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Pura D’or Shampoo for Hair Growth 2019 Review

In this article, I’m going to take an in-depth look at one of the most popular anti-hair loss products on the market – Pura D’or shampoo.

This guide will help you to get a feel for the product – including its positives and negatives – and whether it’s a good choice for you.

Before moving forward, I should mention that I don’t personally use Pura D’or shampoo, or any other over-the-counter product for that matter.

That’s because even the most “natural” over-the-counter hair care products contain preservatives and chemicals, both of which I like to avoid at all costs.

Instead, I make my own natural hair care products, including shampoos, with amazing results. We’ll get into that later, but first, here’s a look at Pura D’or.

The score you obtain will provide you with a better understanding of your hair loss – including its cause – as well as a look at the natural ways you can go about reversing the loss.

What is Pura D’or Shampoo?

Pura D’or is a line of organic shampoos and conditioners. Sold first online – and still a popular product on Amazon – this product is now available in thousands of stores throughout the United States.

With claims of fighting hair loss to treating dandruff and other such scalp conditions, this shampoo is touted as a cure-all by many.

Pura D’or Ingredients

With different shampoo and conditioner product lines, it’s a bit difficult to list all of the ingredients found in Pura D’or products.

However, the company does claim to use only the best, all-natural ingredients – including saw palmetto, coconut and lemongrass, tea tree oil, biotin, and he shou wu.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the more popular products, the Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. The ingredients include:

  • Aloe vera leaf juice
  • Willow bark extract
  • Tea tree leaf oil
  • Argan kernel oil
  • Black cumin seed oil
  • Saw palmetto fruit extract
  • Cedarwood bark oil

At first glance, the ingredient list seems daunting. However, upon closer inspection, the majority of the ingredients are all-natural – many of them even used by myself.

Of course, as an over-the-counter cosmetic product, there are a number of preservatives topping the list. These include Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, and Polyquaternium-80.

I personally prefer to avoid any preservatives, as there’s no way to tell their long-term effects on the overall health of your scalp and hair.

Pura D’or Shampoo Claims – Does It Work?

As with many store-bought shampoos and over-the-counter hair products, Pura D’or claims to provide some pretty miraculous results. These include less hair loss, improved quality and shine, and noticeable thickness.

While there are no studies done on the effectiveness of Pura D’or, there are studies which have been done on its various active ingredients. Let’s take a look.

Tea Tree Oil

This antimicrobial and antifungal oil has been used for centuries, most notably by the Australian Aborigines as a snake bite treatment.

Tea tree oil can help reduce fungal infections on the scalp

It’s also used in the Pura D’or shampoo line, and is claimed to be a scalp stimulant, helping to grow thicker, stronger hair.

One of the bigger claims of tea tree oil is its anti-androgen properties. This is a big deal to sufferers of male-pattern baldness, as DHT is the main cause of hair loss in those with Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA).

(Do you suffer from male-pattern baldness? Learn the early warning signs!)

Saw Palmetto Oil

Much in the same way that Propecia inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase from converting testosterone to DHT, saw palmetto is commonly used in natural hair loss products.

This is true for Pura D’or shampoo as well, with saw palmetto featuring in a number of its hair loss treatment formulas.

Coconut Oil

Used as a moisturizing and hydrating agent, coconut oil is a popular addition to natural cosmetic products, including face masks and shampoos.

Coconut oil helps reduce protein loss after washing

But can coconut oil help to produce shinier, healthier hair?

Surprisingly (or perhaps not, if you’re a regular user), coconut oil was proven to reduce damage in hair strands by up to 39%! This is through its penetrative abilities, preventing too much absorption of water which can lead to breakdown of proteins and hair breakage.


A common symptom of biotin deficiency is thinning of hair. And, while no studies have been done on biotin’s direct effect on hair growth, it makes sense that proper supplementation of this vital nutrient would do wonders for your hair.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Oxidative stress – a process induced by the presence of free radicals – can be a contributor to hair loss and other age-related maladies, including wrinkles, fine lines, and greying hair.

Ylang ylang, though, has been shown to inhibit particular free radicals by up to 79%! That’s certainly a powerful antioxidant, and one which Pura D’or uses in their own hair loss shampoo products.

Lavender Oil

A lightly-scented oil, commonly used in aromatherapy, lavender oil has a number of properties that make it effective at battling hair loss and improving the health and quality of your scalp and hair.

Lavender oil and plant on a table
Lavender oil promotes blood circulation to the scalp, while simultaneously cleaning the hair follicles.

First and foremost, lavender promotes blood circulation to the scalp. This is important for the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the hair follicles.

Additionally, it’s a powerful antiseptic, cleaning your scalp and removing harmful buildup, including DHT.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Pura D’or shampoos contain some pretty powerful active ingredients.

Whether these ingredients work for you in the prevention of hair loss will depend on the kind of hair loss you suffer from.

Let’s take a further look at how this shampoo’s particular formula works.

How Does Pura D’or Shampoo Work?

Pura D’or shampoos contain a combination of DHT-fighting ingredients, as well as other natural ingredients which have been shown to repair damaged hair follicles and increase nutrient absorption.

As mentioned above, DHT is the cause of male-pattern baldness. The use of ingredients which interrupt DHT, then, is an effective way to end the cycle and prevent further hair loss.

Additionally, some of the ingredients found in Pura D’or have been shown to reduce dandruff and other such hair maladies, improving the health of your scalp and removing buildup.

(Not sure if you have a hairline indicative of male-pattern baldness? Learn the difference between a mature hairline and a receding hairline here.)

If DHT isn’t the underlying cause of your hair loss, will Pura D’or work?

Excessive hair shedding as a sign of hairline recession

That entirely depends on the cause of your hair loss. Loss can be a result of stress, illness, medications, fungal infections, and hormonal imbalances (such as pregnancy and hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism).

It certainly doesn’t hurt to add essential oils and other such supplements to your hair care routine, though it’s best to tailor the supplements to your exact needs.

According to the website, Pura D’or should be used for three months in order to see full results.

There doesn’t seem to be any recommendation for frequency of use, though as is mentioned below, one side effect of frequent (i.e. daily) use is flaking and dandruff buildup.

Potential Side Effects of Pura D’or Shampoo

As with any hair care product – natural or not – there’s always a chance of side effects. These side effects can be caused by chemical reactions, unknown sensitivities, or underlying health conditions.

Some of the more common side effects, based off my knowledge of essential oils and consumer reviews of the product, include:

  • Scalp tightness
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Flaking and buildup

Also, keep in mind that this product can exacerbate already-present scalp conditions. These include:

Whether you experience such side effects, and to what degree, will depend upon your skin type, frequency of use, and other such factors.

Reviews of Pura D’or Shampoo

There are a plethora of reviews for the Pura D’or products line, with the majority of them being positive.

Many consumers agree that Pura D’or has been effective in slowing their hair loss. It’s necessary to make the distinction, however, between prevention of hair loss and active hair regrowth.

While many reviewers claimed to experience less hair loss, the majority did not see new hair growth.

Others have claimed that the shampoo has reduced – or completely cured – their dandruff.

Of course, as with any product, there are a few less-than-favorable reviews.

One of the more frequent comments is in regards to amounts necessary. Many consumers claim that they need to use more shampoo per washing with Pura D’or than with other shampoos they’ve used in the past.

This can quickly add up, considering the products have steep price tags.

Additionally, some have claimed that the shampoo left their scalps feeling tight and some even saw an increase in flaking. This is likely due to skin sensitivities and an excess of drying ingredients, so it’s something to keep in mind prior to use.

Still, others had neither positive or negative things to say about the product.

There’s quite a few who purchase the shampoo mainly for its selection of all-natural ingredients, but who claim to see no slowing down of hair loss or any other such positive results.

As with any product, while reviews can be helpful, it comes to you to make the final decision.

Cost of Pura D’or Shampoo

There are a variety of shampoo formulas in the Pura D’or hair care line, varying in cost. However, even the “lower end” products are pretty costly.

For example, 16 ounces of the Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo Lavender Vanilla Scent is $24.99. And, considering it doesn’t use a foaming agent like SLS (which isn’t good for your hair, anyway), you will have to use more pumps for a thicker lather.

At the higher end, Pura D’or also offers a “Pro line” of products. The shampoo in this line – Professional Hair Loss Therapy Thickening Shampoo – only sells in combination with the Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner at a cost of $84.99.

If you’re wondering if there’s a cheaper version, the answer is no. However, there is a way to receive the same results provided by the Pura D’or brand without the price tag.

You can also review Revivogen products here.

How to Make Your Own Hair Loss Shampoo

Cleaning the scalp and pores

Overall, Pura D’or shampoos seem like a good choice for a number of consumers who are facing hair loss. However, the steep price tag and use of preservatives may make you wary. In that case, I recommend you make your own hair loss shampoo.

The process is simple, and the price tag is much more manageable.

To get started, I recommend you give the below recipe a try. After a few uses, and with a better idea of results, you can then tweak the ingredients to your liking.

Shampoo For Stimulating Hair Growth



Bring one cup of filtered or distilled water to a boil, adding in the nettle bunches and removing from heat. Allow to steep until the water is room temperature, then strain the nettle water until the container of your choice and discard the nettles.

Combine the other ingredients with the nettle water, and mix. Lather onto wet hair, allowing to absorb for 2-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Hair Benefits:

This shampoo contains a wide variety of nutrients – such as vitamins A, B, C, D, and K – and can stimulate your scalp while also cleansing and promoting new hair growth.

Many of the ingredients, including turmeric and rosemary essential oil, can also soothe your scalp and rejuvenate your hair follicles, while simultaneously reducing inflammation.

Of course, the coconut oil also adds a nice boost of hydration and acts as a scalp and hair protectant.


Is Pura D’or shampoo a product I recommend? No.

While it does include many natural, hair growth-boosting products that I personally use myself – including saw palmetto and argan oil – it also contains preservatives which I avoid at all costs (and urge you to do the same).

Additionally, the cost is prohibitive, and I can’t in good conscience recommend such a product when I know you can make your own hair loss shampoo at home – with better results and at a fraction of the cost.

As with any hair loss product on the market, they only aim to cover up the issue. Once use of the product is stopped, so are the positives results.

If you’re looking to treat the issue once and for all, then, you’ll need to treat the underlying cause. There’s more about this in my popular course, Hair Equlibrium, where you learn all about the dietary changes needed to make a real difference in healthy hair growth.

You’ll learn how to rejuvenate your scalp, as well as how to boost your body’s nutrient and mineral levels in order to see positive, long-term results.

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