Why choose Hairguard?

We want to get to the root cause of hair loss. That's what our mission has always been about. Providing a band-aid solution has never been our goal.

To fulfill our mission we focus on taking the latest hair loss research and breakthroughs and turning those breakthroughs into amazing products. Because we're a small company we can roll out those products faster than other companies.

We also realise that support, customer service and education play a big role in our customer success. That's why we provide world-class support for all purchases  and additional education on hair health.

As a company we want to be constantly evolving, and improving our products, and improving ourselves as a team and then passing those improvements on to our customers. We believe that hair loss drugs like minoxidil and finasteride can be useful, but they aren't the final word on hair health. We look at hair health from a holistic viewpoint

60k Youtube Subscribers

200k Email Subscribers

300k Website Visitors Monthly

500+ Positive Total Product Reviews

A simple promise.

I've got a really simple promise for you. See your hair improve, or ask for your money back.

It's that simple. I stand behind the products we've made, that's why all our products come with such a strong guarantee that no other company can match.

We'd never be able to stand beind our products like that unless they really helped people. We'd go out of business pretty darn quickly. Luckily though, most people love our products and keep coming back, that's why we've been in business since 2014.

Again, don't love it? Talk to our customer support and we'll be happy to help.