Minoxidil Cream for Hair Growth: 2021 Guide

minoxidil cream

As a popular treatment for male-pattern baldness, minoxidil is available in a few formulations. The two most common are liquid and foam, though a cream version has become increasingly popular. This post will take a closer look at minoxidil cream. This will include how it compares to the “traditional” formulations, and what you may expect …

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Nizoral Shampoo and Hair Loss: An In-Depth Guide

Nizoral products contain chemicals that are bad for the long-term health of the scalp

If you ask the man on the street to tell you the most popular shampoo against men’s hair loss, he will probably mention a popular shampoo marketed specifically for hair loss. But ask a member of the hair loss community what shampoo he uses, and there’s a good chance it will be Nizoral shampoo or …

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Selenium Sulfide and Hair Loss: Is There a Connection?

Dandruff is one of the most common health concerns in the world today. It will affect over one out of two people at some point in their lives. An active ingredient in many anti-dandruff shampoos is selenium sulfide. You can find this in popular brands like Head & Shoulders or Neutrogena. Despite its popularity, there …

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Polysorbate 80 – Can It Help Stop Hair Loss?

A man applying Brontzu lotion to his scalp

In this article, you will learn what polysorbate 80 is, its most common uses, and where it came from. Next, I’ll discuss the research surrounding polysorbate 80 use for hair growth, and what this means for those suffering from male-pattern baldness. Last, you’ll learn about polysorbate 80 availability and cost, and how to obtain it …

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Fluocinonide for Hair Growth: Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses

Man with pipette applying liquid to scalp

In this article, I’ll explore using fluocinonide for a particular type of hair loss called alopecia areata. This will include: what alopecia areata is fluocinonide’s mechanism of action results you can expect potential side effects alternative treatment options You’ll also learn why fluocinonide is only useful for this one type of hair loss. Alopecia Areata …

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CoEnzyme Q10 For Hair Growth

Healthy hairline

If you have been to a health food store recently, chances are you saw Coenzyme Q10 on the shelves. According to consumer reports, it is the fourth most widely purchased nutritional supplement in the US (1). Due to its fundamental role in human metabolism, users take it for a variety of indications.  The most popular …

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Magnesium Oil for Hair Loss: Does It Help?

Oil and dermaroller on a table

This article will discuss how to use magnesium oil for hair loss, in a way you have probably never heard about before – but could have a powerful effect on hair growth. This will include a discussion of: the benefits of using it, why and how it works against hair loss the various ways you …

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