4 Steps to Get Rid of Clogged and Blocked Hair Follicles

  • Medically reviewed by: Debra Rose Wilson, PhD MSN RN IBCLC AHN-BC CHT
  • Written by: William Slator
  • Last updated: 24/08/2022

Blocked and clogged hair follicles are a common concern, especially among men with hair loss.

After reading this guide, you will be able to:

  1. Get rid of the scalp sebum build-up (also known as epidermis plaque) that is clogging up your hair follicles and reducing hair growth
  2. Stop the sebum coming back
  3. Reduce dandruff and hair shedding whilst improving the strength, thickness, and overall healthiness of your hair.

What Causes Blocked Follicles?

To understand what causes blocked follicles, it helps to understand the structure of the hair follicle.

The Structure of Hair Follicles

While the hair follicle is an independent micro-organ, it exists alongside other scalp structures. These include the sebaceous glands, the vasculature that supplies the follicle with blood, and the pore, namely the opening through which the hair and sebum pass.

The hair follicle itself is composed of multiple parts. At the bottom sits the hair bulb, which includes the dermal papilla and hair matrix. These structures are critical to the hair growth cycle. The ultimate size of the hair shaft is directly dependent on the size of the bulb.

As we move up the follicle, we find the hair shaft enclosed within two layers of cells: the outer root sheath and the inner root sheath.

The sebaceous gland is directly connected to the hair follicle. It empties its contents (sebum) into the follicular canal, via a short duct.

As the follicle shrinks (miniaturizes), the sebaceous gland enlarges and takes up much of the now empty space. Predictably, the enlarged sebaceous gland will produce more sebum. This can harden and result in blocked pores and hair follicles.

Consumers often make things worse by using excess hair care products. These can build up on the scalp, and in combination with the sebum exacerbate clogged follicles.

The consequences of blocked follicles are unpleasant and include stunted hair growth. The blockage may also lead to folliculitis. This is a painful condition characterized by inflammation and infection. In extreme cases, folliculitis can manifest as visible bumps or puss-filled blisters.

How to Get Rid of Clogged and Blocked Hair Follicles

Step One: Choose the Right Cleansing Shampoo

An alternative to store-bought shampoos is to make your own shampoo. This will not contain harsh chemicals that could end up irritating your skin and possibly clogging your follicles.

Here are the basics of how to make your own hair loss shampoo:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar
  • Add 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda)
  • Add 2 drops of tea tree oil (optional)
  • Add 2 drops of peppermint essential oil (optional)
  • Mix the ingredients in half a pint glass along with warm water
  • Stir and wait to settle (the baking soda and apple cider vinegar will react)
  • Pour onto wet hair inside the shower and massage into the scalp for 3 minutes
  • Rinse out with warm (but not hot) water.

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are natural cleansing agents that gently clean your scalp and hair. They do this without stripping away oils that actually protect the skin and hair.

The tea tree oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It gently cleans away any fungi that can cause itching and dandruff.

The peppermint oil removes plaque, increases blood flow, and soothes the scalp.

If you would rather not make your own shampoo, then you will want to ensure you choose a shampoo with high-quality ingredients. You should consider shampoos containing ingredients like tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and rosemary.

Step Two: Perform a Salicylic Acid Peel to Remove the Layer of Plaque

Dermatologists use salicylic acid to gently peel away the layer of dead skin cells. This reveals the youthful, radiant skin underneath.

Although this method is used mostly on the face, it is the perfect way to remove the layers of dead skin, oil, DHT, and dirt that clog and block the pores and follicles of the scalp.

Salicylic Acid Scalp Peel

Here is how to perform a salicylic acid peel.

What You Need:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Coconut Oil


Wash your hair, rinse thoroughly, and towel dry.

Apply the coconut oil to your scalp, ensuring it is spread thoroughly. This will protect your scalp from over-drying caused by salicylic acid.

Allow the coconut oil to sit for 30 minutes, and then use a dropper to apply small amounts of the salicylic acid to trouble areas of your scalp.

Leave in for 10 minutes, and then rinse and peel the remaining salicylic acid.

A Scalp Peel Alternative

For some individuals, the salicylic acid peel can be a bit harsh. This is especially true if you have an underlying scalp condition, such as dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.

In this case, you can use the alternative peel below.

What You Need:

  • Himalayan sea salt (2 tablespoons)
  • lemon juice (2 tablespoons)
  • olive oil (2 tablespoons)


Combine the ingredients above. Shake the combination vigorously.

To use, pour the mixture into your palm and apply directly to the most troublesome areas of your scalp. Gently massage the mixture in, using your fingertips and working them in small, circular motions.

Let the mixture sit on your scalp for 5-10 minutes, since the citric acid in the lemon needs time to break down scalp buildup. Rinse with lukewarm (or even better, cold) water.

You will likely need to perform this peel a number of times before the plaque is fully removed. However, this will depend on the severity of the buildup and other factors.

For further results, you can use a hairbrush to remove the excess buildup. This will stimulate blood circulation while further helping to unclog the hair follicles.

Step Three: Reduce Scalp Damage with Colder Showers

Excessively hot showers can dry and damage the scalp. Although you may think the hot water would be good at unclogging and unblocking the pores, it actually causes more problems than it solves. The skin will dry out, causing inflammation and dandruff. The hair follicles will become dry and brittle, and the body will try to secrete oils to moisturize the scalp, making the problem worse.

The alternative is to shower with lukewarm or, ideally, cold water.

Lukewarm and cold water will have fewer drying effects on the scalp. Cold showers can also boost circulation in the scalp, helping to increase oxygen flow to blood vessels and making the hair follicles stronger.

Step Four: Improve Your Diet to Reduce Sebum Buildup

Improving your diet can help naturally reduce the plaque that builds up over time. It will also help improve the quality and speed of your hair growth.

Here are a few simple pointers to help improve your diet for a better scalp condition:

  • Reduce unhealthy fats, such as frying oils, and those found in greasy foods.
  • Eat less processed foods.
  • Prioritize high-quality natural fats such as those from nuts, seeds, cold-water fish, and avocados.
  • Eat a low-glycemic-load diet.

The goal is two-fold.

First, a diet following the guidelines above is less likely to result in excess sebum production. This has previously been implicated in conditions such as acne.

Second, a healthy, whole foods diet will ensure you meet your body’s nutrient and mineral needs. This contributes to healthy hair growth from the inside.


It is common to experience sebum buildup on the scalp. After all, the scalp is exposed to many chemicals and irritants, including hair care products and pollutants. Dysregulation of sebum production, including overgrowth of the sebaceous glands, can exacerbate the problem. Ultimately, this buildup can lead to clogged hair follicles.

The above information will enable you to get rid of clogged and blocked hair follicles, as well as prevent them from reoccurring. This will ensure your scalp is the optimal environment for full, healthy hair growth.

Information contained on this website has not been evaluated by any medical body such as the Food & Drug Administration. All information is for educational purposes only. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. You must consult a medical professional before acting on any content on this website.

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  1. Hi Will, thank you so much for these tips. I’ve had really bad greasy scalp forever and when I get sweaty it makes it so much worse – I felt like my hair is falling out because of it. Actually I just tried 2 steps from this article and I wanted to let you know that they worked. Firstly, I made my own shampoo with ACV, baking soda and peppermint. It worked amazing and my hair was not too dry like normal after I use a shampoo, but my scalp felt great.
    Secondly, I started drinking lemon water in the morning, before breakfast. I’ve only been doing it for 1 month but it feels great and my body and skin and more clean and less grease buildup naturally. Thanks for your help, Albanny

    1. Hi Albanny, well done for giving it a try and I’m glad I could help. Try the other 5 steps and see if they help even more 🙂

  2. Quick question, Will. I’m in the process of purchasing the ingredients for the Scalp Solution Method, don’t think there is much difference but wanted to make sure if it would be okay to use stinging nettle leaf extract in the elixir over nettle leaf extract? Appreciate it.

  3. There’s a lot of stuff on the internet about hair loss and im just looking for something that has worked on somebody else. Have you personally seen results from these tips?

  4. Does your Hair Equilibrium course work for women who have clogged hair follicles and fragile hair?

    1. Hi Wendy, most women you use Hair Equilibrium have had very good results. So it is recommended for women too.

  5. Great article Will..got a question i recently shaved my scalp bald and after a week when the hair grew a little i noticed that i have many pores all around my upper scalp which even have very short hairs they are so short that i have to rub my fingers to notice them but they are there..now the thing is that they are not growing anymore while the rest of the hairs are growing as usual,, these pores are in huge numbers and look kind of like 5’0 clock, just that the hairs are much shorter. What should i do to make them grow like rest of the scalp follicles ? please help

    1. Hi Andrew, I’ve never tried Montmorillonite clay before. You’ll have to test this for yourself. Just take notice of how your scalp feels after and if you notice any difference. This is a good practice anyway, to learn to ‘listen’ to how your scalp feels after certain things. For example, my scalp always felt dry after using normal shampoos, that’s why I switched to natural shampoos instead. Get a feel for what helps and what hurts.

  6. Hey Will, I have balanced all my hormones and have a pretty healthy life style and I see that I no longer am losing hair abnormally.

    I shampoo once a week. I do that scalp exercises so the sebum that comes out of my hair probably has very low dht concentration. I have 2 tiny bald spots by the hairline.

    Considering the information that I told you above, which oil or how would be the best way to regrow those hairs that are missing in those tiny bald spots?


    1. Hi Rigo, good to hear you’re having success beating your hair loss.
      I would recommend you use a mixture of magnesium oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil on the bald spots every night.
      Once per week instead of using the spray use a 0.5mm dermaroller on those spots instead of the spray.
      This should help you to grow out those spots fairly quickly.

      1. Hey Will, that’s an amazing article. I was just wondering if I can find salicylic acid easily at any pharmacies

  7. Hi Will, I recently found your website and I think it’s useful to understand things. I am 27yrs old suffering from severe hair loss for past 5 yrs due to depression. Recently I am more concerned bcoz my bald patches are so much visible. It makes me more worried as I am a girl 🙁 I tried ur scalp peel mentioned in the DHT blocking article. But I am not able to see any flakes coming out. Is my hair loss reversible? I tried all hair supplements and minoxidil..they are of no use.

    1. Hi Suman. Stress can cause hair loss, so you will need to work on eliminating the source of the stress. I would recommend spending 5 minutes per day doing deep breathing exercises to start with. You will also need to look at your diet and make sure its not making things worse. I also recommend stop using shampoo, instead wash your hair with apple cider vinegar once per week.

  8. Hi Will. For shampoo, what are your opinions on the lipogaine big 3 shampoo and the pura d’or shampoos. Are they useful or is it better to use the apple cider and baking soda one?

  9. Hi Will, I have been facing severe hair loss problem from 5+ yrs. My crown region is in bad condition like one hair falls no new hair are appearing so what would help in hair re growth and improves the hair density?

    1. Hi Sonia, you really have to start from the inside-out – by optimising your diet for hair growth. Otherwise you’ll be fighting a losing battle against your own body. Topical treatments will only become effective when inside your body is first optimised. So, please view my other articles on the blog about diet etc, and also join the email list for latest research.

  10. Hey Will, Im a 14 year old teenage girl who is now a Gr.9 student and its been 1 yr since im starting to be too conscious about my hair getting thin. I researched a lot on how to recover it like intaking of biotins, medical check-up from dermatologist, and dealing with stress, & also choosing the right shampoo which i did all of them. But it seems like until today its getting worse. You know as a student its really hard not to prevent stress. What can you recommend on what should i do?

  11. Hi will, i don’t necessarily experience hair loss as much. Unfortunately my hair is extremely thin. If I tie my hair all together it will be the thickness of a girl’s pinkie. I have worn extensions to cover it, but it is really tiring. I have used all the popular products and nothing has worked. A hairstylist took a microscopic picture of my scalp and we could see that my follicles was really small and the hairs growing out split and very thin. Are there any chance that you can tell me what I can do. Thank you.

  12. HI Will,

    I have an itchy and oily scalp. I have had hormonal issues which has gradually made my hair thin specially on the crown. I have noticed very small and super thin hair on my scalp which seem to not grow thicker or longer. Also whenever I scratch my scalp I have some greasy matter under my nails. Along with this, some times I see tiny hair coming off and there is a blob at the end. It looks like the oil has solidified and is blocking my hair follicle and hence preventing the hair from growing long or thicker. I wanna know what this blob is as I am 100% sure its not the hair root but something else. Is there a way to get rid of this condition or clean my scalp of this clogging stuff.

  13. I’ve been battling thinning and hair loss for a few years. I have tried everything. Now I think my hair has stopped growing. Any oil I put on my hair makes it oiler. I constantly keep my hair up because it is noticeable. If I can’t use oils to help my hair, do you have other suggestions to get my hair healthy again?

  14. Hi Will

    I am making my own hair growth formula and I am wondering how many drops of peppermint oil and rosemary oil do I put in 2 fl oz/ 60 ml bottle?



      1. It is so driving me crazy the bumps will pop then go away then come back . I would really like a new shampoo I have used brags vinegar rinse never tried baking soda. Need help please that ovace does have sulfite in it I think

  15. Hi Will,

    Stumbled upon your website as I was looking for side effects of Minoxidil. I started using a doctor prescribed formula, applying it with a syringe (2ml total). A few days ago I started getting hives down my sides and on my neck but not on my scalp, so not sure it’s related. However, reading all the side effects kinda freaked me out. My hair has been falling out a lot, apparently this is a common side effect for the first few weeks. I am 27 years old, have noticed my hair falling out but didn’t think it was that serious until the doctor told me I have 30% of the hair I’m supposed to have.
    Would you recommend using your scalp elixir product along with Minoxidil ?
    Should I be using your shampoo mix ? I’m fairly depressed about my hair situation and would like some natural options. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandra, sorry to hear about these potential side-effects. I wonder if you have ever had a case of these hives before? If not, that does sound like it could be related to the minoxidil. I’ve written an extensive article about the possible side effects here. This is basically why I recommend avoiding it.
      Generally we say that our scalp elixir is an alternative to minoxidil. Using both is possible, but I don’t recommend it. You should certainly consider our shampoo. There are been some studies on Oleuropein showing it more effective for hair regrowth than minoxidil. Oleuropein is a natural compound and is one of the ingredients in our shampoo. I also want to point out that you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on topical treatments. Optimising your diet and reducing scalp tension through massages and exercises is the primary route to stopping and reversing hair loss.

    1. Hi Misty, I know it’s a genuine concern with any website, but especially in this industry. I started this blog because I wanted to help others and learn more about the subject myself. Our main purpose now is to educate people that pharmaceuticals (finasteride and minoxidil) are not the only option you have when it comes to hair loss. I believe that natural treatments can work better, and have less side-effects. As you can see, we don’t really promote any products very much, spending money is completely your choice and everything we sell comes with a refund guarantee. The money we do make goes into researching new articles, and website maintenance.
      Thanks for your question, I’m sure there are many people out there who are having similar thoughts.

  16. Hi, does the apple cider vinegar strip the applied color to hair when used in your home made shampoo please. Thanks
    Regards Lina

    1. Hi Lina, I’m not sure to be honest. We haven’t tested it on coloured hair yet so I couldn’t say for sure unfortunately.

    2. I have highlighted hair with a few lowlights, and have been using apple cider vinegar and clay masks on my hair for a month. My hair is shiny again, with a clean, pure color that is better than before I began using the vinegar and clay. My hair has become bouncy and will take a curl again; something it hasn’t done for a couple of years.

  17. Hey Will,

    So at this time i use Nizoral 2 times a week and nioxin on other days. I do want to stop all these commercial shampoos and cut washing my hair more often because of the over production of sebum. Now I find that when i use shampoo and massag my scalp I feel these tiny balls which I’m thinking are sebum plugs. My hair is also thinning. So I’m thinking of using your natural home remedy shampoo and maybe a salicylic acid scalp peel? I know I’m dealing with androgenic alopecia. Can you give me the best advice.

    1. Hi Rich, I would definitely cut out commercial shampoos. They don’t help at all in my experience and even make things worse. Treat scalp problems properly (through optimised diet.) A salicylic acid peel might be a good idea for you. If you are having scalp problems though just make sure you get your diet in order first.

  18. I am suffering from a scalp disease called dissecting cellulitis of the scalp and am looking for any help as I am going on 7 years with it. What would you recommend to start with? All doctors say is it’s not curable and prescribe antibiotics.

    1. Hi Colby,

      Unfortunately, we do not know much on this particular condition. However, basic research does seem to indicate it’s irreversible, as it kills the follicles and then covers the scalp with scar tissue.

      – Steph

  19. Hey, I am using Head and Shoulders only because of the hair texture I am getting after. Nothing natural that I tried comes close to it. Do you know anything that will make hair feel and look like after H&S use?

  20. Hi, Will.

    I was examined by a hair stylist and was told that my root of hairs were clogged with oil and in a terrible state. I was not ready for the scalp treatment.

    Thinking whether is there a natural remedy. If I follow your step 1 listed above, will it help?

    Appreciate for your advice,


  21. Hi Will, I’ve started applying a jojoba oil/peppermint/rosemary mix to my scalp and hair every evening because of some studies I read.

    However it does make the hair very oily and maybe it should be washed everyday?

    I’m wondering if there’s anything like a shampoo I can safely use every single day to wash out the oils without damaging the hair or anything?

    1. Hi Matt,

      There’s no way to wash your hair daily without ill effects. You can certainly rinse the oils with water each morning, though.

      How much are you applying at once? If the water isn’t removing the majority of the oils in the morning, you may be applying too much to the scalp.

      – Steph

  22. William, the roots of my hair seem to have some sort of sandy granule like substance attached to it. And if i pluck it out, the hair comes off along with it. I have gone to a doctor and she says that it is a mite. I did some therapy but it worked, but she wont tell me what she uses. Got any idea on how to get rid of these sandy granules?

    1. First let me ask you if a shampoo is really necessary? If you eat a clean diet then your body will produce much less of the oils and grease that cause the hair to need to be shampoo’d in the first place. For example, remove fried and processed foods completely from you diet. These types of foods contain lots of vegetable oils which are incredibly bad for us. Keep your diet clean, with natural only foods.

      If you still need to shampoo occasionally then I would recommend our own Grogenix Shampoo. It is completely natural and contains ingredients proven to support healthy hair, in studies beating minoxidil for regrowth. It also helps gently remove dirt, grease and DHT without stripping away protective oils.

  23. Quick question, would the natural shampoo recommended above (baking soda, ACV, etc) be enough to remove the plaque from your hair or do i still have to do the calycylic acid scalp peel?

    1. Hi Rayquon,

      The natural shampoo can remove the basic day-to-day buildup, but it’s recommended to do the peel to remove the years of plaque build up that’s settled on the scalp.

      – Steph

  24. Hi will thanks for the information you have provided. I am diabetic and was wondering why many websites online tell us to stay away from salicylic acid? Is it very harmful?

    1. Hi Asad,

      Salicylic acid is quite erosive, and it can cause tiny wounds which are invisible to the eye. After all, it slowly erodes the epidermis to remove the top layer.

      This is not recommended for diabetics as the condition can make it difficult to safely heal / control wounds.



  25. Hello, Will, is this article recommended for women as well? I am not exactly sure how to do the peel as a girl. I have short hair (maybe 3-4 inches), and I don’t want to accidentally removed any of them as they are already falling out enough by themselves, by attempting to remove the peel. Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thank you,

    1. Hi Kayla,

      Yes, women can benefit from scalps peels, too.

      The key is to remove the peel gently, which you can do by simply using your fingertips to massage in the area of the peel. The peel should begin to ‘pill’ up, and it can then be rinsed away with water.

      – Steph

  26. Damn will this is life saving article i swearr.. Bro i recently shaved my scalp bald and after a week when the hair grew a little i noticed that i have many pores all around my upper scalp which even have very short hairs they are so short ,but they are there..now the thing is that they are not growing anymore while the rest of the hairs are growing help me out man?

  27. One thing is for sure, and you’re wrong about, there is no such thing as non-reversible hair growth. Any baldness can recover, some just take more time then others depending how bad the balding is, and how long they went un-treated. Black-seed oil organic and cold pressed helps with hair growth, along with DHT blockers, and the right type of organic shampoo. Its never to late, it all depends on if the person wants to fix the situation, or is to lazy to do the research.

  28. Hi, my name is Amber,
    This may be a stupid question, but is that much lemon water safe to drink when you’re pregnant? T.I.A ?

      1. Hi!
        I tried the natural peel last night! 🙂 I wanted to ask how often should I use this peel? Is it okay to use it daily once a day at night before sleeping? After using it my hair felt dry but this morning when I woke up my hair was oily. Should I use it daily and apply an oil after that? When should I roughly stop the peel or reduce the usage? Thank you for sharing this with us. Glad I stumbled upon it.

        1. Hi Muhamed,

          We’d recommend you use the peel just once per month. It can be quite drying.

          – Steph

  29. Hi Will
    I met with a hair consultant regarding my drastic hair fall problem. See told me abt dht and follicle miniaturizing thing in my scalp. I am also having dandruf and eatchy scalp.

    She suggested me a laser treatment woth 1.5 lac bucks. This really scared me. Then my sister suggested me with your blog. You had explained everything very nicely.

    I just need your help to understand that how many times a week these steps can be followed. And do I really need to go for laser treatment?

    Really appriciate your help.

    1. Hi Priyanka,
      You can have your own ‘at-home’ LLLT using a laser cap. Although the upfront cost is large, there are no on-going costs after that. You just need to recharge the battery pack once a week and that’s the only cost.

  30. Hi Will,

    Thanks for the great article. I have extremely oily hair and have to wash it every other day. Is your shampoo good for oily hair? I want to reduce sebum production so I can wash it once in 4 days.
    I also oil my hair from time to time and lose a lot of hair when I do that. Should I be oiling my hair? (peppermint oil, Rosemary oil, Coconut oil & Caster oil)

  31. Hello,
    I tried the ACV, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and baking soda shampoo mix and it leaves the top of my head greasy. Do you have any recommendations on how to prevent that? I know the purpose of this is to elimante chemical shampoos but i have to wash my hair with my old shampoo to get it back to normal.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Tara, try reducing the amount of oils in the mixture. The ACV and baking soda help remove oils but if there is too much PEO for example that might leave the hair a bit oily. Your scalp may also take time to adjust to the new shampoo. Some amount of natural oils from your scalp is healthy and protects the skin and hair. If your hair continues to feel oily then work on removing processed foods from your diet.

  32. Hi Will,
    do you think laser combs or helmets might really contribute to the whole process of hair regrowth by helping restore proper bloodflow to the follicules?I apparently have higher sensitivity to dht bound in my clogged hair follicles.
    I would really appreciate your insight.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Jani, there is no easy answer because it can depend on your situation, your gender, your type of hair loss. Overall I am quite positive about LLLT because it doesn’t take much effort to use a laser helmet 30 minutes every other day. Just put it on your head and watch TV for 30 minutes. There’s no reported side effects as well. However, I don’t think that by itself a laser helmet will really make a big difference. But as part of an on-going hair care regime it is certainly worthwhile to consider.

  33. Hey will I just wanna ask that I’m suffering from dandruff from 10 years
    And my hairline has also gone back
    So can I get a good hair growth with your treatment

  34. This is an informative site and I like the apple cider vinegar shampoo. How much water do I add? You say warm water and all ingredients are mixed in a half pint glass so do you fill to the top of the half pint glass with water?



  35. Hi Will,

    I tried the natural scalp peel just now and I’m not sure if it worked. Should I be seeing a bunch of dead skin, DHT, and dandruff on my scalp? And when the article states “It’s very likely you’ll need to perform this peel a number of times before the plaque is fully removed,” do mean to do the scalp peel a number of times with the same mixture in the same day? How often should I do the scalp peel? Please let me know.


    1. Hi Connor, it varies for everyone, however I would go for the peel not more than once per week until you’re happy you’ve gotten rid of the majority of the plaque. Also remember that diet plays a role in plaque buildup, so at the same time, make sure you’re optimising your nutrition.

  36. Also, should I see the peel immediately after I put the powdered activated charcoal mixture and rinsed it with water? Or does it take longer?

    1. Hi Will,

      Another question, sorry, don’t mean to bug you. Can I use the apple cider vinegar shampoo every 2-3 days? My scalp gets oily within 2-3 days. And when it does that, my hair thins more noticeably, falls out more easily, and scalp gets itchy. If this not a good idea, what can I do to keep my scalp oil-free before I shampoo again? I have seen a dermatologist and all they have given me ketaconazole shampoo to combat itchiness and DHT and finasteride (which I am not going to take due to the long term risks).


  37. Thanks Will, I appreciate your quick responses. I’ve been reading about lemon water and it looks like there is a risk of damaging tooth enamel. How can I prevent this?

    1. The best way to counteract this is to swish your mouth out, or simple just drink, plain water right after the lemon water. This will remove any lemon from staying in contact with the teeth long enough to do any harm to the enamel.

  38. Hey Will,

    I’ve been facing hair loss and thinning hair line for the last few years already. Probably because of products i have to use to treat my psoriasis on my scale. Which has gotten a lot better now. I am really eager to try step 2 but when i looked up on amazon there is so many salicylic acid options. Which percentage of salicylic acid you think i should get for exfoliating my scale? And do you think salicylic acid would trigger my psoriasis? I’m also taking biotin and hair regrowth product from bosley. Which i think its working haha. You think its a good idea if i exoflicate my scale like 2 times a week and stay with bosley hair regrowth products? Of course I’m gonna chunk down some lemon water in the morning too haha. Thanks for the help

  39. Hi I’m going to try these methods my curly hair has not been growing as much and I have lots of breakage I cut my hair and in January I had a full head of virgin hair again but I have straightened it 4 times since then and died it once with a over the counter box dye. Since I’ve been experiencing brittle hair excessive shedding and itching scalp that I’ve dealt with for a very long time. My question is how many times can I use the avc shampoo and hair/scalp peel?

    1. Hi Mercades,

      If you’re already dealing with brittle hair, we’d recommend you use the scalp peel on a limited basis. Maybe once every two or three months.

      The ACV can usually be used once per week, but no more.



    1. Hi Aisha,

      Yes, that’s fine. All that really matters with ACV is that it contains the “mother.”

      – Steph

  40. Hi

    I am losing a tremendous amount of hair over a. Of almost 2 years. Had thyroid checked excetera my doctor tells me just stress what is the best regimen 4 my hair loss. I get sick everytime I run my fingers through my hair and get a bunch of hairs this is daily.

    Thank you


  41. How often are you removing sebum buildup on the scalp? Is it something you should do daily especially if you’re adding a serum or the elixir every night to get maximum absorbtion? Or is it something that only needs to be done once or twice or week? Thanks!

  42. Ive used the shampoo solution…it dried me out just a little… what can i use in place of conditioner. I loose ALOT of hair i suffer from rheumatoid arthritis type 1 diabetes depression and anxiety…. i need something weightless….my follicles are very weak…and lots of build up isnt helping at all…

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