Growband Demo

To maximise how well the Growband works you'll need to adjust the settings to work with your specific head size and shape.

The factors that you'll be adjusting are:

  • Placement of the Growband on your head
  • Tightness and fit
  • Growbox settings

Once you get all 3 dialled in, you'll immediately notice an amazing difference in the lift and relaxation provided by the Growband.

To begin with, we'll demonstrate how to use the Growbox.

Using The Growbox

Switch it on and the screen will come to life. The Growbox has a 4 stage cycle:

Inflate - Hold - Deflate - Wait  (Repeat)

You can control the duration of each stage precisely. 

To edit any of the stages, press the EDIT button. The Inflate stage will flash and you can adjust it using the PLUS and MINUS buttons. 

To adjust the Hold stage, press the EDIT button again and then use the PLUS and MINUS buttons. 

Press the EDIT button again to adjust the Deflate duration and so on. Once you're happy with the values, press the SAVE button.

To get started, we recommend you use these settings: 2000, 2000, 2500, 1000.

Now press the START/STOP button. The Growbox will immediately begin going through the Inflate Deflate cycle. Now that you're familiar with the Growbox, press the STOP button to pause it and we'll move onto the Growband.

Using The Growband

First, connect the silicone tube from the Growbox to the Growband.

Extend the arms of the Growband and place the Growband on your head. Position it so that the bottom rim of the front of the Growband is 1 inch above your eyebrows. Position the rear of the Growband so that it sits just above your ears, with the airbag sitting on the rim of your head.

Tighten the Growband using the knob at the back so that it fits snugly. It shouldn't feel like it's constricting your head, but it should be tight enough so that it doesn't slip down.

Now start the Growbox. It will begin inflating the Growband, and as it does the Growband will begin to rise up. 

Getting Maximum Lift

Let's discuss getting the Growband positioned correctly.

If the Growband feels like it is simply squeezing your head, without lifting the scalp upwards, then the Growband is positioned too low.

If the Growband feels like it is slipping off the top of your head without gripping your scalp, then it is positioned too high.

When positioned correctly, the Growband will inflate, gripping your scalp and pushing it upwards.

Now let's discuss tightness.

If the Growband inflates for over 2 seconds without much movement, and doesn't feel like it's squeezing at all, then it is too loose.

On the other hand, if the Growband immediately feels like it is constricting your head, then it may be too tight. If it's too tight, even when positioned correctly, the air bladders cannot inflate to the full extent and therefore it doesn't get good lift.

Lastly, once you have the Growband positioned and tightened correctly, it's just a matter of adjusting the inflation and deflation settings so that you get maximum lift, without going overboard and causing the Growband to slip off or squeeze too hard.

Take your time to play around with the settings. Once you've found ones that work, you can generally leave them as they are.

Attaching The Clip

The Growbox comes with a detachable clip so that you can easily attach it to your belt or pants.

Simply slide it in to the slots on the back of the Growbox as shown on the right hand side. 

A Note On Charging

To charge the Growbox you'll need to use the charging cable that was supplied with it. Only some USB charging cable will work with the Growbox. We recommend using the one supplied.