Plantur 39 Shampoo | My Detailed Review for 2020

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You may be looking for a hair loss solution online, and stumbled into Plantur 39 shampoo reviews.

Let’s look in depth at what Plantur 39 shampoo has to offer, and whether it’s a good treatment option for female hair loss.

Plantur 39 makes a wide range of hair loss products, including shampoo. The Plantur products are mostly marketed in Europe and the UK, but they are also available for purchase in the US.

Most of the Plantur products contain synthetic caffeine, and they are all targeted at women over 40. Why?

In their words:

Before the menopause, hair roots are protected by high levels of female hormones (estrogen). After the menopause, estrogen levels will decline and the impact of male hormones (testosterone) will increase.

The consequences: hair grows thinner and falls out prematurely, the scalp becomes more visible and the hairline recedes.

Nature’s phyto active ingredients help the scalp protect itself from the consequences of decline estrogen levels. The caffeine in this shampoo prevents premature exhaustion of hair growth caused by the impacts of testosterone.

When washing, the active caffeine ingredient penetrates all the way into the hair follicle, which can be detected after being left on for as little as 120 seconds.

A combination of natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5 condition, repair and protect coloured and stressed hair. The damaged hair structure is smoothed and the hair is provided with intensive shine.

Plantur 39 claims that its products keep hair from falling out, and provide support and protection for damaged and stressed hair.

What they mean here by “impact of male hormones” is DHT, the byproduct of testosterone which is responsible for much of hair loss in both men and women.

Why Caffeine?

The Plantur 39 company says that caffeine, which is a primary active ingredient in these products, can reduce hair loss resulting from excess levels of DHT.

They base this claim on studies that show caffeine is retained in hair follicles up to 24 hours after using the shampoo. They stop short of actually suggesting that the shampoo can cause hair growth.

Caffeine has been proven to help hair grow

Caffeine does penetrate the skin easily and hair follicles do hold on to individual hairs, so these claims from the makers of Pantur 39 are straightforward, and accurately reflect the science.

Is Plantur 39 Okay for Younger Women?

Yes. Plantur 39 is safe for both men and younger women. As far as I can tell, the product is targeted to menopausal women for marketing purposes primarily.

Some women go through early menopause; some younger women struggle with hormonal imbalances at early ages.

The causes of hair loss resulting from excessive presence of DHT affect women of all ages.

Is Plantur 39 Okay for Men?

Dr. Wolff makes another popular shampoo line for men, Alpecin, but as far as I can tell, the active ingredients in these two shampoos are identical.

What’s difference between Alpecin and Plantur 39 is the smell (ie, Alpecin has a more “masculine” smell- it’s in total Axe body spray territory and unfortunately I learned that from personal experience), the marketing, the price, and the packaging.

But, to be clear, DHT is a leading cause of hair loss for men, and both Plantur 39 and Alpecin work to block it through the active ingredient caffeine.

How to Use Plantur 39

Plantur 39 recommends that you use their shampoo and conditioner often, but it’s not necessary to use every day.

You should leave both the shampoo and the conditioner on your scalp for at least 120 seconds or 2 minutes each, for maximum penetration of the follicles.

For the Plantur 39 tonic, the makers recommend using it daily, because the tonic stays effective only for a 24 hour period.

Here’s more on that question from them:

Does It Actually Work?

Judging by online reviews, it is the effect of Plantur 39 on hair growth that interests users the most. So, it’s important to clarify that Plantur 39 isn’t a “hair growth” product, it’s a hair protection product.

Consumers looking mainly for hair growth products here would need to modify expectations, or pursue scientifically-proven hair growth products.

The Good

  • Many verified buyer reviews on observe that Plantur 39 seems to reduce their hair loss.
  • Others claim that this product helps provide fine hair with stronger texture and more body.
  • Many reviewers say these Plantur 39 products smell really good.
  • A few reviewers even reported new hair growth while using the product, usually around the hairline.
  • And finally, some say a combination of these things: less hair loss, and improved hair texture and appearance, especially when the hair is styled.

The Bad

  • As with all hair loss products, not everything is going to work for everyone. There are some negative reviews of Plantur 39 products online.
  • Some people have claimed Plantur 39 products are expensive, and not worth the price. Others say that their hair loss continued during using these products.
  • Some simply say they saw no difference.
  • Others noted that their instructions arrived in German, when they were expecting them to arrive in English. For those buyers, it makes sense to visit the English version of the Plantur 39 website, which includes an extensive FAQ including instructions.
  • You don’t always know what you’re gonna get when you order stuff from the internet, which is why I recommend that buyers select vendors on large websites like that feature hundred or thousands of ratings.
  • The Verdict?…

Overall: It Might Be Worth Trying

There are enough enthused reviews from people who’ve tried Plantur 39 online for me to confidently give it a positive recommendation.

Because of the lengthy history of this product line primarily in Europe, it’s possible even more detailed reviews exist in other languages online, and simply don’t show up for me in my English language searches.

Plantur 39 products are relatively new to the US but have been established in the European market since 2005.

The company that sells Plantur 39, Dr. Wolff, is a massive German beauty conglomerate that has existed since 1905. Dr. Wolff reports sales of Plantur are strong and have seen continuous growth since it was introduced.

I appreciate that Plantur 39 has a strong track record and an international presence. However, the reviews for Plantur 39 are nowhere near as uniformly positive as reviews for other popular caffeine-containing shampoos, like Ultrax Hair Surge.

Here’s a major plus, though: the price for all three of Plantur 39 products – shampoo, conditioner, and tonic – is less expensive than most single bottles of hair loss shampoo, never mind the tonic and conditioner!

For a clinical-grade caffeine shampoo for treating hair loss that doesn’t break the bank, Plantur 39 is an attractive choice. Give it a shot and come and let us know how it works for you.