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What If There Was A Proven Way To Regrow Your Hair Within 6 Months?

Would you be interested...?

Hi, I'm Will and I started this website to share with the world the formula I used to reverse my hair loss...

100% naturally, and 100% permanently!​

I know, I know... It's a big claim...​

By this point you’ve probably tried everything and you’re probably skeptical…

Maybe you’ve tried creams, pills, hairstyles, diet changes… all that stuff.

And chances are, it didn’t work for you did it?

Well, I've got news for you...

Everything you know about hair loss is wrong.

All this time, you've been looking in the wrong place.

And that's why nothing has worked for you so far...

​I know that maybe it feels hopeless for you, like you're fighting a losing battle to keep your hair.

I know that feeling, looking in the mirror, feeling sad and worried as your hair slowly fades away.

That's how I used to feel​. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Let Me Show You How I Regrew My Hair & Then Helped Hundreds Of Others To Do The Same

The biggest reason that I know this is going to work for you?

The rate of male pattern baldness is effectively zero amongst stable, well-nourished indigenous populations.

Because hair loss is not natural.

It’s a side-effect of modern living - It’s unnatural.

The rate of male pattern baldness is effectively zero amongst stable, well-nourished indigenous populations.

But what’s great about this is, because it is unnatural, it means that our body does want us to have hair on our head.

And this means that we just need to help our body heal itself.

Stop the things that were causing hair loss in the first place:

Give your body everything it needs to heal and re-grow.

Get rid of the unnatural toxins and hormones and metals that cause the hair to wither and die.

Block DHT in a way that has never been talked about before...​

In 5 years, everything I'm about to teach you will be mainstream knowledge.

But at the moment, my formula is only available to those who have been searching hard for it.

​The problem is, it takes a long time for this information to spread because we are embarrassed to talk about hair loss.

It's a taboo subject, and many big companies have a reason to keep this formula secret.​

But now I'm going to reveal everything to you...

I'm going to pull back the curtain and reveal the step by step formula that will make your hair lo​ss a thing of the past.

You Probably Already Know About The Conventional Hair Loss Treatments Available To You!

I'm guessing you probably already know the other options you have for stopping your hair loss.

Firstly there's minoxidil, for a 1 year's supply that's going to cost you between $45 and $150.

Then you might consider a more serious option, like finasteride also known as propecia.

This drug chemically blocks DHT, can have serious side effects such as loss of sex drive, testicular shrinkage and reduced ejaculatory volume (just to name a few.)

A 1 year supply of finasteride comes in around $350.

Or would you like to know the simple and natural way to decrease the sensitivity of your hair follicles to DHT so you don't even need to worry about blocking it (in Modules 3-7)?

And if you're really serious about having a full head of hair you might consider a hair transplant. That's going to cost you from $5000 (if you go to Turkey or India) all the way up to $35,000 for a more established surgeon in the U.S. or U.K.

And even then you'll still need to take finasteride to stop the rest of your hair falling out and there's no guarantee the transplanted hair will last the rest of your lifetime.

Let's just hope your native hair doesn't keep falling out.

And by the way, did you realise that if decide to use minoxidil or finasteride then as soon as you stop using it, within 1 year or less you'll lose all the hair that it's helped save.

Or you could take the other option and do nothing. Sit, wait and hope that you don't lose anymore hair.

Hope that things will be okay, or resign yourself to the fact that you're okay with being bald?

Are You Okay With Going Bald In 15 Years' Time?

The progression of male hair loss follows a typical and well known pattern called the Norwood scale.

Although the rate of hair loss varies between people, the expected time-frame for someone with male pattern baldness is around 15 years as you can see in the diagram below.

Year 0

Year 1

Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

Year 11

Year 15

Whatever stage you are at now, are you going to be happy in 2 or 3 years time when you reach the next stage if you do nothing?

No, I didn't think so!

Luckily, there is another way!

A way that I discovered that unlocked the secret to regrowing my hair, and then hundreds of other men that used the same system.

How Can You Be Sure That It Is Really Possible To Regrow Your Hair Naturally?

Because 3 years ago I stumbled across a discovery that would change my life.

That discovery was Hair Equilibrium.

Hair Equilibrium states that in every human being there is a continual balance between unnatural forces that cause hair loss...

...and the naturally occurring forces that cause hair growth.

In men like us that have experienced hair loss, the unnatural forces are stronger than the natural.

The result is the gradual receding and thinning of our hair which makes us look aged, unhealthy and unattractive to the opposite sex.

All you have to do is tip the hair equilibrium in the right direction and any further hair loss stops automatically.

You can do this in two simple ways:

1 - Reduce the ‘hair destroying’ unnatural forces
2 - Increase the ‘hair re-growing’ natural forces

The result is a shift in equilibrium that guarantees hair growth.

Your body can’t help but regrow the hair on your head.

Or at the very least, stop all further hair loss.

When the unnatural forces are reduced, and the natural forces are boosted, hair growth happens automatically, without you even trying.

All you have to do is get past the tipping point.

You simply tip the equilibrium in your favor and your hair will start to re-grow.

So, Right Now You Have A Choice...

You could try the usual options of drugs, surgery or accepting that with each passing month things aren't getting better.

Or you could take matters into your own hands and dive deep into the proven natural method that unlocks the secret to regrowing hair naturally.

With over 4 years of research and experimentation I've developed a step by step system that triggers natural hair regrowth.

It worked for me, and when I started teaching the system to other men, it worked for them too.

Let me explain a little more about how the Hair Equilibrium System works...

Introducing The Hair Equilibrium System And The 13 Modules That Will Show You Exactly How To Beat Hair Loss

Module 1: Massively increase your intake of hair growing nutrients and minerals

Hair growth needs the raw building blocks - the nutrients and minerals that will make up the new hair follicle.

In this module I show you 2 unique ways to boost your intake of the precise amino acids, proteins, nutrients and minerals that are needed to build new hair.

Module 2: Detox the blood, tissues and organs from the toxin build-up that has been stopping your hair grow, from the inside-out.

Toxins inside the body restrict blood flow to the scalp through calcification, they damage the hair follicles. Heavy metals cause hormonal imbalance.

Acid wastes slow down hair growth and a damaged microbiome causes autoimmune problems that lead to DHT sensitivity. In this module you'll learn the simple but powerful way to detox your body so hair starts growing naturally without harm from toxins.

Module 3: Inhibit 5-alpha reductase and reduce DHT levels directly inside the scalp using the power of alkalinity.

A medical study published in 1997 showed that the enzyme type 2, 5-alpha reductase was optimal at pH 5 (acidic) and was inhibited in alkaline conditions (above pH 7.)

Did you know that the foods we eat have a acidic or alkaline affect on the body depending on what's left over after we metabolise them? So, in this module I'll show you which foods help raise alkalinity and inhibit 5AR in the scalp 100% naturally with no side-effects.

Module 4: The lifestyle choices that trigger hair loss revealed. Make simple changes to your lifestyle that allow for hair growth

Small changes to your lifestyle can make big differences to your hairline and this module is all about that. For example, hot showers cause dryness and inflammation in the scalp and strip away natural oils that are there to protect the hair follicles.

Cold showers open up the follicles, boost circulation, align the keratin molecules and protect the hair follicle. Learn more about this and 4 other areas of your life where you can make an instant shift from hair loss to growth.

Module 5: Learn how unstable blood sugar levels can increase inflammation and sensitivity to DHT.

In module 5 you'll learn how to reduce the blood sugar spikes that lead to DHT hair follicle sensitivity. This is one of the reasons that grains and sugar have been linked to pattern baldness, but you'll learn my quick way to tell which foods actually cause blood sugar spikes so you can reduce DHT sensitivity.

Module 6: Learn the simple rules indigenous people use to get more hair growth nutrition from your food.

When you think of a healthy meal what do you think of? Probably a balanced meal with proteins, vegetables, carbs etc. Wrong! Mixing all these different food groups into the same meal makes efficient digestion almost impossible.

In this module I'll show you the simple 'rules' food eating meals that digest quickly and easily offering maximum nutrition and health for you and your hair.

Module 7: Reduce the allergies and autoimmune responses that trigger DHT sensitivity.

DHT is claimed to be the cause of hair loss, but is that really true? In this module you'll learn why the true cause of hair loss is sensitivity to DHT caused by an autoimmune response.

Autoimmunity is defined as your body attacking its own cells - this is exactly what is happening when DHT attacks the hair follicles. This is where you'll learn the simple way to stop the allergies and autoimmune responses that trigger DHT sensitivity.

Module 8: Take my 39 question questionnaire to discover exactly the right foods for your body type and genetic background so you're not constantly fighting against what your own body wants.

Some people claim meat is good for us and some people say its bad. So who is right? In fact, both statements are right and wrong. It actually depends on your genes, and your 'metabolic type.'

This is why no one can decide whether meat causes of helps hair loss. In this module you'll answer 39 questions and calculate a score to find your metabolic type then you can scientifically adjust your diet to optimise for hair growth.

Module 9: Learn the simple secret of why indigenous populations rarely suffer from hair loss and use the power of bacteria to heal your microbiome and regrow your hair.

The microbiome is the collection of bacterial cells that make up or body. However, modern life is constantly attacking this helpful bacteria though antibiotics, preservatives, fluorides and more.

The result is autoimmunity problems that come from an imbalance of good and bad bacteria - this then leads to DHT sensitivity and hair loss. In this module you'll learn the most straightforward way to quickly and naturally heal your microbiome so that DHT stops attacking your hair follicles.

Module 10: Stimulate rapid hair growth using a simple breathing exercise to reduce stress and oxygenate the blood.

Hair follicles that have been restricted of oxygen will slowly wither and die. In module 10 you'll learn the easy and simple breathing exercise that rapidly oxygenates the blood, improving hair growth and at the same time, reducing stress and tension.

Module 11: Introducing the Microcosmic Orbit, using the power of meditation and sexual healing to drive energy into the scalp

Have you ever wondered if masturbation contributed to hair loss? In this module I'll shed some light on this theory and show you a unique method that drives sexual energy up the spine and into the scalp to provide nourishing nutrients, minerals and hormones that can then be used by the body for repairing the scalp and hair.

Power Module 12: The 3 step secret method to trigger hair growth around the bald or thinning patches of your scalp using a dermaroller.

In this power module you'll discover my best method to directly stimulate hair growth along the hairline or any thin or balding area. Everything you've been doing with diet and lifestyle changes so far has been leading up to this point. 

We take a 3 step approach, firstly cleaning and peeling the scalp and removing gunk and DHT. Secondly you'll stimulate the dermal layer to produce new cells and increase blood flow. Thirdly you'll apply a homemade, formulated hair growth serum to the affected area and leave it on overnight.

Power Module 13: Learn the 5 minute-per-day scalp exercises and massages that reduce scalp tightness, increase blood flow and guarantee hair growth.

Hair loss, at the most fundamental level is caused by lack of blood flow to the hair follicles. In this Power Module you'll use specific scalp exercises and massages that have been proven to do 3 things:

 - Increase blood flow directly
 - Reduce scalp calcification
 - Eliminate scalp fibrosis

This is the module where everything starts coming together and visible hair growth can be achieved within months. Your scalp will feel soft, flexible and flushed with the blood that causes new hairs to grow.

And Here's What Will Happen When You Follow This Step-By-Step System!

Before: 2015

After: 2018

Reverse Your Hair Loss Today
Normally $197 - But For A Limited Time Just $67

Bonus 1: Step By Step Meditation & Breathing For Stress Related Hair Loss

(Usually $17)

Inside you'll learn, as you listen along, the simple techniques to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels using scientifically backed breathing techniques and meditation.

Stress and cortisol play a large role in hair loss. Highly oxygenated blood from deep breathing also helps increase nutrient and mineral flow to the hair follicles. significantly boosting hair growth and protecting new hairs.

  • 3 Simple Techniques To Increase The Oxygen In Your Blood For Increased Hair Growth
  • Lower The Levels Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol On Your Blood By 45% In 48 Hours
  • Reduce Hair Loss And Deliver Higher Amounts Of Nutrients and Minerals To Your Hair.

Bonus 2: My Hair Loss Supplements Notebook

I'm also adding in my personal Hair Loss Supplements Notebook where you'll be able to see the exact supplements and combinations of these supplements I've discovered are most effective for beating hair loss.

HINT: They probably aren't what you expect...​​

Bonus 3: Essential Oil Hair Growth Accelerators

What If There Was A Way To Accelerate Your Hair Growth Using Essential Oils?

Well it turns out there are 18 plant-based oils that scientific studies have proven to stimulate hair growth.

These oils have shown positive results in double-blind studies, some even beating popular (and incredibly expensive) hair treatments such as minoxidil and finasteride.

In fact, there oils can be used in 3 ways:

  • Topically (rubbed on your scalp)
  • In a homemade shampoo
  • Orally (taken as a supplement)

Wouldn't it be useful it every single oil that was proven to stimulate hair growth was cataloged in one place so you knew exactly which oil you should start using today?

And what if each oil had been rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for how effective it was for use topically, orally and in a shampoo?

Well, this is exactly what I've been working on for the last 6 months - compiling a complete list of the very best and most effective oils to regrow hair for men and women.

And now I'm making this research available to my subscribers so you too can make a simple and scientifically informed decision about which plants oils (and mixtures) of oils you should be using in your daily hair care regime.

Testimonials From Those Who Used Hair Equilibrium To Regrow Their Hair!

"I'm blown away by how quickly my hair has grown back after I'd been losing it for 2 years."

Matt, C. Medford Oregon

"My scalp is noticeably less tight and itchy, I can see new hairs growing and the existing hair is much stronger, more erect, thicker."

Jake, P. Boston, MA.

"I'm very happy with the results after 5 months. Not only does my new hair look thicker, but the strands on my forehead look and feel stronger, they aren't receding any more.

Metabolic typing has made a huge difference and the sebum that use to stick on my scalp has gone away, allowing the hairs to grow properly."

Sanket, G. Luton, England.

"After 3 and a half weeks I've noticed much less hair than usual on my pillow in the morning, and the back and shoulders of my t-shirts.

It looks like the changes are working to some extent, it's still early days but at this rate I am very much looking forward to seeing the results in 2 months time."

Andre, L. Munich, Germany.

Results You Can See & Feel Within 60 Days Or Your Money Back

If for any reason you don't get positive regrowth within 60 days like many of the others who have used Hair Equilibrium, I've made it incredibly easy and straightforward to ask for a refund. No quibbles, no questions asked, just a simple and honest 100% refund. And you can keep the course.

Don't Wait Any Longer To Regrow Your Hair - Start Today!

$197 > Just $67

Testimonials From Adam And Chris

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I personally guarantee all refunds for 60 days. That means you've got 60 days to try the course 100% risk free. If you don't like it for any reason, I make it extremely easy and simple to get in contact with me and ask for a refund. I know what it's like buying online, it can be a bit like the wild west.

I want you to know that you can buy and then refund if you want to. And you get to keep the entire course for free.

Secure Payments

All payments are processed using Gumroad's 100% secure, SSL, encrypted payment processor. We then deliver the course to you digitally. Payments are fast, discrete and secure and your receipt will appear as 'Higher Self Media'. Gumroad is based in San Francisco, California, and makes refunds very easy.

Contact Me Personally

I always enjoy sharing information with others who suffer from hair loss. I know sometimes it can all seem a bit unbelievable that you can fix your hair loss so easily until you talk to someone personally. If you have any questions, just send me an email to will (@)

Testimonials From Those Who Followed Hair Equilibrium in 2015-2017

“Hey Will, I started nourishing my body with your guidance on the program since the beginning of June, along with the exercises and scalp peel, and I realised my hair had stopped falling out one month later and I’m ecstatic about that, very grateful for that”

Caesario, T.

Will, 2 full weeks into a much more alkalizing diet and I have basically stopped shedding hair just as you describe in Ch.3 of Hair Equilibrium. Wow… I can’t believe it

Elliot, T.

I'm very happy with the results 60 days after making the changes. Surprised that this appears to be working.

Robert from Texas

...immediately saw less hair on the pillow in the morning...

Kris, J. from Florida

6 months after getting your course I can confidently say it has helped. I certainly haven't lost anymore hair and perhaps even regrown a small (but important) amount.

Ramit, U.S.

Has definitely helped. I'm seeing new hair growth where it had been receding. Very happy, please let me buy you a drink if you're ever in Portland.

Sandy from Portland, Oregon

My wife has commented that my hair looks thicker and more bouncy today. I thought I was starting to see a difference myself as well but it's so nice to hear someone else say it. Thanks for your help through all of this Will

Henry from Oxford, UK.

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