other day for 25 minutes each session. No adverse effects were reported at this frequency, but it was only carried out for 16 weeks total.

Cost and Availability

LLLT helmets are not as widely available as combs, though you can find some online and at health and beauty stores.

Similar to the comb, a good quality helmet will cost anywhere from a few hundred to one thousand. However, this is a one-time purchase.


While wands seem to be the least popular laser treatment device, you can purchase one as an alternative to a comb or helmet.

The laser wand is just as it sounds – a device that emits laser beams that can be “waved” over the scalp. As direct contact is not made (as it is with the comb and helmet), it’s safe to say this isn’t the most effective device.

How to Use

A laser wand can be used as often as the comb or helmet (so, about three times per week).

For best results, I recommend separating your hair into sections and targeting the scalp of each section specifically. However, only keep contact for a maximum of 20 seconds for each section.

Cost and Availability

You’ll likely have better luck finding a laser wand online than in store. In addition, the cost will vary greatly.

A high-quality wand can easily cost a few hundred dollars, but you may also have a few options in the below $100 range.

How to Add Laser Hair Treatment To Your Regimen (3 Tips for Effectiveness)

One of the greatest things about LLLT is that it can be used with virtually any other hair loss treatment method. In fact, many hair restoration surgeons even recommend it following transplants!

Here are a few tips for most effective use of the treatment method.

1. Remove All Hair Product Prior to Use

Whether a styling agent (gel or mousse) or a medicated treatment method (Rogaine), it’s recommend that the laser treatment be done on a dry, clean scalp. This means you’ll need to plan the treatment around your usual daily routine.

This can be done in the morning or night. If done in the morning, do it before applying any product or styling your hair. In addition, wait at least 20 minutes following treatment before applying any product, including Rogaine.

If done at night, be sure that your hair is clean and fully dry.

2. Keep Treatment Consistent

While LLLT is not performed daily, you should aim to keep your weekly treatment regimen consistent. This will ensure the best results over time.

It’s recommended to perform LLLT at least three times weekly. However, more frequent treatments haven’t been shown to offer any additional hair growth benefits.

To ensure you stick to your routine, I recommend you perform treatment the same days of the week at the same time. This makes LLLT easier to fit into your weekly schedule.

Overall, keep in mind that beneficial results require commitment. As with any other hair loss treatments I recommend, you cannot expect results with minimal effort.

3. Don’t Expect Miracles

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment method. More importantly, though, no one treatment method will offer perfect results, even when used consistently.

Prior to beginning LLLT, it’s a good idea to have realistic results in mind.

For example, don’t expect to see a full head of hair within a few months, especially if you’re Norwood V. Instead, understand that the process takes time, and LLLT is just one tool in your hair growth toolkit.


Is laser treatment a good option for hair loss sufferers? The answers is, it depends.

Many hair loss sufferers – both those with AGA and AA – have seen positive results from consistent treatment. Of course, these results do take time, and results will vary widely from person to person.

However, LLLT is certainly a treatment method that I think can be beneficial. This is especially true when it’s combined with other natural methods for combatting hair loss.

*This article was reviewed by Dr. Anil Simhadri

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  65. I just showed my wife this and she’s begging me to buy her one for Christmas, she’s not even old nor is her hair thinning but every time she brushes her hair a big pile of hair comes out, it might be the fact that she has hair down to her ass or it might be the fact that she is stressed out having to live with myself and our 4 sons which are 11, 10, 8 and 3 lol.
    Would this work on men’s hair as well or is it just for women?

  66. I never knew there was such a thing as a hair loss helmet. Thanks for the info on it. Too bad it is not recommended for men–my fiance could really use it!

  67. Hi Penelope,
    Thanks for this review. I was totally unaware of such a device. My hair thinned in the past few months due to adrenal stress and medications, and I’ve been considering some very expensive products to get back my hair, but didn’t make a decision yet.
    My hair loss is less now, as I am treating the main causes, and once those are solved I plan to get this device on my head and see my hair grow and become thick once again!
    Thanks again, my hair is very important to me.

  68. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alma! I’m glad I could lead you to the existence of cold laser therapy, it will help you recover from your hair loss for sure!

  69. I am not loosing hair per say, but as you get older it just gets thinner and is not as thick and full as when I was younger. Does this help with this? I supposed stimulating growth would make it thicker. I was looking online for products to use for this, but this sounds like something that would work a lot better, and it makes sense. The price tag is hefty for sure, but in the long run, after paying for a bunch of different products that really don’t work, I think that it is worth it. Is there any kind of money back guarantee?

  70. I’v never heard of this before. I shared this article to my Facebook. I would like to spread the word on this, I may look into this myself eventually. My hair is thinning out and every time I wash it I find gobs of hair in the tub.

  71. Thanks for the feedback and share! Now is definitely the time to start treating your hair if you’re losing it – now, not later. weak follicles are salvageable but after a certain point in time, the follicles die and you lose your window!

  72. What a time we live in. Hair growing helmets. This is simply amazing nothing less. I have been losing hair over the years and I have a few family members doing the same.

    I showed them this article and you should’ve seen their eyes and mouths hit the floor.

    Great post!

    Is it better for men or women?

  73. It’s FDA cleared for women and the process is pending for men. I’m glad that you’ve shared the marvel of the hair growing helmet- it is truly astonishing what technology can do.

  74. I am impressed how far the technology of cold lasers has come.
    This helmet is really something else. Based on your review it seems like a very good product and of delicate use.
    You mention that “Patients that have an Ommaya reservoir under their scalp need to consult their physician before undergoing LLLT for hair growth”. Most of times people are not aware they have this disease. Would you recommend to consult a doctor before using this product?

  75. Hmmmm…good question. I would suggest doctor approval from people who might have photosensitivity, or cancer survivors who’ve had hair loss due to chemo, or anyone else with a rare or obscure hair loss or skin condition. It can’t hurt to get physician input. however, for most of us, it’s not required: this technology is safe and FDA cleared.

  76. A lot of information! Good strong info and I am a female who has some hair loss in the front due to meds and I have a few auto-immune diseases. In the past it seemed that they only cared about mens’ hair loss and it’s about time they are focusing in on now for the female hair loss. I’m glad I ran into this site

  77. Hi Terry – thanks so much for the feedback, and for stopping by! I agree – it’s about time they include women for this medical concern, and there are a number of products now customized just for women, and others (like this one) that work equally for men and women. at any rate, the good news is that we don’t have to suffer with no options, these days – there are ways to combat the effects of medications and auto-immune disorders.

  78. I love all this research you have done. My old lady getx anxiety when she starts to see her hair falling out. Maybe if she had one of these or knew more about them, she would feel less stressed about.

  79. Thanks, Jeremy! … might I suggest you consider grabbing her one as a holiday gift? I know I’d be delighted to get one of these 🙂

  80. This technology looks amazing! I never knew you could treat your damaged hair, and repair the hair follicles with lasers. What’s next??

    Are there any serious side effects that may occur from using this kind of treatment on your hair? Apparently LLLT is a very effective method for aiding in pattern baldness, but can it also have negative effects on certain people, or if used incorrectly?

  81. hi my nephew is suffering from hair loss too. I am wondering why his eyebrows are thick but hair is less in volume. He is trying a treatment in a salon, spend quite a lot of money but still in vain. Would like to know if this helmet has any testimonial proof? Can I get it from Amazon? TQ

  82. Some people are overly sensitive to light or lasers (esp as a side effect of their medication), and those people should not use this kind of therapy. The other stuff is more straightforward – don’t laser over your cancerous tumors (it can make those cells multiply), and never look right at the laser. it’s really safe!

  83. Thanks for the great questions. First, no, you have to buy this one directly from the manufacturer, which is a US-based company you can feel good about supporting.

    Second, while DHT is responsible for hair loss on both the face and scalp, the DHT receptors on your face often have different distribution of receptors for DHT, which means you see many bald men with thriving beads and eyebrows.

    Definitely pass this onto your nephew!

  84. This is amazing technology! I never knew there were products like this out there. Thanks so much for such a thorough breakdown of how it works. I have a much better understanding after reading it! This would be a beneficial read for many and I will be sharing!

  85. That’s pretty interesting post about one of the technologically advanced way to treat hair and first time I saw such treatment and informative as well.

  86. I like that you can combine it with a treatment that you may already be doing and I looooVE that this is hands free. The comb is a nice option but it takes a lot of time to do since it’s MY hand doing most of the work…well “holding” the thing that’s doing the work. lol. You are right about considering how much I already spend with the cost of this. Most of the shampoos for hair loss START at 60 bucks..Thank you for the info–I’ve got some calculating to dooooo. lol

  87. Hey Jennifer – thanks for the great comment. I agree with basically everything you said! I love that it combines with other treatments, as the heavy hitter among them…and I love that you can program the app, put it on, and forget about it. That’s luxury medicine 🙂

  88. Wow I actually never knew that a helmet like this for hair loss existed, what an invention, how far has science progressed. I have stopped using straightener and hair products after loosing so much hair, and now I have started trying home remedies but they are slow. They are so many hair products in the market and I am afraid to try them because again I do not want to lose my hair lol but this instrument looks so amazing and it also feels right so my question is does it actually work? Thank you for sharing.

  89. Thanks for the question! Yes, these helmets work – there is a ton of science supporting the effects of low level laser therapy on hair growth and follicle stimulation. It’s really important to start treating your hair loss while your follicles are weakened but still alive and dormant, rather than waiting too long until they’re dead. I’d recommend adding some LLLT to your regime and see what happens – you have nothing to lose but more hair!

  90. This helmet looks pretty snazzy! Reminds me of the robots from the daft punk videos lol i had no idea equipment like this existed, it’s amazing what technology can do these days..
    I like the way it has no wires so you can go about your day, and also you make a lot of sense about the price when you think of adding up the cost of all of the hair loss products you may buy over the years, and a 2 year warranty is amazing 🙂
    Product looks great will def be recommending it!

  91. Hi Colleen – thanks for the feedback, and yeah, there is something inherently ridiculous yet awesome about this technology. And I’m right there with you, this one is worth trying particularly because of their excellent warranty and the ability to customize treatment.

  92. I’m 52 and have a bald spot in my hair. Right in the middle. It’s painful and embarrassing. I’m going to try the Low Level Laser Therapy 200 Diode Hair Loss

  93. That is a well researched and presented post. For me it is a revelation as I was not really aware of the LLLT, perhaps, because have not really felt the need for knowing about it but your post has given me a very informed perspective. And that is a lot of science there 🙂
    Thanks for the information

  94. Hi Penelope, It is my first time hearing about the Theradome. It sounds a interesting product and very easy to use, 20 minutes x 2 times/week. As you mentioned that it can result in hair regrowth. Do you know what is the mechanism behind this? I have hair loss and right now I use hair oil, blend of six different oil, which slow down hair loss. It is cheap, about $10/4 OZ, and can be used for 2 to 3 months. I would like to continue to use hair oil. My question to you is: can I use hair oil and Theradome in the same time? Thanks for the nice review.

  95. Hi Anthony -thanks for the question. Yes, you can use Theradome along with other topical treatments like oils and serums. The mechanism is in the low laser wavelength stimulating the cells in the individual hair follicles to improved cellular metabolism and health. It’s cool stuff, this science!

  96. Great informative article about hair loss and this hair loss hemlet. It seems really good. Now a days, hair loss is one of the most common problem and reading this article helped us a lot in knowing about this useful technology rather than spending money on hair care products full of harsh chemicals.

  97. Thanks for the comment, Sarah! I’m glad you see the value of this technology especially for women with chemical sensitivities.

  98. Very interesting product. I had no idea these existed. My aunt and mom are suffering from hair loss. I’ll send them your site so they can see this. 🙂

  99. My husband and I have been researching hair loss treatments for about a year now; he is a skeptic, so he is unable to make a decision on anything. He said he rather keep his head shaved. He alway say that their is just too many crap out there.
    However, after showing this to him, he is closer to making a decision. Thank you so much for sharing this product with us.

  100. Thanks for reading, I’m glad that you’re doing your research. Feel free to browse other articles here and reach out if you have any questions about anything!

  101. Hi there.

    Maybe that´s a real stupid question, but is this going to fit on any head? Also, is it more like a balancing act while it´s on there or does it sit properly?

    Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  102. It fits on most heads, that’s an excellent question. It isn’t adjustable, so think more like balancing act, but you can move about freely while it’s zapping your follicles back to life. Thanks for the great comment!

  103. Wow, this is a very interesting product. I have never heard of it but I can see how this would be a great investment. It is easier to use than shampooing your hair and it definitely is less messy. It is a bit expensive but for what you are getting that is understandable. Great review!

  104. Thanks for reading! I’m pretty sure this laser therapy is for all the messphobes out there. Plus, it’s just so awesome that laser technology can help with hair growth.

  105. My husband is the one with the hair loss; you stated that it is approved only for women, but men can certainly use it. Do you know why it’s not cleared for men to use it? My husband is set to purchase the Low level Laser Therapy 200 Diode Hair Loss Helmet, what is the difference between the two?
    Thank you for this very informative information.

  106. My hair loss is more around the temples, crown and sides. I am worried the cap will not reach my problem areas . How far does the cap come down would you say. At least for the temples? Do you have to part the problem areas?

  107. Thank you for your quick response. So I looked at the irestore, and it doesn’t look like it has much more coverage.
    But you feel it does have more laser coverage? Or That it does target more of the head.

  108. Question, is it available in both cap and helmet? And why isn’t it available for purchase via their website? Hair Restoration Laboratories
    Only hair products are.

    Thank you.

  109. Thanks for the great comment – and yeah, normally the go-to laser treatment for hair is definitely not growth, but removal! Luckily, lasers are magical. There are many legit customer reviews over at – check it out!

  110. Yeah, you should TOTALLY get this as a gift for your wife. I’m sure she’ll love it! Think of it as protecting her long hair vs. any kind of balding treatment.

    This works for men and women, but it’s still in the process of being cleared for men. For more info about a laser product also cleared for men, check out our Laser Cap.

  111. Isn’t it cool?? BTW: men can use the Theradome – it’s in the process of being FDA-cleared for them. For products already FDA-cleared for men, check out my review of the LaserBand 41.

  112. Thanks for the comment and question. This hair loss helmet does help with thinning hair (strengthening existing hair and promoting new growth) – and it’s a good point. Not everyone looking for a hair loss solution has experienced strict loss or shedding or balding; usually people start looking for solutions when they notice thinning or less volume.

    There is a 7-day return period, to ensure that the product works, and a 1 year warranty. I suppose because it’s a top of the line product, Theradome is comfortable with the results people will see.

    If you’re interested in a hair loss helmet with a generous return period, check out the iRestore – you have six months to try that one!

  113. Thanks so much for commenting, because it’s really helpful to hear from someone who actually has photosensitivity – it’s a real thing! Luckily there are many other great options, nutritional and shampoo and treatment, to help with hair loss. No lasers required!

  114. I’m optimistic about the laser comb, the company that makes it also makes a really awesome and affordable DHT blocking shampoo. Definitely hit up Santa, you’ve got nothing to lose (except, if you do nothing, probably more hair :()

  115. Yes, he needs to start treating the hair loss now, while his follicles are dormant or weak, but still alive. There is Nutrafol for men, yes! The product was originally developed by a male model, in fact. And, there are a lot of caffeine shampoos to choose from but I like this one quite a bit. If he wants to speed up regrowth, he should add a cold laser into the mix.

    And thanks for getting and enjoying my cheesy humor 🙂

  116. Your site is a goldmine, I purchased the HairEquilibrium, but must say that at times I am overwhelmed with all the options (also from other sources that use similar natural ingredients) I want to get this right and have all chances with me. Is there a forum to discuss with your and others ?

  117. Hi Garen, thanks for the great question. There are some differences between the iRestore helmet and the HairMax Lasercomb. While both are based on the same low laser light therapy technology, the laser combs are shaped like a literal comb, and so you have to hold them in your hand during application of laser treatment. The helmet can go on your head without any further action required.

    They both have good return policies, but iRestore’s is slightly better, it’s 100% money back after 6 months, whereas HairMax is 80% money back after 5 months.

    HairMax products are less expensive than the iRestore and tend to go on sale more often. In fact, the combs are on sale right now, 15% off.

    Come back and let us know which one you order. I’m leaning toward the iRestore as well, simply because you have 6 whole months to give it a whirl risk-free, and it takes less overall effort to complete treatment.

  118. Thank you for reading, and for the great question. The 200 Diode Hair Loss Helmet comes with an app that you can pre-program to target you specific regions of hair loss. It also has more lasers, 200 to the Theradome’s 80. It’s awesome. The Theradome, on the other hand, has been around much longer and is a more established brand. For those concerned with brand reputation and longevity, the Theradome is the better choice. For those concerned with price, warranty, and the programmability of the helmet, the 200 Diode helmet is the better choice. I actually don’t know why the Theradome is only cleared for women, because both the 200 Diode Helmet and the HairMax product line are cleared to work for both.

  119. Thanks for sharing your perspective and feedback! Epilepsy would be the primary / most common dangerous manifestation of photosensitiity. Luckily there are many, many other products that you can use, like DHT blocking shampoo and high quality hair loss supplements.

  120. Hi Barbie,
    If you’re concerned about coverage to those areas, I’m going to recommend two different products. The first is the iRestore helmet, which has a different design and is adjustable to fit all scalp types. It covers the entire scalp. OR you can get a HairMax Laserband, which you will need to shift around during use, but can more directly target your trouble areas. Let me know if you have any questions about those products! Also, the ones I just recommended are less expensive than the Theradome, so that’s a big plus! 🙂

  121. Hi Barbie! Thanks for the reply! To me, the different shape of the iRestore implies more coverage, because it doesn’t have that gap over the ears like the Theradome. Although it’s true that the Theradome includes more lasers (80 vs 51)…What I’m learning here is that an in-depth post about the difference between iRestore and Theradome would be a great idea for the future, so I can research every single aspect of each and compare them in a table!

    Have you taken a look at the Hairmax laserband products? It seems like they could more specifically target your loss areas.

    Let me know what you decide!

  122. I have a question, is it OK/safe to use both the LLLT Helmet and the Dermastamp? Since the dermastamp “injures” the scalp, will it be harmful to use LLLT also? If it is OK, what would you suggest as when to use the LLLT and when to use the dermastamp?

    • Hi Stephen, this is a great question. Typically combing treatments together is the most effective approach, but I can see how using the dermastamp and LLLT device could possibly be a bit too much. This is something we have currently tested ourselves so I can’t say for sure. If you do try both then I would certainly try to make them as far apart as possible. With our 272 Laser Cap we recommend using it for 30 minutes every other day, in which case I would try using the dermastamp a few hours after the cap, so the scalp has the longest time to heal before using the lasers again. I would also make sure not to overuse the microneedling. I haven’t tried this approach and as far as I am aware there aren’t studies using LLLT and microneedling concurrently so we can’t say for sure. Good luck and let us know how it goes if you do try both.

  123. Will,
    Have you heard on anyone having reactions to the treatment? I started using a laser helmet with 272 diodes and after 7 minutes had to discontinue due to scalp tingling. Five hours later my scalp felt like it had a sunburn. I would hate to have used it too long and consequently treated my scalp like laser hair removal.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Terika, I have never heard of that happening, and no such symptoms were reported in any of the studies. I myself use our 272 laser cap and have never had any side effects. A slight warmness/tingle is the most I ever feel. Do you have very fair, or sensitive skin? Which laser cap were you using?

  124. I’m using the Illumiflow brand, similar to capillus and some others on the market. The lasers pulse, 272 diodes. Typically I don’t have sensitive skin, but now into my early 40’s react more to lotions and moisturizers.
    As of note, the following day, I have no scalp pain, tingling or burning. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive and can only use the device for short durations.
    It’s kind of my last go to, along with ordering your products, as I can’t take minoxidil or spironalactone for medical reasons.
    Thank you for your reply.

  125. Also,
    I did notice in your article that slight pain and burning were a side effect. Perhaps this is what I’m having.
    Thanks again.

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