Scalp Invigorator Brush

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Drastically improve your scalp health with this exfoliating and invigorating Scalp Brush. 

Removes scalp plaque and unblocks clogged pores, helping serums and topical treatments to reach the hair follicle more effectively.

Also increases microcirculation in the scalp tissue, helping follicles to stay anchored rather than falling out when tugged or pulled.

Normally $17.95, but for a limited time get the Hairguard Scalp Invigorator Brush free, just cover the shipping and handling.

Limited stock remaining. First come, first served.

Limited stock remaining. First come, first served.

Customer Regrowth Results

Using the Scalp Invigorator Brush as part of their hair care regimen.

Deepak S.

Timeframe: 8 Months

"The results have really surprised me, given I'm over 40 with years of thinning. My very sparse crown has seen a noticeable thickening with similar thickening over my entire scalp."

Ed J.

Timeframe: 8 Months

"After month 8, the lower and upper temple showed substantial new hair growth and the hairline density continued to improve, along with the overall quality of the hair."

Scott K.

Timeframe: 6 Months

After 6 months Scott's overall hair coverage had improved tremendously. The crown area in particular made excellent progress.

William Slator

Founder of Hairguard

"Adding the Scalp Brush into my daily regimen just seems to make everything else work better. It's such a simple tool, everyone should be using one."

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