Adenosine for Hair Loss


If you are suffering from hair loss, chances are you are well aware of minoxidil solution (Rogaine). What you have almost certainly not heard of is adenosine. While not marketed by the US Food and Drug Administration as a hair loss treatment, a number of studies have found that topical application of adenosine can promote …

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Does Trazodone Cause Hair Loss?

Reports of Trazodone related hair loss have increased in the past ten years

One of the most common drugs which is often cited to cause hair loss is trazodone. Just a simple internet search will return tens of pages of people complaining about this issue. Used extensively in the treatment of several mental disorders and psychological issues, this drug has several uncertain side effects reported by patients. Unfortunately, the …

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Clascoterone (Breezula) for Hair Loss

A man with a horseshoe hair loss pattern

It’s been over 20 years since the FDA last approved a pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). That drug was finasteride. Meaning that in contrast to other fields of allopathic medicine – where new, cutting-edge drugs have been numerous – the field of androgenetic alopecia has stagnated. But that could …

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Tretinoin for Hair Growth

tretinoin structure

Can a vitamin derivative like tretinoin help treat hair loss? The answer is yes, but not on its own. Instead, you should use it in combination with minoxidil. In this article you will learn: Why minoxidil on its own is not very particularly effective How tretinoin interacts with minoxidil for superior hair growth If you …

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Does Nicotine Cause Hair Loss? 4 Reasons to Quit Smoking Now!

tobacco on a table

Smoking is an unhealthy habit, but it is one that millions of Americans struggle with everyday. However, you may be surprised to learn that nicotine is a cigarette’s most harmful substance when it comes to hair loss. This article will discuss the connection between nicotine and hair issues, such as thinning and balding. This will …

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