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Money-Back Guarantee and Refunds

Want to return your order or unhappy with results?

No problem. We have an 60 day money-back guarantee, so you can return your order. 

To do so, please reach out to our support team (info@hairguard.com) so they can get the process started for you.

If you have any questions about returns and exchange, then please get in contact with our lovely support team: info@hairguard.com.

Please note that all products are subject to a:

– 10% admin cancellation fee, if the order is cancelled before the product has shipped.
– 30% re-stocking fee for completely unused products still in box.
– 50% returns fee for used products.

Consumables, once opened cannot be returned, even within 60 days.

Refund will be issued once the product has arrived back at our warehouse.


Payments are made through secure third party providers. We use Stripe and Paypal to provide a secure and simple checkout process. You can also pay using a Credit or Debit card.

Purchases can be made as both one-off transactions or as part of a subscription with an automatically recurring payment. You can edit, pause or cancel any subscription at any time.

Terms and Conditions

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Earnings Disclaimer

Any profit made from the sale of products on this website is re-invested, primarily back into this website and the associated products in order to create the best possible resource and product line for men and women who suffer from hair loss. Our aim is to help those who are going through this horrible condition to the fullest extent.

Your support in visiting this website and purchasing these products enables us to expand and improve our offering, empowering people all over the world to combat their hair loss naturally.

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