Watercolour Illustrations

These are our health and wellness watercolour illustrations.

*Please only use these if you have express permission from Lucianna Wesley. If you have permission from Lucianna then please feel free to use as many of the illustrations as you like throughout your website or offline.


Standing desk
Healthy Gut
Deep Breathing
Hair Growth Cycle
Hair Plugs
Testosterone to DHT
Lost Hair
peppermint leaves and oil on a table
Peppermint Oil
Rosemary leaves and oil on a table
Rosemary Oil
Cayenne peppers in a bowl
Cayenne Peppers
Jojoba leaves, seeds and oil on a table
Olive Oil
Cedar wood pines and a bottle of oil
Cedarwood Oil
Grapes, seeds and oil on a table
Grapeseed Oil
Bamboo plants
Bamboo (Silica)
Castor seeds and oil in a wooden bowl
Castor Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Lavender oil and plant on a table
Lavender Oil
Capsules of evening primrose oil with the flower
Grapeseed Oil
A ginseng plant and powdered capsules on a table
Grapeseed Oil
A guy meditating, not masturbating
Seeds and a bottle of oil
Liver damage could be connected with unhealthy hair
Various different vitamins spread across a table
A vegetable juicing machine
Vegetable Juicing
Cut up turmeric spread over a table
Turmeric (Cucumin)
Holding a stinging nettle ready for making tea
Stinging Nettle
A handful of reishi mushrooms
Reishi Mushroom
Cut onions on a table
Using homemade shampoo in the shower
Shampoo for Women
Applying a hairmask to protect the hair follicles and scalp
Hair Mask
A spoon of flaxseed and a bowl of oil
Hair follicle miniaturization caused by DHT
Hair Follicle Miniaturization
Cleaning the scalp and pores
Shampoo for Men
Man eating an unhealthy burger
Naturally alkalising foods in a platter
Healthy Salad
Drinking healthy detox drink
Vegetable Juice
Big and small pumpkins
A table with garlic cloves
A table with assortment of chinese style medicines
Chinese Medicine
Some foods cause hair loss, other help regrowth
Paleo Diet
The balance between good and bad bacteria affects hair health
Good & Bad Bacteria
Smoothies provide a quick source of many hair regrowing nutrients, minerals and proteins
Fruit Smoothies
Scalp massages improve blood flow and thereby increase the amount of nutritive substances reaching the hair follicle
Scalp Massages
Almonds & Almond Oil
Aloe Vera
Apple Cider Vinegar
Coconut Oil
Elon Musk
Hard Water/ Limescale
Olive Oil
Natural Shampoo
Fish Oil
Tea Tree Oil
David Beckham
The structure of the hair follicle starts with the dermal papilla
Receding Hairline
Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin B12.
Vitamin B12
Vatika seeds
Vatika Oil
Foods containing high levels of tocopherols
Fish Oil
Tap water contains heavy metals and chemicals
Tap Water Chemicals
Sunflower seed oil can be used topically and internally
Sunflower Seed Oil
Stress and hair loss have had a known connection for a long time
Stressed Out
Collecting stem cells
Stem Cell Therapy
Spearmint tea healthy hair
Spearmint Tea
Marijuana can help relieve stress but also reduces blood oxygen
Smoking Marijuana
Smoking reduces collagen content of skin and reduces blood oxygen
Johnny Depp Smoking
The saw palmetto leaf can help to inhibit 5AR.
Saw Palmetto
Prince William bald spot on back of head
Prince William Bald
MSM clinical studies of hair growth positive results
Hair Growth Mice
Hair shedding from Metoprolol
Hair Loss
Menopause in older females
100mg progesterone capsules
Ferritin levels are important for healthy hair growth
Low Ferritin
Lack of sleep can increase stress hormones
Low Sleep
Spinach contains iron
Iron Deficiency
Sugary foods can cause insulin resistance
Heart Health
The gotu kola leaves
Gotu Kola
Foods that contain high amounts of folic acid including peppers and avocados
Folic Acid
The emu bird
Emu Oil
Blood test for sugar levels
Blood Sugar
Amazing coloured hair but causes damage to roots
Colored Hair
Chlorophyll found in the plant cell
Canola oil with the plant
Canola Oil
Walnut smoothie
Biotin Smoothie
Avocado contains beta sitosterols
Beta Sitosterol
Herbal supplement capsules Pygeum Africanum
Pygeum Africanum
Herbs that can improve hair health such as ginseng
Medicinal Roots
Acupuncture on the scalp can increase blood flow to the hair follicles
There are risks that come from surgical procedures
Itchy Scalp
Bone broth provides plenty of collagen and other nutrients and minerals that are essential for hair growth
Bone Broth
Caffeine has been proven to help hair grow
Scalp calcification reduces blood flow to hair follicles which causes miniaturization and eventually follicle death.
Scalp Massages
Make sure you're getting enough vitamin D from exposure to sunlight
Vitamin D
Homepathic medicine including many herbs can help healthy hair growth
Homeopathic Medicine
Hair growth phase is important to understand the reasons behind hair loss
Hair Growth Phases
George Clooney has a great looking, mature hairline
George Clooney
Sea water contains magnesium chloride which is important for overall health and may even directly help with healthy hair growth
There is still debate around whether laser combs are actually effective in the long term
Laser Comb
The truth about Spironolactone
Head Massage
Ayuverdic Oils
David Beckham
Salicylic Acid Shampoo
Seborrheic Dermatitis
Soy Foods
Fish, avocado and peas are foods that contain high amounts of niacin
Niacin Foods
Hair Bulb Diagram

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