Tap water contains heavy metals and chemicals

3 Ways Tap Water Can Cause Hair Loss

In this article you’ll discover why tap water and heavy metals can cause hair loss. You’ll also learn exactly what to do to stop the effects and give your hair the best chance to recovering.

Tap Water and Fluoride

If you don’t filter your water, you are the filter. So if you drink tap water then your body is essentially filtering out all the organic and inorganic impurities that have been left there or are put into the water on purpose.

Depending on where you live and the quality of the tap water there, this can mean a gradual build-up of chemicals such as sodium fluoride, which is the active ingredient in rat poison, chlorine and aluminium along with some heavy metals like nickel, lead and cadmium that are far from beneficial to have in the bloodstream.

Sodium fluoride can cause dryness and inflammation in the scalp, speeding up the process of hair miniaturization, so it’s best to avoid this nasty chemical wherever possible.

And limescale (also known as calcium carbonate) which is present in hard water can cause scalp calcification and hair loss.

Using a shower filter can help remove some of the nasty chemicals and calcium from the tap water. This can help reduce scalp irritation and dryness.

Drinking plastic bottled water isn’t that much better either since chemicals have been shown to leach into the water through the plastic. The larger the bottle the less severe this is, so avoid small bottles and buy gallon bottles for use at home if you have to, or go for glass.

However, bottled water (natural spring mineral water) is definitely preferable to tap water as you won’t be getting the fluoride.

Luckily there’s an easy way to get water that’s ideal for drinking and that is to use a device that attaches onto the kitchen tap called a Micro-Water Generator.

This device first filters water through an activated charcoal filter to remove larger suspended particles and microbes. The water then enters a chamber which electrolyses the water, drawing the nasty acidic chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and the heavy metals to one side for disposal, and the alkalizing minerals in a now alkaline solution to the other.

The device also ionizes the water making it a potent antioxidant which then scavenges damaging free radicals in the body.

If that wasn’t enough, micro-water also which forms clusters of water molecules about half the normal size, which then pass more quickly into the tissues providing the benefits of alkalization and mineralization more swiftly.

I personally don’t have a micro-water generator in my home (it is quite expensive) but if you have the money it can be a great investment.

Heavy Metals Found In Tap Water

Heavy metals are very potent little things with an excellent capacity to act as biocatalysts. In greater quantities than we’re used to heavy metals can wreak havoc because they can speed up and sometimes even completely alter the natural bioelectric reactions that take place continuously inside the body on a cellular level.

Some heavy metals that enter the body can act as intermediaries between biological reactions that take place with our hormones. Higher concentrations of heavy metals than we have evolved to function with could be increasing the production of hormones that should only exist in very low quantities inside the body.

Unnaturally high quantities of heavy metals, and one in particular could be speeding up (catalyzing) the transformation of Testosterone into DHT by making it much, much easier for 5-alpha-reductase to bond to the testosterone.

Types of heavy metals

Cadmium was found to be one of the most potent heavy metal biocatalysts. The others such as arsenic, barium, chromium, lead, mercury and silver all increased the speed of reaction as well, but it was cadmium that he found to be particularly powerful.

Before we look at how to reduce the levels of cadmium and other heavy metals back to their natural levels let’s take a look at how they got there in the first place.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave in a mountainous region in Nepal and eating wild nuts and berries your whole life, chances are you will have an unnatural amount of heavy metals inside your body.


There’s a few ways they can get in there and these include, medications, vaccines, certain foods (heavy metals are bio-accumulative, meaning they’re passed up the food chain), tap water, personal care products and air pollution.

What happens is they tend to accumulate inside the body instead of being flushed out, because our ‘sewerage systems’ aren’t working very well and our bodies aren’t used to such high concentrations in our environment.

This is where the idea of detox comes in handy. When we detox our bodies have a chance to eliminate many of the heavy metals that were previously stuck deep inside the cells and organs.

Our bodies don’t have to spend energy digesting food so their energy is focused on getting rid of all the crap that’s been built up over time. Fortunately we can drastically increase the rate of heavy metal detox and specifically cadmium using what are known as chelating agents.

Chelating agents are awesome little things that travel round the body and bind to the heavy metals. (You might remember that I mentioned heavy metals are very potent catalysts)

Well this also means with that they bind very easily with the right chelating agent (but it has to be the right one) and are then much more easily flushed out of our bodies.

I personally don’t recommend EDTA which is a powerful synthetic chelating agent, unless you have significant exposure to heavy metals due to the nature of your work or some similar reason. In fact nature has provided us with the right ingredients. These are cilantro and chlorella which can be taken in a supplement form.

See my best supplements for hair loss here.

The real trick here is to combine a juice fast or water detox with the cilantro and chlorella supplements. If you take the supplements by themselves they don’t really work as well. (It’s better than nothing though. Remember to focus on progress not perfection!) And it would take a long time with detox alone.

Eating raw cilantro regularly is thought to help you detox from some of the heavy metals that are found in your tap water. More research is needed. 

I personally recommend Planetary Herbals’ Cilantro metal detox liquid with chlorella, but most supplements containing cilantro or chlorella either together or separately will work well.

Admittedly some of the research in this area is in the early stage which makes it hard to tell just how significant heavy metals are in the unnatural production of DHT in men.

But it’s certainly a promising and interesting area of research for biologists and chemists.

*This article was reviewed by Dr. Debra Rose Wilson.

22 thoughts on “3 Ways Tap Water Can Cause Hair Loss”

  1. Why not just create an alkaline scalp by soaking it in lemon/lime and/or. Cider vinegar…this environment prevents the dht conversion process that is requiring an acid environment?

    • Yes, apple cider vinegar + baking soda is an excellent alternative to shampoo, but unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. You have to work from the inside out, and take care of your scalp at the same time.

  2. Hello–I am a woman but that doesn’t mean your article can’t help me. I actually live in Korea right now and since I moved my hair has been falling out. I lived in Korea four years ago so I don’t know why my body is reacting this way. I got tons of blood work done and they said nothing is wrong with me which leads me to believe it’s the environment mainly water. I’ve taken tons of different supplements and used a Vit C Shower but I believe it’s something else in the water that’s causing this. I did order a water testing kit but don’t get it for awhile so I want some kind of filter now. I noticed you mentioned a micro water generator…what is that? I’ve read lots on shower filters but I want something that mkes the water very good for me and ph balanced but one problem is some filters won’t fit on my korean shower….anyways, I’m just wondering what kind of filter you recommend??

    • Hi Amy, yes it could be the water – or have you had any significant changes to your diet or lifestyle or any stressful events? I would recommend that you don’t drink the tap water. You can use bottled water, or a microwater generator which helps remove impurities. Also I would recommend making your own shampoos from all natural ingredients: https://www.hairguard.com/shampoo/

  3. Hi,
    I have lived in Nepal most of my life , was born , raised there.I had hair loss there and still having hair loss in United States as well. I was just surprised that there are people around the world who still believes people from mountainous regions of Nepal live in caves. or maybe they do and I’m unaware of it.

    • Thanks Saniya, I think its more of an expression to stay “a very clean and unpolluted lifestyle.” Yes, maybe there still are some people who live like that 🙂

  4. Is there any evidence for someone who maybe fasts a little every two days, as helping slow down or reverse male pattern baldness?

    • Baldness is inherited from the mothers side of the family, there is nothing you can do to prevent it-look at your mothers father, your mothers brothers, if they are bald, or partially bald, then you most likely will be too ?

  5. So what would be the best filter to get then? I searched for the Micro-water Generator you mentioned here but found nothing on it (bar links to industrial units for creating energy). I live in an area without fluoride so really it is just other elements I need to filter out. Any ideas?


    • Hi Joops, it can be hard to find the right filter. Right now I am using Kinetic Water Filter (filter + jug) and I like it. Most highly rated water filters on Amazon would be fine to remove the nasty stuff from tap water.

      • I purchased 2 aquasana shower filters for city water, it removes the chlorine, etc..it does work really well, has not affected water pressure and is suppose to be good for 6 months..it leaves your skin soft, your hair soft, actually, your hair will be much better..there is zero chlorine smell..bought from Amazon..easy to install

        • Thanks for sharing, this is a great idea. The hair is definitely better off without all those nasty chemicals.

          • Hello,
            I have a sensitive scalp so would wash my hair with drinking water from the store, I recently moved to a different state and started using the shower to wash my hair. About 50% of My hair has thinned out. And my scalp is burning on and off. I was tested for everything and all the rest came back negative. I went back to washing my hair with purchased water but I was wondering if anyone knows how long this itch will last? Or how long it will take to regrow my hair? Has anyone has this problem Before?

          • Hi Jennie, it does sound like tap water affects your scalp. Some areas are much worse than others. I would definately continue to use filtered or bottled water on your scalp. Getting a dermatologist to look at your scalp might be a good option. Also, have you tried hair masks to help soothe the inflamed scalp?

  6. Hello,
    Which shower filter would you recommend ? (Sprite, Aquasana, Berkey …)
    I’m looking on the internet and don’t know which one to choose …
    Are you using one will ?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Aquasana filters seem to have a good reputation. I’m not sure which brand Will uses, though.

      But any highly-rated filter that you can find online or in stores should remove the chemicals and buildup.



  7. My hair has become VERY brittle and stiff and I don’t know why. I think it is the drinking water at my boyfriend’s house that has a well. I just recently tested the water and pH alkalinity lead and Mercury are all high. Will this cause my hair to be brittle? Please help

    • Hi Jill,

      It may certainly be a contributing factor.

      I would recommend you get a filter for the system, or at the very least a water bottle with a built-in filter.



  8. Hey Will,

    Can you provide me the research article that made these claims of fluoride in tap water causing baldness?

  9. For some reason mine and my 2 yr old daughters hair started thinning. At first i noticed mine and my ends was also splitting so bad i just dont get why even after i cut it, it eventually splits again and u can see my head under my hair like everywhere when u part it or even lift up my bangs. Than i gave my daughter a bath on one of my days off work well after i got home from work because her dad hadnt given her one yet and thats when i noticed her hair is thinning like mine and today it now looks worse than mine and i dont have nothing wrong with me besides iron low but ive been low on iron off and on for so many years and this all of a sudden started falling out with both of us..


    • Hi Lucinda,

      I would highly recommend that you and your doctor get checked out by a doctor.

      It may be something as harmless as hard water, but it could also be something more harmful that you’re coming into contact with everyday.




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