Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? No!

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  • Written by: William Hartfield
  • Last updated: 20/09/2022

Are you worried that masturbation could be causing thin, receding hair? Science suggests there is no truth to this idea. Whether you masturbate often, sometimes, or never will have no effect on your hair one way or another. brotzu lotion for hair loss

This article will explain how the idea that masturbation can cause health problems first arose. It will examine the arguments that the proponents of this idea usually make, and see what the scientific data and common sense suggests.

While masturbation per se cannot cause hair loss or any other physical disorder, excessive masturbation can have an adverse impact on your personal life.

In particular, the quality of your sexual and romantic relationships can suffer if you masturbate excessively. We will show you how to recognize that this might be the case, and what you can do.

Masturbation is Natural

Masturbation is a very common activity. Nearly all adult men and women have masturbated at some point in their life.

Close to three-quarters of men say they have masturbated within the past year. This number is just over 40% for women (1). As many people are embarrassed to admit they masturbate, the real figures are probably much higher.

Masturbation is also very common from an evolutionary perspective. Humans as a species belong to a small group of primates called The Great Apes. There are four Great Ape species: chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and humans. Members of all these species masturbate, both in captivity and in the wild.

Apart from apes, other species of primates include monkeys, lemurs, and lorises. In all, there are over 200 species of primates. In a sample of 65 of these species, scientists observed masturbation in 65% of them. This does not mean that the other 35% never masturbates,  but merely that scientists have not yet observed it.

All this suggests that masturbation is deeply rooted in our evolutionary past and non-pathological. It is a behavior we share with our immediate and more extended evolutionary relatives and one that almost all people have engaged in at some point in their lives.

How Did Masturbation Get a Bad Reputation?

People in the West were not very concerned with masturbation up until two or three centuries ago. Then, in the middle 18th century, a Swiss doctor called Samuel Tissot published a book entitled A Treatise on the diseases caused by masturbation.

Many historians regard this book as giving masturbation the bad reputation it carries to this day. In Victorian England, for example, people linked masturbation to anything from blindness and impotence to epilepsy, mental derangement, and even early death.

In the 19th century, the list of symptoms attributed to masturbation was practically endless:

  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • indigestion
  • headaches
  • vertigo
  • lack of sleep
  • brain inflammation
  • heart palpitations
  • loss of weight
  • trembling
  • paralysis, and more.

Today, no medical professional seriously considers that masturbation – even when excessive – can cause any of these symptoms. A man upset about his high hairline

That doesn’t stop many young men, especially teenagers, from worrying.  These are the people most likely to worry that masturbation will cause their hair to fall off, among other things (blindness, hairy palms, etc).

The fact that teenagers are at the same time a) the segment of the population that masturbates the most and b) have the thickest, healthiest hair is a first suggestion that masturbation is harmless.

Let’s see what science actually says.

The Science Behind Masturbation and Hair Loss

A man worried about his temporary hair loss

No scientific studies have directly examined the relationship between masturbation and hair loss. In other words, no researcher has ever compared the hair of men who masturbate against those who do not. This is because scientists consider this topic so implausible that it is not worth their time.

To settle the matter, we will therefore need to use indirect data. People who claim that masturbation causes hair loss suggest two possible mechanisms:

  1. Masturbation increases testosterone and consequently DHT levels. Higher DHT levels, in turn, cause hair loss.
  2. The loss of protein when we ejaculate exacerbates hair loss.

Let’s look at each of these claims in turn.

Does Masturbating Increase DHT?

The most common argument for masturbation and hair loss says that masturbating increases testosterone levels. Some of this excess testosterone is then converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

As we will see below, it is true that DHT is linked to hair loss. Blocking DHT in the body is enough to halt hair loss for most men.

However, there is no truth to the claim that masturbation increases testosterone levels. On the contrary, research finds that abstaining from masturbation and ejaculation for 3 weeks leads to an increase in average testosterone levels (2).

Androgen Levels & Hair Loss

it is also important to note that natural variations in testosterone levels are not linked to hair loss.

Scientists have compared the hair of men with high testosterone and DHT levels in their blood to that of men with low levels (within normal limits). The results have been mixed, but most studies don’t find any differences. The consensus is that there is no difference in hair loss between these groups (3).

In other words, even if masturbation did cause a slight increase in testosterone, this would not have any impact on hair loss. It is only unnaturally high levels of testosterone and DHT in the blood that can lead to hair loss. For example, this can happen in men with certain medical conditions or those who abuse anabolic steroids.

Masturbation and Protein Loss

Another way in which masturbation is said to cause hair loss is via loss of protein. According to this view, the protein we lose from ejaculation is the protein that our hair follicles could be using to grow. This leads to protein deficiency and ultimately hair loss.

There is a kernel of truth in this: sperm is indeed rich in protein. However, the quantities of the protein involved are very small. A typical ejaculate is only 3-5ml in volume. Research suggests there is on average 5 grams of protein in every 100ml of sperm (4). This means that you lose at most 0.25 grams of protein every time you ejaculate.

Fish, avocado and peas are foods that contain high amounts of niacin
We get protein through most foods.

This is a minuscule amount compared to the  50-100 grams of protein which is the daily recommended amount for men (5). To put this into further perspective, you get about 2.5 grams of protein by eating a chicken nugget. This is at least ten times the protein you lose every time you masturbate.

A common-sense objection to the protein theory of masturbation and hair loss is that we also lose the same amount of protein when we ejaculate in sex. Yet nobody suggests that sex can lead to hair loss. This brings us to the next point.

Masturbation, Negative Feelings & Hair Loss Myths

The idea that masturbation causes hair loss is more rooted in psychology than science. A man who is suffering from depression

Females in humans, as in almost all other primate species, are the limiting factor when it comes to sex. In other words, women restrict the frequency of sexual encounters and males have to compete amongst themselves for sexual access to females.

In this competition between men, some will fare better than others. The ones that fare poorly will be left with a surplus of sperm in their testicles. If this sperm can’t be deposited within the vaginal tract of females, it has to leave the body somehow, to make way for fresh sperm.

Masturbation is one way this regeneration process takes place. Meaning that lack of sexual success and masturbation are closely related. This is probably why masturbation can provoke unpleasant feelings like embarrassment and guilt. These negative feelings, in turn, could possibly contribute to some of the masturbation myths, including its link to hair loss.

This view also helps explains some paradoxes. For example, we saw above how there is no evidence that masturbation increases testosterone levels.

On the other hand, researchers have found that men who have multiple sexual partners do indeed have slightly elevated testosterone. This includes men in certain polygamous cultures who are allowed to have more than one wife, as well as men in polyamorous relationships (6).

Yet nobody suggests that having multiple sexual partners can cause hair loss. Unlike masturbation, this situation will not typically provoke negative feelings like embarrassment or low self-esteem.

What Actually Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can have many losses. By far the most common type of hair loss, however, is Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) (7). This accounts for over 95% of hair loss cases in men.

The DHT hormone.

Scientists do not know exactly what causes hair loss. The hormone DHT certainly plays a role. Blocking the production of this hormone with medication like finasteride or dutasteride is enough to halt hair loss for around 85% of men. Around two-thirds will see some regrowth.

The regrowth is typically mild, and these medications cannot restore a full head of hair. This suggests there is more involved than DHT, but scientists are not sure exactly what.

Regardless of the biochemistry involved, the most powerful predictor of AGA is genetics (8). Baldness tends to run in families. If your father, brothers, uncles, and grandparents are bald, you are more likely to go bald yourself. If your male relatives have retained their hair into old age, you are also more likely to do so yourself.

Many men with a genetic predisposition to hair loss often make things worse with poor lifestyle choices or habits. These include:

  • Poor hair care routines. The most common of these are shampooing too often, using excessive hair products, or applying harsh chemical and heat treatments.
  • Unhealthy diet. Scientists are now reasonably certain of a connection between unhealthy foods, heart disease, and hair loss.
  • A sedentary, hectic, stress-filled lifestyle.

Treating Hair Loss

The quicker you start treating your hair loss, the better results you are likely to get. If your baldness advances beyond a certain point, you will not be able to reverse it to any significant degree.

How Hair Loss Progresses

Doctors use the so-called Hamilton-Norwood scale to capture the progression of AGA. A normal head of hair is a 1 on this scale. The first sign of hair loss is typically recession at the temples (2 on the scale).

After this, AGA sufferers progressively lose more and more of the hair at the top of their heads. In very advanced hair loss, they are only left with hair at the back and sides of the head.

The Hamilton-Norwood scale describes the typical progression of AGA. The sooner you start treatment, the better your final results will be.

If you start treatment for your hair loss while you are still a 2 on the Hamilton-Norwood scale, you might be able to restore a full head of hair. This will not be possible if you are a 3 or 4. If your baldness is very advanced (6 or 7 on the scale) you will hardly see any results.

Here are some of the most common treatment options for hair loss:

Pharmaceutical Treatments

The FDA has approved two treatments for male AGA (9).

Rogaine vs generic minoxidil
Minoxidil is available over the counter in foam or liquid form.

Minoxidil is a topical stimulant that can also be used by women with hair loss (10). It stimulates hair follicles to lengthen their growth phase, during which the hair shaft actively grows. The brand name is Rogaine, though you can find many generic versions at a lower cost. The drug is over-the-counter.

Finasteride is a prescription-only oral medication. The brand name is Propecia. Like minoxidil, the patent has now expired, meaning you can find generic versions at a fraction of the price.

Finasteride works by blocking the production of DHT in your body. As mentioned above, just under 90% of men on finasteride will be able to halt their hair loss.

Side effects are the major disadvantage of finasteride. They are sexual and hormonal in nature, including loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and gynecomastia (11).

An attractive alternative to Propecia pills is applying finasteride topically, directly on your scalp. In combination with minoxidil, topical finasteride will typically give superior regrowth. Because you are not ingesting the drug systemically, the risk of sexual side effects is also very low.

Procuring topical finasteride will require a doctor’s prescription and a compounding pharmacy to prepare the solution. Alternatively, you can order pre-made topical finasteride from online vendors.

Natural Alternatives

If you do not want to take pharmaceutical treatments, there are a number of natural or alternative treatments you can try. Most of these are plant-based natural compounds, which you can use either topically or orally. A supplement capsule of pygeum africanum

Some of the most common natural treatments for hair loss include saw palmetto, castor oil, essential oils, stinging nettle, and many more.

You can also supplement your diet with the necessary vitamins and minerals your hair follicle need to grow. While these supplements on their own will not typically be enough to reverse your hair loss, they can be a very useful – and healthy – addition to any hair loss regimen.


In addition to the treatments above, you can also incorporate devices into your hair loss routine.

One of the most popular devices is the dermaroller. This is a very inexpensive handheld tool that can stimulate hair growth by making tiny holes in the skin (12).

You can use it on its own or in combination with a topical stimulant like minoxidil. Learn all about the dermaroller and how to use it in the video below:

Another popular hair loss device is Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). These devices typically come as hand-held comes that emit laser light to your scalp. This light stimulates hair growth, though scientists don’t understand how. Regrowth is typically mild at best (13).

Larger LLLT devices come in the form of a helmet. This sits on top of the head and allows you to treat the entire scalp at the same time.

Hair Transplant

Modern hair transplant method
The hair transplant process.

Though not a treatment per se, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure that can produce some of the best results of any hair loss intervention (14).

A transplant works by removing healthy hair follicles from the back and side of the head, the so-called donor area. These are then transplanted onto the balding areas at the top and front of the head.

Modern hair transplantation techniques are very advanced, and the results can be very satisfactory. A competent hair transplant surgeon can restore the appearance of a full head of hair, or something very close to that. Like with other interventions, results will be better in cases of mild hair loss.

(check out our complete Hair Transplant guide here).

The main disadvantage of transplants is their very high cost. In the US, this can range from $5,000 for a minor transplant, all the way to $15,000 or $20,000 for extensive procedures.

When to See a Specialist

There are no known side effects to masturbation as such.

However, like most other activities, it is possible to masturbate too much. There is no hard cut-off point for when masturbation becomes excessive. If you are masturbating several times a day and are experiencing any of the following, it might be time to see a specialist (15, 16):

  • Reduced sexual desire for your sexual partner (wife or girlfriend)
  • Difficulty attaining or maintaining an erection when you are with your partner
  • Reduced sensitivity to vaginal intercourse
  • Excessive viewing of pornography that is causing you distress

If you suspect your masturbation is causing you problems in any of these areas, you can consult your family or general doctor. They will refer you to a specialized psychologist or psychiatrist. Together you can work on addressing what is causing you to masturbate excessively. You can then develop ways of dealing with the problem and reversing this habit.


Masturbation is a natural and very common human activity. We also share it in common with most other primate species.

As such, there is no reason to think masturbation causes hair loss or any other untoward physical symptom. Accordingly, scientists have not directly studied a possible link between (excessive) masturbation and hair loss.

Those who claim masturbation can cause hair loss typically suggest it causes a) an increase in testosterone and DHT and d) a loss of protein. The available scientific data and common sense do not agree with either of these proposed mechanisms.

While masturbation does not cause hair loss, overdoing it can adversely impact your quality of life. Excessive masturbation, especially in combination with compulsive viewing of pornography, can potentially disrupt your relationships with women.

In some cases, it can also interfere with regular sexual functioning, e.g. difficulty attaining/maintaining an erection and ejaculating.

If you are worried about this, speak to a health care professional. There are also various support groups that can help you, either online or in person.

Information contained on this website has not been evaluated by any medical body such as the Food & Drug Administration. All information is for educational purposes only. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. You must consult a medical professional before acting on any content on this website.

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  1. I’ve been losing my hair for around 2 years now and have found that it coincided with an increase in masturbation. This is a very interesting read and I will be trying some of the things you suggest such as the microcosmic orbit. It makes sense that all the vital hormones and minerals contained in the sperm can be used for hair growth, (to some extent) yes, it’s not magic cure, but every little helps. Thanks

  2. Thank you, this is an incredibly useful article. Since I’ve stopped masturbating I’ve not only felt stronger and more active, but my scalp feels better (more lively) hair does feel stronger, of course its hard to tell if this is what has made a difference. I will buy your Hair Equilibrium program because I want to find out even more and stop my hair loss forever.

    1. Thank you Sum, yes I would recommend you try the program for best results and if you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

  3. Hey Will. I just wanted to ask you I have been excessively masturbating over the years, and if I stop, will it help me regrow hair?

    1. It’s not as simple as that – there are multiple factors that can cause you to lose hair. Too much masturbation is just one of those factors amongst many. It is probably a good place to start though, and you can go from there.

      1. Well, guys, I actually first tried out this experiment in 2004. The reason why I did this, was because I’d made the connection between propecia and many users reporting loss of sex drive. I thus fathomed that DHT plays a role in erections and libido, so I wondered if my habit of excess fapping was causing my hairline to recede.

        What I noticed, each time I fapped (or got a prolonged erection), it would trigger an inflammatory response in my temples–the exact areas where I balded out. I’m a long time member of a hair loss forum, and we all agree that inflammation (whatever it’s cause) leads to hair loss because pro-inflammatory cytokines are programmed to home in on cells with the CRTH2 receptor, and this is why the follicle miniaturizes.

        Anyway, back to what I was initially saying. so I tried the experiment out in 2004–totally abstained from sex or even getting an erection, and after 4 months I start seeing little blonde vellus hairs sprouting from the balded out areas of the temples. These vellus hairs soon turned terminal, then many more started sprouting.

        Yet, the fool I was, I ended up reverting to my fap habit again, and these hairs (and more) were consequently lost. Now, I’m on day 7 of no fap, and not even an erection because this just causes sexual frustration and temptation to fall back into the habit. AND prolonged erections also lead to the temples inflaming. From my experience, day 5 will lead to increased but short lived inflammatory issues due to the body being so used to producing enzyme 5 ar for erectile purposes, but thereafter the inflammation will vanish because enzyme 5 levels have decreased.

        There’s more to it than fap, but this is definitely a factor in inducing persistent inflammatory issues.

          1. Thanks, very interesting article. I shall forward it onto my husband.
            Have you done any research inyo how sexual energy may effect female hairloss?

        1. Your comment contradicts the article and dual cultivation. If having a prolonged erection is causing temple inflaming we should also avoid dual cultivation. Because in dual cultivation you have prolonged sex and therefore a prolonged erection. But the article says that dual cultivation is good for fighting balding…

  4. Great article! I have been dealing with a Rogaine shed for about 6 months now that won’t grow back. I have been abstaining from sex and masturbation for over a month, as well as applying onion juice and garlic to my hair, massaging my scalp, and taking cold showers in the hopes that I can restore my hair density. The plan is to completely eliminate masturbation from my life for good, but I just met a girl who I may become sexually active with at some point in the near future. My question is, can I still hope to see some gains in my hair if I start having sex and ejaculating on the weekends, or possibly every other weekend? Or would this be too frequent?

    1. If you have having frequent sex, with infrequent ejaculation than this can actually increase the powerful hair growing hormones, nutrients and minerals, and will be great for your overall health. But you will have to practice the microcosmic orbit to benefit it, and make sure you don’t explode. If it works for your situation you could aim to be having sex approximately 4 times for every ejaculation (obviously what works best is different for everyone) but that could be a good rule of thumb. So if you have sex on 4 different occasions on the weekend, aim to actually ejaculate only once. Got only will your gf love it, but your hair and overall health will benefit greatly.

  5. I stated masturbating when I was 10. And did at 1 per day. One day I changed my plan and at 18 birthday I completely quit masturbation. At that time i have full head of hair. More than normal hairs. After one month quiting the masturbation I have noticed my hair are falling but slowly. Hairfall continued and i did not do any thing. Today after 8 months after quiting I have just a number of hairs left. I am now half bald from top. One thing I want to mention that I have one wet dream once a month or sometimes two. I need solution

    1. Same case in here. I used to masturbate since 14. At 16 I quit it. At that time I had head full of hairs. After quitting, I started observing hair fall. Now I am 17 and my hairs are very very much less on top. It’s like I can see my whole scalp throuh hairs. And its still continuing to fall. Pls help!

  6. I don’t agree that sex makes your hair shed. Sorry that’s just out there.

    Prolactin DOES make your hair shed but if you test the blood prolactin levels after orgasm they spike for a short while. Elevated prolactin from bad lifestyle maybe or from a tumor on the pituitary sure.

    DHT actually controls estrogen. The higher DHT you have the lower estrogen you have. Dopamine controls prolactin. The higher testosterone you have the higher dopamine you have the lower prolactin a male has.

    People have been having sex since the dawn of time. MPB is a fairly new modern day thing.

    The spikes in hormones after orgasm are temporary. Besides what kind of life or how vain can someone be to want to forgo the very thing that has created all of us, and that is a part of intimacy in any relationship to have more hair on their head? That’s a bit twisted in my opinion.

    I think you can certainly eat better, take care of your body better, do manuals, and the scalp exercise and still regrow a lot of hair (I have specifically) without abstaining from sex like a monk. I have been at this battle since 2012 with various points of getting most of my hair back to succumb to a stressful event and have a bout of TE. But honestly, That’s not a life to remove all enjoyable things just to have your hair back.

    Sure you can cut down on your masturbation as it is harmful to all hormones like anything done in excess. But if I’d have to chose between sex with my wife or going bald. I’d have sex with my wife.

    There are no studies that show masturbation causes hair loss or even modulates hormones enough over the long haul to cause any imbalance. Excessive meaning 3 times a day every day is an addiction. Normal once or 2 times a week as a middle aged male or 3 times or more for a young man is not going to make you go bald. I know someone who is addicted to sex and has more hair on his head than most women.

    Instead i’d spend more time writing about foods that cause inflammation and controlling cortisol than sex.. I like your blog but some stuff is very fringe.

    1. I think you got a bit off track, the article is not stating masterbation in general but ejaculation frequently. People have been having sex since the beginning of time yes ( that’s how were born ) but not repeatedly masterbating till ejaculation, modern world lifestyles and pornography have gotten control over many peoples thoughts and views on sex. Very un-normal. To fantasies and imagine a woman you want to be with has been cheapened and taken away for most of today’s youth, all they have to do is log into their computers and imagen no more, over and over again. For those with a strong genetic profile this will be irrelevant, but those born with sensitive hair scalp follicles will suffer a degree of hair loss due to their sexual habits.

  7. Hi I’m a little confused – so can you still mastubate – maybe with porn but not ejaculate. This is fascinating and all so true – however I can’t quite get my head around that bit- is it ok to regularly mastubate but not ejacualte- this will help with mainting the chi energy etc. – does this still mean that the one in ten works – or should you push this if mastubating and also in a loving relationship. Thanks

    1. Masturbation with no ejaculation is not a good idea, since it will eventually lead to a wet dream. Porn is also not a good idea for various reasons. If you have a trusted sex partner then regular sex with infrequent ejaculation is ideal, but you must practice the microcosmic orbit as well.

  8. Will, your findings are absolutely correct, I have also realized that, you are not a mad scientist, I say whatever you said about all this is correct word by word.

    1. Thank you Nagesh. Well this theory is still a ‘work in progress’. It’s hard to be certain about a subject like this but I’ve tried to come up with the most accurate and insightful ideas. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Sir, I’m a 19 yers old guy who is simply porn addict as well as masturbateion addict, that also caused my huge sudden hairloss from past tow years. I did realised that this the only reason for my hair loss but didn’t had a concrete proof. By studying your theroy I gained a huge knowledge, but I’m sill a addict and tried each and every way to stop the habbit, but unsuccessful. So as u know that this is a phase of hormonal maturity according to my age . As l’m still a student so I can’t afford NoFAP course due to lac of income/money.

    So can u provide a guide to how to tackle the habbit naturally?

    1. What I would recommend trying is to set a monetary forfeit for yourself.
      For example, agree with yourself that when you do watch porn and masturbate then you will give away some of your money each time. Take how much you would earn in 1 hour at a typical job and use this much as your forfeit. Each time you watch porn you will have to give away this money. This creates a concrete and tangible reason to stop doing it.

  10. I m 27 year old male a year ago i had diagnost with dengue and was hospitalized also, due to low platelet count due to which i had to take other’s plates post two to three months of recovery suddenly i seen the massive hair loss. After taking the medicine it controlled but after one and half month i again experiencing the same hair loss. What could be the resion?
    And how can i control this plz suggest

  11. I think the masturbation is one of the things that cause hair loss. For example long hair. When ur hair is long, i mean LONG, it becomes more heavy and its hard for head to keep those heavy hair. Im sure when u stop masturbating ur hair will still fall of, cuz its doesn’t have the requested energy keep ur hair strong.

    After stopping the masturbation u have to shave or head or keep it very low! Like number 1 or maximum 2. Keep ur hair low for 2 or 3 months. It is mad light so ur body will collect the energy and will keep ur hair. I know. Low hair is not that beautiful as long, but its better to be low haired for 3 months then be bald for whole life. I hope u got me. Thanks for this amazing article. 🙂 hope my tip will help

  12. Hi Will, interesting stuff!

    I’m 24 years old. How many times a week you recommend masturbation with ejaculation?

    By the way, as for hair loss, what’s the most important thing; having a high level of testosterone of a low level of testosterone? I guess that when I ejaculate, my testosterone is low the first hours, but then it’s really high because I’m “encouraging’ my body to produce more testosterone after ejaculation…

    Thanks for all you work! I love this website, and I am recommend reading your articles, and buying your products.

    1. Thanks Adam, it’s not that I do or don’t recommend masturbation without ejaculation. Sex without ejaculation is considered beneficial by Taoists though. The main takeaway from this article is that excessive masturbation could make hair less healthy over the long term.

  13. Please am a married man of 32 years old but bald due to excessive masturbation . How often should I have sex in order not to distruct my hair restoration

    1. It’s is probably not the only reason, or even a major reason. And you need to understand the distinction that in this article I advocate sex with no ejaculation, which aligns with a Taoist philosophy.

  14. I am 28 years old and I have been masturbating since i was 15 years…. and it caused detrimental effects on me…like drastic weight loss, tremendous hairfall, dark circles below my eyes,weakness,lowerback pain.How can i get rid of this addiction????plz help and suggest me whether i should visit a sexologist for curing hairloss????

  15. Hi mate,
    I’m 27 and have began masterbating since I was 10. It has been a nightmare combating the urge to masterbate and I used to hate myself for it in my teens.

    I gave up trying to stop myself in my early 20’s and ejaculated sometimes 2-3 times every day for years. Every day. Between then and now I lost a lot of hair on the top of my head and down the middle, and my hair has gotten very thin.

    I don’t know if masterbation was the result of the hair loss or not, nonetheless, I know the amount I ejaculated was far too much.

    Lately I have decided to discipline myself and cut down on masterbation. I pretty much don’t watch porn anymore (still on occasion). Instead I decided that if I get horny I must masterbate without the use of porn as an added medium for arousal.

    By doing this, I found that I actually get the urges less frequently and as a result masterbate less.

    I have tried to stop watching porn several times in the past and failed. It is far too tempting and too easily accessible. But one thing I changed this time which has made it a LOT easier – I stopped sitting at my computer so often. Cut out video gaming. Got a dog. Focused on fixing the house and garden. Spending more time with friends. Reading books. And picking up work whenever else I’m free.

    Basically I’ve made my life so busy with activities that the computer is just an impractical way for me to use my time now.

    So, IN SUMMARY, Habib, you need to the time you spend on your computer down by a lot. No shit, this is the best way. Youll still watch porn, you’ll still masterbate, but much much less, your urges won’t be as frequent and strong and you will eventually get more control over your mind.

    That is my advice. I’ve been dealing with this problem for 17 years and this is what has worked 100x better than anything else.

    Regards, S

  16. believe what you wish to believe

    life is too short to worry about hair loss

    as for me, l am willing to abandon masturbation habits

    the longest streak was four months

    did that multiple times. 94% of these cases the hair loss stopped, scalp condition improved, reduced itching and inflammations, the other 6% hair loss continued suddenly during a streak without any explanation for.

    anyhow, masturbation without ejaculation isn’t a solution at all. Even arousal could start it slowly. Problem is that I cannot avoid it for 100% because I see things unwantedly or it gets me in my sleep.

    I would say that at least lower sex intervals to a few times per month would sincerely slow down the process whereas overmasturbation super speeds it up.

    Take a picture of the accumulated hairs on your floor or the thinning spots on your head, look at it every time you are about to give works for me.

    creatine could also be a culprit, but that’s another story

  17. I will control mastubration from now
    But do u suggest any products or home remedies to regrow hair

  18. Well im a teen and im masturbating for some years, sometime stopped for 2 to 3 months cause of hair loss but now i do masturbate not frequently but yeah once in a week… Ok the fact is my hairs r still losing and now wat shld i do… stop masturbating? or apply some treatments dat u mentioned above…
    Thank you,

  19. Sorry, but this is just pure ideology without an ounce of scientific proof — and a very reactionary and repressive ideology to say the least. And possibly dangerous, since you’re reinforcing a problematic and baseless fear of masturbation, which is a totally natural form of experiencing and living out one’s sexuality. You’re really playing with the fears of people that are dealing with sometimes serious psychological problems due to their hair loss anyway. I’m quite surprised and disappointed that you would put something like that on your blog. It really destroys the positive impression I had so far.

  20. Everybody faces a different situation … even different causes of hair loss… Probably, opposite causes .. so, I must say that solution of hair loss varies from person to person regarding cause of hairloss. 1st of all try to know what’s the exact reason of your fall and then you must seek solution of that cause… I am facing hairloss due to excessive masturbation. Here i am seeing that some guys have reason opposite to that of mine. So,They should find a different solution.

  21. Hi All

    I am an independent researcher on this topic and will like to comment the following observations.

    Its interesting that two people have claimed that their hairloss increased after giving up Fap, while others mention the opposite.

    So far it has been uncovered that DHT is not the cause of MPB, and Fapping can increase serum DHT, along with prolactin. Abstaining Can cause an increase in stress hormones.

    I do not believe Fapping is the cause or even major attribute to Hair loss. The causative has it seems according to some very reliable evidence been scalp health and Galea.

    The restriction of blood vessels, decrease of scalp vascular activity, and tension of scalp muscles. This process is caused by skull growth after puberty, evident in CT scans.

    Scalp massages, excersizes and even botox are the best solution to this problem.

    I believe that serum DHT is not the issue. But tissue DHT.


    1. 42 here, don’t want to say much but if I continued excessive sex at 29, I would definitely be bald. Believe what you want to believe, whether it’s scientifically unproven research results, due to skull growth or whatever even the depletion of mineral Xy-1 that can be restored by drinking tea extracted from Peruvian beet root that grow high in the Andes mountains, just remember that it’s your life, your hair, your choice.

  22. The best way to learn how to practise this microcosmic thing is to read the book…
    “The Multiorgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia.
    Give this book a try. It will blow your mind.

  23. Good insight! What do you think of masturbating but not ejaculating so often? What’s your opinion on the effect of that on hair? I like jerking off but I’m trying not to cum so often for my hair. I hear edging produces DHT but what’s your stance on that?

  24. Crazy thought, what if one rubs the semen “vital energy” in your scalp. Not joking really wondering?

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