OGX Fight Fallout Plus, Niacin & Caffeine: My Thoughts After Using It

OGX Anti Hair Fallout Niacin3 Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner are the latest and greatest offerings from Organix (which also goes by OGX).

This product line is well-represented in grocery stores and drug stores pretty much everywhere.

What sets this product line apart, especially for the price point, is that Organix products are all sulfate free.

Flight Fallout is their version of a hair loss treatment shampoo, which is encouraging to see coming from an established, available, and lower-cost hair product line.

What’s in OGX Fallout?

Look no further than the big font on the front of the bottle: Niacin and Caffeine are the heavy hitters here. Let’s look at more about why each of these ingredients matters for hair loss.

1) Niacin3

Not just Niacin, but Niacin 3! They are being kinda cute here with the nomenclature, because Niacin is just another term for Vitamin B3.

Niacin helps support hair growth because the star B vitamin boosts energy and improves blood flow to the scalp. A healthy scalp is crucial for healthy hair growth.

Fish, avocado and peas are foods that contain high amounts of niacin

Niacin is water-soluble and helps the body convert food into energy – which is why one symptom of Niacin deficiency is fatigue. Niacin is found in foods such as beef, eggs, tuna, nuts and mushrooms. It’s also found in this handy shampoo.

Niacin maintains the structure of the blood cells and improves blood circulation, which in turn brings more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Research shows that Niacin keeps our skin firm and glowing. It may also improve acne by improving the moisture balance of skin. Niacin helps maintain healthy hair growth and improve the look of skin.

Because of its circulation-boosting properties, Niacin boosts thickness of hair strands as well as the thickness of our fingernails.

2) Caffeine = Awesome

Caffeine has been proven to help hair grow

We have discussed the miracle of caffeine as a hair loss treatment in other posts. But it’s worth shouting from the rooftops – caffeine is an incredible discovery and asset for the hair loss treatment product world!

A revolutionary 2014 study showed that caffeine is a heavy hitter in the world of hair loss treatment. German scientists explored whether caffeine could encourage hair cells to produce more hair.

They placed follicles from hundreds of different human scalps in petri dishes. Some of the petri dishes were treated with caffeine, some where untreated. The experiment showed that the hair follicles that were spiked with caffeine grew much faster than the untreated cells.

Because of this landmark study, many shampoos, conditioners, and sprays formulated to treat hair loss now include caffeine.

3)  Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

in New Jersey, conducted several studies in 2009 on the effects of glycolic acid in hair products.

These researchers found AHA can also bring benefits to hair by enhancing the protection and manageability of hair by conditioning, moisturizing, strengthening, and preventing hair breakage in both healthy and chemically altered (bleached) hair.

Glycolic acid creates a lubricity (ie: slick manageability) to hair that allows for easier detangling and protects the hair against heat styling tools. It also helps restore the strength and elasticity of the strands.

AHAs are ideal to include in hair loss shampoos because they strip the hair of the dirt, pollutants, and products without stripping the hair’s moisture.

4) Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is an established player in hair loss treatments of all kinds. Native Americans have been using Saw Palmetto for centuries to treat skin problems, dandruff, and baldness.

Today’s science is just starting to catch up and implement this native holistic treatment in our shampoos and medicines. Saw Palmetto extract restores hair by inhibiting the hormone DHT. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone that causes scalp hair follicles to dry up and die.

DHT is the enemy – Saw Palmetto fights it.

Does OGX Fight Fallout Work?

Reviews generally say YES.


Positive reviewers notice thickening hair and less fallout over time, when measured by looking for loose hairs in the wide-tooth comb after.

The shampoo is generally experienced as gentle and non-irritating, few people reported itching or breakouts.  Most people love the smell and the lather and feel of the shampoo.

The conditioner isn’t heavy or greasy, and smells like peppermint.

Most people observe more hair volume over time, which can help work against the appearance of thinning and spotting hair. People with color-treated hair reported no issues or stripping from Fight Fallout.

Several reviewers said they were surprised that there weren’t more incredulous, positive reviews already online, given just how affordable this treatment is for a hair loss treatment product.


Some people experienced ‘meh’ – Fight Fallout worked, smelled ok, but didn’t impact their hair loss experience.

There were very few extremely negative comments online about it.  A few I found seemed to reflect comparisons between Fight Fallout with more “clinical strength”, and much more expensive alternatives with more heavy hitting ingredients.

My Experience with OGX Fight Fallout So Far

I’ve been using OGX Fight Fallout for about a week. I’ve used other Organix products in the past (specifically the Argan oil, Coconut oil, and Keratin ones), because they’re widely available and sulfate free. (However, the Fight Flight isn’t yet in the grocery and drug stores, so you’ll need to order it online.)

For sulfate-free products, this shampoo has a superb lather and isn’t nearly as sticky as other sulfate-free ones I’ve tried.

My hair has had more volume this week than normal, which makes me REALLY happy. I also don’t appear to be having any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients – no breakouts on my scalp.

Update: April 2018

I’ve been using this stuff now for about six months. After trying a ton of hair loss shampoos, I’ve settled on this as my go-to because it doesn’t irritate my scalp, and because I’m having good results with it. ALSO, because it’s super affordable!!

Overall: Try OGX Fight Fallout

Given how many positive reviews existed (vs. very few negative ones), given the relative SUPER LOW cost especially compared to other products, and given and my own positive experience so far with this shampoo and conditioner, I’m going to recommend it to everyone.

Consider trying its sister product, the OGX Fight Fallout Root Spray and start using it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner.

40 thoughts on “OGX Fight Fallout Plus, Niacin & Caffeine: My Thoughts After Using It”

  1. Hi
    Just showed the wife your post.
    She has a full head of hair, but losses loads of hair when brushing & washing her hair .
    What she would like to know is it ok for sensitive skin ?
    Some products make her skalp itchy !
    Thanks in advance

  2. This product is great for sensitive skin because it contains no sulfates or dyes. I would recommend it!

  3. Lots of great information here. My dad has suffered from alopecia for many years and has tried many products that claimed to help, and nothing has worked for him. I will definitely show this article to him and others that can benefit from this great information.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for the comment, and I’m glad you’re passing on the blog to your dad. Information is power!

  5. I am really excited to come across this post of yours. I have actually been researching a good shampoo and conditioner duet that would help with my thinning hair. It is not noticeable when you look at me, but I know it is thinning. I would love for it to be thicker again. Have you used this product and does it work for you? Also, I was wondering what the scent is for it? I love a good scent, I just don’t like it to be flowery I guess. I was at the store today looking for just this very thing, and quite honestly I got a bit overwhelmed because I didn’t want to plunk down money on something that is not gonna work. Thanks!

  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by! This shampoo smells like mint and has a little bit of a tingling feeling when you use it, which I find refreshing. it’s not flowery at all, which makes it good for both men and women to use, honestly.

    I’m a week into using this shampoo and I can definitely tell you that it’s making my hair look and feel thicker. I hope over time it will help me shed less and grow new hair as well. Definitely give it a shot and come back and tell us about your experience!

  7. I’m curious to know about this product for many reasons:

    I’ve always been scared to try anything with Niacin because of my hormonal imbalance issues. I wouldn’t want to have increased facial hair or worsening acne. But at the same times, since these are topical (put on the scalp), perhaps they wouldn’t affect me internally.

    So I guess my question would be, do you know if acne and facial hair are potential side effects of using this shampoo?

    I didn’t know caffeine could help with hair loss. When we think about it, caffeine is a stimulant so it could potentially stimulate hair growth.

    Thanks for the reply!

  8. The promoters of hair growth affect our scalps and body/facial hair differently…head hair is special that way.  As for acne, sadly that is a case-by-case situation. I do know that the more natural and less harsh the product, the less risk you have of a negative skin reaction.

  9. Hi there, my mom has been suffering from hair loss. She has dry scalp would this product be good for her or because her scalp being dry you wouldn’t recommend? Thank you in advance.

  10. This shampoo is gentle enough for dry scalp and I would recommend that she try it. It’s sulfate free which is a great start (sulfates strip all natural oil from the hair, which is BAD for dry scalp).

  11. The OGX seems like a great product for hair loss and it’s interesting how caffeine has an important role in the world of hair loss treatment. I like that the shampoo is considered as gentle and non-irritating. Can someone who suffers from dandruff also use OGX?

  12. I use Organix products (shampoos, conditioners, body soap and body lotion) mainly because they have fewer chemicals in their products. I buy coconut oil waters for my hair due to my hair being really dried and damaged from all sort of things (perms and dye). They are really great.

    My hair does fall out a lot too, especially when I brush, but my concerned was more about dried hair so I had never given a thought about a shampoo and a conditioner for hair fallout. So I am very happy to find some information here. Plus I have never known that niacin and caffeine are hair loss treatments! Can we also intake them as supplements to prevent fallouts? Just wondering…

    Thank you for the great info. These product sound really great – I may try next time I buy a shampoo and a conditioner.

  13. I know a few people who could use these products. Will definitely share this page. Do you ship worldwide?

  14. The links will take you to Amazon.com, a vendor that ships to many places in the world. thanks for reading!

  15. I’m migrating my comment from the DHT Blocking shampoo over here, because I wound up trying the OGX. I only used the shampoo, not the conditioner, and I found it at Walgreen’s/Duane Reade for $8. At first I was near tears in the shower because I got the usual depressing clump of hair in my hand. But here’s the good part–my hair looks thicker and fuller and the patches. My daughter and husband both noticed too. And my hair feels lighter off my scalp, if that makes sense.

    I wouldn’t expect the shampoo to fight the fallout on the first use anyway, but I will definitely keep using it because of the way my hair looks. So thank you for flagging this product! If I can find the conditioner, I may try that as well.

  16. Yeah, I like the OXG Fight Fallout conditioner, it has a really different smell than the shampoo, a bit minty, btu it’s not too heavy at all. But you can also try a rosemary vinegar rinse and pair with the shampoo. If you haven’t done that it’s worth trying, definitely gets the hair some buoyancy which is good for the curls! I’m glad you found this nearby and had good results. That’s a good price, too! I have yet to see it in stores here but generally, I’m lazy and prefer to shop online. I even buy my cat litter online (with the free shipping) because it’s easier getting it delivered to the door than carrying it from the grocery store. Thanks as always for following up, Joanne! We’re all in this together 🙂

  17. At the moment I’m sticking to my Devachan One Condition, formulated especially for curly hair, plus their styling gel. It’s really good at detangling my curls, which I never comb or brush. But it’s so slick that’s when the clumps slide out 🙁

  18. I haven’t heard of that one, but i’m glad it helps you avoid the comb and the brush, our mortal enemies!!!

  19. First I’ve heard of this, that’s a great question. It’s possible they just weren’t selling enough of it, I have yet to even see it at the grocery or drug stores here, which is why I’ve purchased it online.

  20. You have been using it for about a month now, how do you feel about the shampoo/conditioner? Thanks for your insight! Just bough the Nutravol that you recommended!

  21. Hi Stacey! I am pleasantly surprised by the OGX Fight Fallout- it’s consistently good and voluminizing, and my hair hasn’t started falling out. of course, I’m doing a bunch of other stuff that’s all working together, but for the price point, I think this is the absolute best budget option out there for a hair loss shampoo. Come back and let us know about how you like the Nutrafol!

  22. After using the shampoo twice and really liking it–great volume and a tinier hairball–I bought the conditioner. Meh. It didn’t detangle my hair at all, and I had to go back and use my Devachan One Condition to get the knots out.

    Bought it at Walgreen’s and I will take it back and exchange it for another bottle of the shampoo. It was on sale for $4.98 so I may as well! The shampoo is a definite winner.

  23. Man! Well, they can’t all be winners and I’m glad that you can simply swap it for the shampoo, which you liked. And it’s good you already have a conditioner that works well for your hair. I’m happy with the OGX conditioner but wondering whether I’d like it in a different climate; I’m lucky to be somewhere really sunny and dry for the time being. Somewhere more humid and I’d probably need a heavier conditioner.

  24. Well, I don’t know which is helping: the OGX, the Propidren, the Collagen powder–or if it’s just the shedding cycle coming to an end, but I’m getting waaaaaay less hair falling out in the shower and I feel like I’m starting to recover some growth. I’ll continue all of it and see how it goes. But thank you for putting me on to all three of those!

  25. Hey Joanne, thanks for stopping by and updating us on your progress! It’s awesome that you’re seeing results with less fallout and new growth. it’s all about the multi-prong approach, in my humble opinion. Hopefully this convinces other people to get on the bandwagon!

  26. I have very thick scales on my scalp and usually have to do a treatment of coconut oil and tee tree in my hair once a week to manage… tried this shampoo and its been 3 weeks and I still haven’t had to do my treatment. I’m very excited about this shampoo. I’m happy its in my life 🙂

  27. I’m REALLY happy you’ve had this experience with OGX Fight Fallout, Sally. Thanks for coming by and telling us about it. I use this shampoo, too, and I think it’s amazing for the price point.

  28. Would you recommend alternating different shampoos? I’d love to try the OGX but the DHT Blocking shampoo sounds very intriguing. I need the volume but think DHT might be an issue with me. Any thoughts?

  29. Great article. Who would have thought caffeine helps restore hair loss! Does that include when I drink coffee? Just kidding. As usual, thanks for an informative article. I love this site.

  30. Great question! And no…drinking the coffee doesn’t help, it needs to be topically applied to help fight hair loss. That doesn’t make coffee any less delicious, though!

  31. Thank you, Penelope, for this great article. I am hoping that this shampoo will improve the thickness of my hair and reduce hair fallout.

    The only concern I have is that the first and third (currently) use has left my feeling a little dizzy. I Googled caffeine & niacin and there were a few articles that the two causes dizziness. Should I be concerned. Currently, the symptoms are mild but a little scary.

  32. It is a shame that this product is discontinued as it was the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever had. I stockpiled it but unfortunately I’m on ny last bottles?

  33. Thanks for the question. While Fight Fallout isn’t strictly a dandruff shampoo, I don’t see anything in the reviews about it CAUSING dandruff or irritating the scalp. For severe cases of dandruff, someone should probably consider a dandruff-focused hair loss shampoo.

  34. I’m glad that you’re already a fan of the OGX! Definitely give Fight Fallout a try, especially if you’re dealing with its namesake!

    Caffeine is effective as a topical solution, I don’t think it has the same effect on our scalps when ingested. Given how much coffee we all drink, there would be no bald people if this were true 🙂

    And yes, any comprehensive hair loss treatment needs to involve both an external and an internal tool. I always recommend supplements in addition to the shampoo or spray of someone’s choice.

  35. Thanks for the question, Jan! Here’s my suggestion. Start with the DHT blocking one, use it for a month with a rosemary vinegar rinse instead of conditioner (you’d be amazed at the volume you can get from that), and then re-evaluate the situation. If you’re not seeing the results you want, then switch over to the OGX duo. I suggest starting with the DHT one because it just has more “stuff” in it that helps combat the problem, and so is a slightly more aggressive approach.

  36. I have never heard of dizziness resulting from using a caffeine and niacin based product – supplements yes but not externally. One thing the internet tells me is that the dizziness should fade over time, at least while supplementing wth these things. I’d say give it three more washes, take note of your feelings, and if they get more intense and troubling – return it and get a product without caffeine or niacin. You could consider the plant stem-cell hair loss shampoo, Phytoworx – I’m pretty sure that one is caffeine free.

  37. Too bad Organix discontinued this product and have started ‘phasing’ it out of stores 🙁 I love this product so much

  38. Im loosing hair and its getting thinner. I want to by oxg niacin and caffeine shampoo and conditioner will it help me with hair falling. If heard all the great news about this product and cant wait to go and buy it

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