Applying a hairmask to protect the hair follicles and scalp

7 Ways To Repair Damaged Hair Follicles Naturally

Having spent over 3 years researching how to re-grow my own hair I’ve learnt a lot about hair health in general. What I’ve come to realise is that the health of the scalp and hair follicle are incredibly important.

In this article I’m going to show you the 7 most powerful ways I’ve discovered to repair your damaged hair follicles and bring your hair back to full health.

Follow these 7 methods and you’ll have strong healthy hair that rarely falls out, hair that glows naturally, and has deep natural colour. These techniques will also make a big difference to reduce split ends.

For the guys, these techniques will stop your hairline receding and improve overall thickness.

Optimise Your Diet For Hair Growth

The health of your hair follicles is strongly related to your overall health. If you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies then these will show up as weak and lifeless hair, and hair follicles that are damaged easily.

The first thing that I recommend is to drink a ‘hair growth’ smoothie every morning. The recipe that I’m going to give you is packed with all of the nutrients, minerals and enzymes that your body needs to grow healthy, strong and thick hair.

By the way, we’ve made this video on repairing hair follicles so be sure to watch if you prefer that to reading:

I’ve spent a long time refining this recipe to make it as powerful as possible;

  • Frozen berry medley
  • Hemp and pea protein mixture
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Banana
  • Probiotic powder
  • Gingko biloba

Mix all of the ingredients in a blender and drink down for breakfast.

The frozen berries provide plentiful antixodiants which prevent cellular ageing and protect the skin and hair.

The berries also provide a wide array of enzymes, minerals and nutrients that are hard to get from other food sources.

These are often referred to as micronutrinets as they exsist in trace amounts, but are crucial for healthy hair growth and to repair damaged follicles.

The hemp and pea protein provides high quality, plant based protein that become the keratin building blocks of the hair – helping the repair process to take place faster.

Almond milk contains additional high quality nutrients and minerals that are perfect for growing hair – so you get more nutrition that just ordinary water.

Coconut oil is well known to help recover from dry and brittle hair which is one of the main forms of hair follicle damage. Although you can always use coconut oil directly on your hair, it’s actually more effective to get a small amount if your diet everyday.

Pumpkin seed oil is also a crucial part of the smoothie. Pumpkin seed oil has been clinically proven to increase hair count of those who used it as a supplement over time compared to a control.

The banana provides fuel and improves taste and consistency.

The probiotic powder helps to increase healthy gut bacteria which in turn can increase the amount of nutrition you get from your food.

Finally, gingko biloba has been shown to help with hair growth when taken as a supplement so we can include it in the smoothie.

I recommend drinking the smoothie everyday for breakfast as it is extremely healthy and has been designed for maximum hair repair.

Stop With The Hot Showers, Hair Dryers, Straighteners and Dyes

If there are 3 things that cause more damage to hair follicles than anything else it’s these:

  1. Hot showers
  2. Hair dryers and straighteners
  3. Hair color dyes

Let’s go through these individually. Most of us enjoy a hot shower but have you ever noticed how your skin can get dry after a really hot shower?

Well the same thing happens with your scalp (which can often be a cause of dandruff.) Not only can hot showers dry out your scalp, but they strip away natural oils that protect the hair follicles, leaving them dry, brittle and even more easily damaged.

As humans, we never evolved having hot showers, unless your ancestros happened to live by a nice natural hot spring. But basically, our hair isn’t used to those kind of temperatures.

The natural oils protect the scalp and follicle and under high temperatures they are removed by the water. Mild warm water can be used to remove some of the plaque and dirt that builds up, but I recommend that you always use cool water to wash your hair with.

Hair dryers and straighteners have a similar drying effect and strip the natural oils and moisture away from your hair in a very unnatural way.

Although you may think that drying and straightening is the hair strand itself (and not the follicle that goes into the skin) it will have an effect on the entire follicle.

Use a cool hair dryer and try not to use straighteners wherever possible.

Hair color dyes use peroxide and other harsh chemicals that inevitable damage the hair when used repeatedly. I would try to avoid these if you can.

My simple advice would be to make your diet as healthy as possible – this will give your skin and hair a very natural, beautiful glow and shine that only comes from glowing health.

This is a much more sustainable and healthy way to look good and helps, rather than damages your hair follicles.

For more information see vegetable juices for hair, detox guide for hair, and foods that can cause hair thinning.

Stop Buying Shampoos – Instead, Make Your Own Natural Shampoos At Home

Go to your bathroom right now, take all of your shampoos, pick them up and throw them in the bin.

Wait – just before your do that, have a look at the ingredients.

Yep, that’s a bucket load of harmful, corrosive chemicals (find out more about how selenium sulfide can cause hair loss here) going on to your hair and scalp every time your wash your hair.

No thanks!

Shampoo companies know that we choose our shampoo mostly by the smell, texture and foaminess of each product.

But most of us don’t necessarily care about the long term effect that all those chemicals are having on our scalp. After all, sodium lauryl sulphate, which is the foamy ingredient is most shampoos is also used at places like commercial car washes.

The other reason not to use these chemical laden shampoos that can damage your scalp and the hair follicles is because there is a much better natural alternative – homemade shampoos – where you know exactly what has gone in to it.

Aloe vera soothes the scalp

This is how to make your own hair follicle repairing shampoo:


  • Water (1/2 cup)
  • Liquid castile soap (1/2 cup)
  • Aloe vera gel (1/3 cup)
  • Glycerin (1 teaspoon)
  • Almond oil (2-3 teaspoons)
  • Geranium essential oil (10 drops)

Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly by shaking inside a container. When thoroughly mixed, lather onto wet hair and massage into the scalp for 2-5 minutes before washing out thoroughly.

Clean Your Scalp & Feed Your Follicles With A Bentonite Clay Wash 

It’s easy for grease, gunk, hair care products, sweat and all sorts to build up on the scalp. This layer of plaque builds up over time – but it isn’t necessarily very good for your hair follicle health.

The plaque can also contain acids and DHT both of which further damage the hair follicle. Luckily, there is a simple way to neautralise much of this damaging plaque layer using a simple mixture of bentonite clay and water.

Simple stir in a heaped teaspoon of bentonite clay into a glass of water and pour it over your wet hair whilst showering.

Rinse out thoroughly – and rinse out the shower afterwards so that your house mates don’t think you are too dirty.

The bentonite clay is a great way to neutrliase acids and remove DHT from the scalp. It also provides minerals that soothe and repair the scalp.

It’s a simple but effective way to give your hair every chance of repairing itself.

Use Massage To Increase Blood Circulation & Reduce DHT

Hair follicles thrive on strong blood circulation – after all, it’s the blood that carries the oxygen, nutrients and minerals that allow the hair to grow.

It’s also the blood that carries away the metabolic watses and carbon dioxide that could damage the hair follicle.

For this reason, maximizing blood circulation to the scalp and follicles is one of the best way to speed up hair growth and repair.

Increased circulation > increased blood flow > increased nutrition > increased rate of repair.

So how exactly is this possible?

The best way, that I know of, after a lot of research and experimentation is to use a specific scalp massage and exercise. Here are just a few techniques:

Exercise 1:

Take both hands and place them at the back of the head with palms in line with the back of your ears and finger tips facing up towards the sky. Slowly and rhythmically squeeze both hands in and up and back down in circular motions. Do this for 1 minute.

Exercise 2:

Now, move your hands slightly upwards and forwards, so your palms are now above the tops of your ears. Softly squeeze in with your palms and move in a circular motion. To make this even more effective, stand up and bend over so that your head is the same height as your waist. This will cause even more blood to rush into your scalp.

Exercise 3:

Now, take both palms and place them on the sides of your forehead. Squeeze softly against your forehead and move around in circular motions. You can increase the effectiveness of this exercise by raising, holding and lowering your eyebrows at the same time.

Doing the exercises for just 5-10 minutes consistently for 10 days in a row can make a remarkable difference to the elasticity of your scalp and subsequent blood flow, which is why I recommend it so highly.

Use The Head Massager To Stimulate Blood Flow To The Dead Hair Follicles

Using the head massager is another great way to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and invigorate the hair follicles.

And it’s also easy and pleasurable – All you need is a simple head massage tool which you can buy off of Amazon for a few dollars.

Try using the head massager for 5 minutes per day. You can do it whilst watching TV or anytime when you’ve got one hand free. You’ll be surprised that your scalp feels warm and tingly after just a few minutes – a sure sign that blood is being stimulated to flow into the scalp and increase the rate of hair follicle repair.

Make Your Own Natural Hair Balm/ Hair Mask

Aside from homemade, natural shampoos, homemade balms and masks are a great way to quickly repair damaged hair follicles in a natural way.

I suggest that you make these balms and masks at home, so that you know for sure the only ingredients are natural. You can also adjust the ingredients depending on your hair type: Oily, dry and normal.

Here’s one recipe you can use right away:


  • 1 banana
  • Coconut oil (1/4 cup)
  • Sandlewood essential oil (10 drops)
  • Herbal teas (steeped and strained chamomile and nettle)
  • Water (1/4 cup)

Boil the water with the herbs and steep until cool. Strain away the herbs leaving just the tea, now mix in the other ingredients and blend at high speed until smooth.

Apply the mixture to dry hair and massage into the roots and scalp. Allow the mask to absorb into the hair and scalp for 10-20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing out.

Reactivating dead hair follicles takes time. You won’t see success overnight, but if you stick with the techniques I’ve showed you here and the other techniques you can read about on my blog you will definitely see fuller and thicker hair.

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  1. Hi, I am a female looking for hair loss solution and regrowth.. I am following your articles which you usually mention them for male pattern.I used to have very thick hair which i started loosing 2yrs ago and now left with 1/4 th of my hair when i was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism but my tsh being 5, t3 t4 rt3 all normal, and deficienct in vit B12, zinc, selenium, magnesium which i started taking supplements one week back. I started using dermaroller with saw palmetto emu oil pumpkin seed oil regimen and laser comb and i meditate. My dht Testosterone estrogen are normal. None of my family members are bald. I am a doctor by profession i eat healthy stuff seeds and nuts and lots of green smoothies.

    • Go gluten free…look up hypothyroid Gluten sensitivity mirrors thyroid problem and all of its symptoms. Look all of her articles up there’s this one the explains 12 symptoms that gluten sensitivity mimics thyroid. Symptoms. While one appears in the normal thyroid range still. Good luck, god be with you

  2. I had viewed a product on your site, it was I believe a scalp wash. Will it become available soon ?

      • Thanks for the article.. I want to share my experience about hair loss an year ago my hairs falls alot I was so worried then I tried onion juice on scalp 2 times a week in a day time and in night warm coconut oil mix with castor oil it’s very powerfull after three months I have noticed my scalp full of baby’s hairs. The hairs regrow again…..

        • I massage every night black seed oil into my hair and scalp. It made my hair thick and plenty but it did not cure the ringworms of the scalp, which was the reason why I started using the black seed oil. Still, this oil is very antifungal, and even if it can not cure me, it makes my life possible.

  3. I was diagnosed with scarring alopecia, which basically means the follicule scars and closes. I have the lp kind. I have read alot about it. Its caused by inflammation. I have also read that aloe and fenugreek can help reduce inflamation and strenghen hair. I didn’t see you mention fenugreek. You did mention aloe for the mask. I will try you suggestions. But I am curious to know if you have known of anyone with my condition, improve with your treatments?? Just curious

    • Hi Adriana,

      Unfortunately, scarring alopecia is very difficult to treat. And if it’s not treated before scarring occurs, then the results can be permanent.

      You’re right, though, that targeting inflammation is your best plan of action.


  4. Hi, my daughter is 7 years old and has alopecia areta. I would like to know if these treatments are good for her or if you suggest some other treatment that works for the age.

  5. Hi Will! When will you start shippong your products to India? I thought of buying the gro2 elixir but couldn’t as it doesn’t ship to India. If not possible directly please make it available at online stores. Really hope this happens soon. Cheers!


  6. Hi,
    I am 25 and have been facing extensive hair thinning and more so in the last one to two years. The pattern of hair thinning is evident on the front half of my head. I have tried various home made recipes but they have yielded no result. I have also visited plenty dermatologists but haven’t a single remedy useful. Can you please assist me with what you think could be a solution to this.

  7. Hi I wanted to know whether protein supplements and body building supplements are also the reason for hair loss. Please suggest.

  8. I used to have long-thick hair. A beautician put a perm in my hair and proceeded to wash it out while scratching my scalp with her finger nails. My scalp was really sore the next day and eventually had this reddish purplish tent. I started to notice my parts getting wider and wider and even noticed a bald spot in the top of my head over the years. What I have observed over the past 20 years is that my hair does not replenish itself as I naturally lose strands on a day-to-day basis. This has been a very slow process of losing hair over time. To date I have lost over half of my locks. I have maintained my length, but it is very thin especially in the front and there are bald spots across the top. I have done all of the treatments recommended by dermatologist like cortisone creams and shots to the scalp. They have not worked. Do you think my follicles can be saved.

  9. Hello
    I am 28 yrs, I am facing hair loss and dandruff problems from last 2-3 yrs, my hair roots are too weak I see hair fall every day as I comb my hair after bath.

    Pls advice me, can this be reduced or
    re growth of hairs is possiable.

  10. Hey, I have patterned baldness, on the side of my forehead. Apparently its because of genetics. I also heard that they happen at certain parts then stop.

    I’ve also realised that the front part of my hair is getting thinner and I’m only 21. Any recommendations on how I can either grow back hair (revive follicles) or just stop where its and not go further. I’m worried as i’ll grow older, it’ll turn into complete hair loss.

    • Hi Adrian, if it is pattern baldness then most likely it will get worse if you don’t do anything to stop it. Well the first thing I recommend it taking a look at our Pro Area, we have everything you need in there.

  11. I had a reaction to dye and my hair fell out in front .. I’m currently using the Genesis system and its keeping my scalp clean .. I have only been on it 4 weeks but have seen baby hairs growing I’m so hopeful.. Dht they stress on that I hope to see more progress.This has been a learning experience id never want to repeat again ..My confidence has been shot . I will never dye my hair as that has been the culprit …and its going to take time and patience to correct itself for sure.

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