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Best Tips To Remove DHT From Your Scalp Naturally

Welcome to The Scalp Solution Method. On this page you will learn the most powerful method to quickly and easily remove DHT from your scalp and then stimulate new hair growth.

The first step is to exfoliate the scalp. Without the scalp exfoliation it’s much harder for new hairs to grow because where the hair follicle exits, the skin has become blocked, clogged, and the pH is generally very unfavourable for new hair growth.

You will then learn how to reactivate the hair growth process using a little known technique that initiates the growth phase of the hair follicle based on a concept known as mesotherapy.

And finally I will show you how to stimulate the scalp and emerging hair follicles in such a way that they continue to grow, faster and stronger.

Preparing Your Scalp So New Hairs Can Grow

A man examining his uneven hairline

Preparing the scalp means cleaning it, removing both the natural and unnatural substances that have built up there, which are both the cause and effect of hair loss.

Without the cleaning process, new hairs are less likely to appear because they literally have to push and squeeze their way out of the epidermis, and this makes it less likely to happen.

It’s like a plant that has to grow through a thick layer of gravel that’s dry and acidic, even if there is fertile ground beneath, it has a much harder task. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for new hair growth to occur.

So what should be cleaned from the epidermis to allow hair growth? Well there are 4 things we have to remove first. These are;

  1. Embedded sebum
  2. Dead skin
  3. Cosmetic products
  4. Pollutants

These 4 substances will become mixed together and form what’s called epidermis plaque that clings to the scalp and prevents hair growth and causes miniaturization of existing hair follicles.

The plaque also contains DHT crystals that are secreted through the epidermis creating a perpetually inhospitable environment for hair growth.

This Is How To Remove The Epidermis Plaque & DHT Crystals

By far the most effective way to remove the epidermis plaque is to use a homemade scalp exfoliate. This will gently and naturally remove the plaque making the method more effective.

It’s safe to use this exfoliate mixture on the scalp because the hair follicle roots grows from much deeper in the scalp so it won’t any kind of damage to the follicles themselves in any way. Besides, these are natural ingredients that are good enough to eat.

To make this yourself you will need:

  • Himalyan or Celtic sea salt
  • Powdered activated charcoal
  • Ginger
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon juice
  • A juicing machine (or a blender and muslin cloth)

Take half a tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of powdered activated charcoal and approximately 100ml of mixed ginger and cucumber juice and the juice of 1 whole lemon.

To make the cucumber and ginger juice you will need a juicing machine.

If you don’t yet have a juicer, you can always using an electric blender. Take a large handful of ginger chunks and put them in our high-speed blender along with a whole cucumber. Squeeze in the juice of a whole lemon. Blend up the mixture, without water, or you can add a small amount of water if it’s too dry.

Then, take the mixture and remove the pulp using a muslin cloth or equivalent. This will remove all the pulp and fibre just leaving the cleansing liquid.

Combine all of the ingredients in a small plastic bottle such as a used shampoo bottle and shake thoroughly until well-mixed.

Apply the mixture to the area of scalp that you want to regrow and gently massage into the region. Leave the mixture to sit on the scalp as the lemon and ginger break up the plaque

Once gently massaged in, let the mixture sit on the skin for 5-10 minutes before rinsing out with warm (but not hot) water.

It varies from person to person but there’s a good chance you will need another few peels to fully remove the plaque. Repeat the procedure until you feel like the plaque has been removed.

You can aid the process by brushing away the flakes that fall off with a hair brush, which also helps de-clog the pores.

Himalayan Salt

Himalyan salt contains abundant amounts of trace minerals that many of us have become deficient in. The salt provides these trace minerals directly to the scalp. The salt is also gently antibacterial and helps to draw bacteria (and mites if you have them) from the scalp pores.

Activated Powdered Charcoal

Activated powdered charcoal is a well known cleansing agent because of its amazing ability to absorb toxins. Charcoal is often used to purify water and whiten teeth, but in this case we’ll use it powerfully absorb any grease, or DHT that is embedded on the scalp.

The charcoal is also fairly ‘rough’ meaning it can help to gently exfoliate the scalp by rubbing against any plaque and help to gently remove it.

The charcoal also helps to neutralise molds, and although you may not think you have any mold on your scalp, told can grow on the embedded plaque, and it’s a good idea to remove any possible spores before using the dermaroller. The charcoal is the perfect way to do this.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an important ingredient because it helps to gently break down oils, dead skin cells, and leftover cosmetics attached to the scalp.

The citric acid contained in the lemon juice is a powerful but gentle cleanser that removes flaky skin and cleans the pores but does so without damaging the hair or scalp.

Ginger Juice

It may sound strange to have ‘ginger juice’ but if you throw a chunk of ginger in your juicer followed by a cucumber you’ll understand why it must be included in this scalp exfoliate.

Not only does ginger help to break down plaque and gently peel the scalp, but it boosts circulation.

This increase in blood flow is important to invigorate the scalp and prepare it for the use of the dermaroller.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is included because simply juicing a handful of ginger won’t produce much liquid. The cucumber is used to flush out any remaining juice. Which is why it should follow the ginger, not go before it.

What To Do If The Plaque Builds Up Quickly Again!

You might find that the plaque builds up quickly again, this is because of the overproduction of the sebum which debilitates hair growth.

If you do find your scalp quickly gets oily again then I would recommend a few quick changes to your diet which will help.

Firstly, remove any oily foods from your diet. This means anything fried. Fast food must go. Also try not to use to many condiments like ketchup or mayonnaise which contain unhealthy oils. Removing processed foods altogether would be a good idea.

Another great way to reduce oil production in the scalp is by breaking up the grease before it gets into your body. To do this, every morning drink 1 pint of warm water with the juice of 1 lemon squeezed in.

Add to this 1 pinch of himalayan salt, and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

This will help to clear out your digestive system and break down any mucus and greases. The cleaner your colon, the cleaner and clear your skin, and therefore your scalp will be.

There is another trick to reducing oils in your body and on your scalp, and that is to supplement your diet with greens powders.

These powders are amazing at absorbing unhealthy oils and cleaning out your system. You can buy mixed greens powders very easily, they usually consist of spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass powders and more.

Spirulina contains high concentrations of chlorophyll, making it the perfect daily supplement for strong hair growth.
Spirulina and chlorella powder bowls. The perfect daily supplement for strong hair growth.

Mix these powders in with a morning smoothie or take them as supplements everyday. They will quickly clean up the oils that clog your skin pores and improve the healthiness of your scalp.

If you have a dry scalp, this is not good either and it is a good idea to fix this first. The best way to do this is to supplement your diet with high quality mixed oils.

The mixed oils should contain pumpkin seed oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, flax and sunflower oil. Learn more about using sunflower oil for hair loss.

These oils are extremely healthy for you and will immediately help to reduce dry, flaky skin and dandruff when taken consistently for a week. I personally take around 25ml everyday.

Ok that’s the procedure for preparing the scalp for new hair growth. Let’s summarize it quickly

  1. Test the scalp exfoliate on your skin
  2. Monitor the results to make sure no adverse reactions occur
  3. Wash and dry hair.
  4. Apply the exfoliate using a pipette
  5. Rinse with warm water after ten minutes, or 30 seconds after mild stinging sensation. Rinse immediately if painful

Reactivating & Stimulating Your Scalp

In this section we’ll use a ‘double pronged approach’ to first activate and then stimulate hair growth. We initially need to activate the hair follicles and epidermis from their dormant state, wake them up and send a signal to your body that says ‘hey it’s beneficial to use our resources to grow hair right now’.

We need to put them into a state of activity by telling the body to send all the building blocks for hair growth such as the nutrients, minerals and hormones that have been carefully cultivated and optimized in the previous sections.

Without activating the scalp, much of our hard work will go into repairing and building other parts of the body that are in need.

(This definitely isn’t a bad thing at all, but for our purposes we can ‘trick’ our bodies to send its supplies into the scalp for new hair growth).

Using A Dermaroller To Stimulate The Scalp

Using a dermaroller along the hairlineFor this we’ll need a dermaroller. This is a device like a rolling pin, except that this one is covered in hundreds of tiny needles about 0.5mm long.

The dermaroller is rolled across the scalp it produces thousands of tiny pricks in the epidermis.

The pricks aren’t deep enough to do any long term damage, they’re just deep enough to wake up the cells in that area so they can send their resources.

This helps increase cell production and circulation to the epidermis.

A Note On The Dermaroller

This device is actually meant to be used to promote younger skin and heal acne wounds, stretch marks and scars. The roller pricks stimulate the new growth of collagen and elastin fibres, as well as new melanocytes, and re-vascularization. The tiny wounds heal in less than an hour, but the cells remain stimulated.

In a way it’s similar to pruning a bush, or cutting the grass. Where the cut was made, growth hormones flood to, and fresh vegetation growth can be found soon after. It’s important to clean the roller each time you use it to prevent any chance of infection.

You can do this by washing in boiling hot water, or a mild antibacterial solution before use.

How To Use The Dermaroller To Activate Hair Growth

Lightly roll the dermaroller over the parts of your scalp suffering from hair loss. Apply just enough pressure that the tiny needles penetrate the skin. You might feel a tingling sensation but it shouldn’t hurt. Go over the effected parts of your scalp 4 times each at a different angle each time.

After you’ve done this, you can now apply the special hair growth elixir. You should apply the dermaroller and elixir every other day to start with.

Once your scalp has got use to it, you can do it every day, or however often you feel it will be beneficial and convenient to you. Once a day after a few weeks seems to work well. Do it before bed, this gives the maximum time to heal without interruption.

The Hair Growth Elixir That Causes Hair Growth

The next step is to apply a special topical elixir to the scalp. This mixture has been specifically formulated to stimulate as much growth as possible whilst suppressing the production of DHT.

I’m not talking about minoxidil either, this is much cheaper and much more effective.

This formula came about through a series of trial and error with myself and other men suffering from androgenic alopecia (hair loss) over a number of years, and a lot of research, so please make the most of it.

Component 1: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid forms the ‘base’ of this serum, as it’s odorless and colorless and it’s naturally produced by the body. This ingredient will actually help to deliver the rest of the ingredients to follicles and cells within them, so that nutrients can be delivered and toxins can be removed.

This makes it the ‘carrier oil’, and it’s an important addition.

Component 2: Emu Oil

Another of this serum’s carrier oils, emu oil is 100% natural and absorbs easily into the skin without leaving a greasy mess. This absorption will assist the hyaluronic acid in delivering the two other ingredients – saw palmetto and apply polyphenols – directly to the hair follicles.

Component 3: Saw Palmetto

Soft gel saw palmetto is best, simply pierce the gel capsule and squeeze the oil into the original mixture of hyaluronic acid and emu oil. The ratio should be roughly 1 part saw palmetto: 6 parts hyaluronic acid and emu oil.

The saw palmetto leaf can help to inhibit 5AR.

Sometimes the soft gels come with extra DHT inhibiting ingredients such as pygeum or pumpkin seed. This is not a problem and will likely be beneficial for your hair so don’t be afraid to use those ones.

There’s one final component to add to our mixture. The primary purpose of this one is to stimulate circulation in the scalp, much like the expensive topical solution Minoxidil. However a Japanese double blind study actually found that this component was twice as effective at promoting hair growth as minoxidil.

In fact, when mixed with our solution it works even better because the emu oil allow it to penetrate deeper into the scalp where it is most beneficial.


Component 4: Apple Polyphenol

The final component is apple polyphenol. This can be bought inexpensively online or at a health shop. Break the capsule into our mixture in a ratio of approximately 1 part polyphenol: 6 parts mixture.

Vigorously shake the mixture in your application bottle to make sure all the components are nicely mixed. Not only does apple polyphenol stimulate blood circulation directly to the scalp but it helps neutralize free radicals.

A Clearer Breakdown

If you’re struggling to get the ratios just right, here’s a quick and dirty breakdown of the serum from above:

Step 1: Combine the emu oil and hyaluronic acid in 1:1 ratios.
Step 2: Add 1 part of saw palmetto to 6 parts of the emu oil/hyaluronic combination from Step 1.
Step 3: Add 1 part of apple polyphenol to 6 parts of the emu oil/hyaluronic/saw palmetto from Step 2.

Why Do I Use Ratios?

Perhaps you’re wondering:

“Why are there ratios, as opposed to set amounts?”

This is because you can make as much (or as little) of this serum as you’d like, and then store it for up to a month in a cool, dry place. To ensure the elixir remains unspoiled, I also recommend storing it in a dark container (such as an amber-colored glass). This will protect it from breaking down due to exposure from natural or artificial lights.

The ‘elixir’ is now ready to be applied to the scalp. After you’ve rolled the dermaroller 4x over each part of the scalp apply the elixir in small blobs and massage in.

If the scalp feels mildly uncomfortable over the next 24 hours that’s ok, each time you repeat the process the uncomfortable feeling will get less.

If you feel strong discomfort, wash the mixture away with warm water. Wait 24 hours and look out for any signs of reaction. (This has never happened to anyone I know, but just in case)

If you are using Minoxidil then substitute this mixture for it. The side effects of minoxidil will go away, and only natural ingredients will reach the scalp. It’s also much less expensive.

Washing Out The Scalp Elixir

In the morning you’ll need to wash away the scalp elixir which has been working its magic on your scalp overnight. This will involve making another homemade mixture which contains a powerful mix of cleansing, nutrifying, healing and DHT blocking ingredients that heal the scalp.

This mixture is fairly straightforward, but you’ll need to get hold of the ingredients in advance.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Guava Leaf Tea (or guava leaves, or guava leaf extract)
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Tea Tree Oil

Here’s how to make it.

Take some guava leaf tea, you will normally need to buy this online and steep the tea in hot water for 5 minutes.

Get rid of the tea bag and let the water cool to room temperature.

Now take 1 teaspoonful of bentonite clay and add it to the cooled guava leaf tea and stir. Once stirred, add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to the mixture and mix thoroughly again.

Rinse your hair and scalp with medium warm water under the shower and then pour the glass of tea and bentonite over your scalp and massage in.

Wash out thoroughly with cool water and towel dry. I prefer to use cool water rather than hot.

Cool water improves circulation whereas hot water will only damage and dry the scalp and strip away essential oils that protect the hair. Towel dry your hair and massage your scalp as you go for an extra boost of circulation.

Guava Leaf Tea

Guava leaf tea has been shown in studies to help improve hair growth, so we’ll use it effectively in this hair wash. Since you will wash away the scalp elixir its a good idea to use every chance to boost hair growth further with guava leaf tea.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial that will help to keep your scalp clean during the method with the dermaroller. Just a few drops are needed since tea tree oil is very concentrated.

Important! Changing Your Shampoo

It is important to use the right shampoo to nourish the scalp and new follicles.

Typical off-the-shelf shampoos just won’t do. They contain chemicals that will damage the delicate young hair and they will also dry out the scalp and leave a chemical residue.

So you will need to make your own. I recommend you do this anyway instead of using shop bought shampoos, but during the Scalp Solution this is even more important.

There are many different homemade shampoo recipes I recommend, depending no your hair type, but this is the recipe that I recommend you use when you wash your hair after the Scalp Solution.

There is no need to wash your hair too often. This is unnatural, and will strip away natural oils from the hair and scalp. Aim to wash your hair with the homemade shampoo around 2 times per week.Apple cider vinegar shampoos gently cleanse the scalp


  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder)
  • 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar
  • 2 drops of tea tree oil
  • 2 drops of magnesium oil
  • 1 tablespoon of borage oil

This will make enough shampoo for 1 application so if you want to make more than jus increase the quantity in the same ratio.

If you want to use it immediately, mix all of the ingredients in a glass and then fill up with water to half a pint. Wet your hair and then pour the mixture over your hair and massage in.

Let it sit on your hair and scalp for 2 minutes before washing out with cool water. If you want to make enough for more than 1 application then mix it in a small plastic bottle and add the water when you are ready.

Important! Scalp Exercises

You will want to give your hair every chance of survival by boosting blood flow, which will carry with it the nutrients and oxygen needed by the new hair follicle to grow thick and strong.

You can do this with the scalp exercises and massages. These are very important to do during this period and will significantly boost the success rate of the method.

Scalp exercises, and head massages make this method more effective because they reduce tension in the scalp, they make the skin more supple and open to new growth and increased muscle usage will reduce the concentration of DHT.

They also massively boost the amount of blood circulation to the scalp which is hugely important to deliver maximum nutrition and oxygen to the vulnerable follicles that need every bit of help they can get to survive.

I recommend that when doing the Scalp Solution you also add in at least 10 minutes per day of scalp and head massages/exercises to maximize the effects of the dermaroller and elixir.

When performing the massage on yourself don’t press too hard on the area you have just used the dermaroller on. Find another area of your scalp where you can hold to perform the massages.

395 thoughts on “Best Tips To Remove DHT From Your Scalp Naturally”

  1. I appreciate your advice on hairline re-growth and I will try your method to see if mine will grow back.

  2. Great post, and website it’s very useful information. I’ll definately be buying your guide shortly.

    Just a few of questions if you don’t mind:

    1: How often do we do this process/apply the serum? Daily, weekly?
    2: Do we need to shampoo it off each time?
    3: What shampoo do you recommend?

    Thanks again Will:)

    • Hi John, thanks for your great question.
      First make sure you test your skin for sensitivity. If it feels fine, start off at once every 5 days or so and see how it goes. I don’t want to give any hard and fast rules, since the optimum amount is different for everyone. But at least once a week – The trick is to be consistent. Rising off with water is fine. Most everyday shampoos aren’t much good for us due to the harsh chemicals, but most dedicated hair loss shampoos work well.

  3. Hello, This is great information for hair growth and general health as well! Does your formula work for women too? Is the hyaluronic acid the liquid form? I see a serum as well. Thanks again!

    • Hi Lynn, than you. Yes we have found it does work effectively for women too. Yes the liquid form is usually the best one to go for 🙂

  4. Hi will. Such a great sharing. Wanna ask, after using dermaroller, how long we have to wait before applying any gel? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Eileen. Yes it does. This technique it all about blood circulation for nutrient flow and the removal of toxins to/from the hair follicle. So it does work well for women too. Dietary changes are the first place I would recommend starting though, because that’s what affects what’s in your blood in the first place 🙂

    • Hi Will I love your website just wondering if those suggestions are for women as well I would think so LOL we have scalp just checking thank you wonderful website

    • It’s not quite the same thing, but the ‘scale’ contains DHT which in turn causes hair follicle miniaturisation. You want to take a ‘two-pronged’ approach by removing DHT from the scalp topically and also changing your diet and lifestyle to to minimise the DHT that arrives at the scalp. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘My seb derm.’ Thanks

  5. Hello. Is there any substitute for salicyclic acid?
    Can I use dermaroller without using any cream for lubrication?

    • Even without the cream the derma roller will provide some benefit by stimulating new cell production. However the cream is recommended to speed up the process and provide the nutrients to the right place allowing the hairs to grow more quickly.

  6. my doctor suggested me to use salyclic acid along with minoxidil 12.5.
    will using both will have any negative effect

    • No, once new hairs come through then you can stop using the derma roller. But you will have to make the dietary and lifestyle changes indefinitely. I personally don’t need to use it any more since my hair has already re-grown, now I just use my techniques to maintain the current hair and keep DHT levels low.

  7. Hello i wonder about that i was found that i have atopic dermatitis and i have very sensitive skin. When i go to cut my hairs it started itching and some red sskin is visible. What do you recommend for me it is smart to use that way of cleaning scalp or it is some other way because i have to clean my dht levels in scalp because it is going very fast. Please help thanks..

    • I’m not an expert on atopic dermatitis, it’s certainly different from the androgenic alopecia (aka male pattern baldness) that this guide is for so I can’t recommend using it. Focus on the other health based techniques for now

  8. Do you use the derma roller on your scalp immediately after the salicylic acid treatment? If not, how long must I wait after the acid treatment before I use the derma roller?

    Thank you

    • The salicylic acid should remove the layer of epidermis plaque. If it doesn’t you should use it again until the plaque is removed. If it builds up quickly again then this is a warning sign that your diet needs a re-think. Wait at least 5 hours, and not longer than 3 days after using the peel to use the derma roller.

  9. Do you have the specific product list of items you use? It appears difficult to find the appropriate effective Apple polyphenol product, and I would like to mimic your method as closely as possible to hopefully achieve the same results. Thanks.

    • Hi Nate, I will try and come up with a list of resources that I (and my members use.) Yes there are a few low quality products you can find on Amazon, but make sure your getting the fundamentals (the big things) right as well.

      • Thank you, I’d appreciate that. I’m willing to put out more money for genuine products. I read of mislabeling of mg content on a popular Amazon Apple polyphenol product made in China, so that raised red flags for everything else too.

  10. Hi I’ve been using minoxidil for the last year and I’m about to start following this method. Will I lose what I gained from using minoxidil? Or will thing countine and improve. I’ve completed the hair mask process and will be soon starting the hair solution soon. I have the ingredients.

    • Hi Mitch, I don’t think you will lose what you gained at all, things should continue to improve. But just to be on the safe side, I would phase out the minoxidil over a few months and monitor your progress as you go. Everybody is different and it won’t hurt to do both for a while. Will

  11. Hi, also I just wondered what are the exact measurements to make the solution. I.e 20ml emu oil 20ml hualuronic acid and 5 .. Etc ? How would you make the mixture? Thanks in advance

    • I use the ratios described in the guide, the exact amount depends on how much you want to make at any one time. It varies for me since I will go through phases of using the scalp elixir, but go through periods without. If you want a more detailed guide you can look into the hair loss course.

  12. Thanks pal. Also any rules to follow for the dermaroller, any methods, simply back forth etc and what’s the actual ingredient measurements to make the solution? Also is it a case of doing it once a week then building to once every eve? Sorry to be thorough ..I just want to make sure I’m getting the best out of this method. Thank you

    • Please refer to the more in depth guide in the course for a greater level of detail. Thanks

  13. Hi will, apologies for the questions, I’ve just seen you sell the full details on this. Does it cover everything and do you really believe this will work better than mixodil?

    • Some guys use both this method and minoxidil, but yes generally we think it’s more effective.

  14. I am 32 years old and I began losing the hair above my temples when I was about 17. At the Tim rather hair fell out rapidly, but since then has stabilized. I have the typical M pattern, but no crowning. Can you tell me if your method would restore the hair above my temples? That skin has been bald for about 15 years now, but I would be thrilled if there is a way to regenerate the follicles so they may produce new hair!

    Also, I have mixed a saw palmetto gel capsul – which had pygeum and pumpkin seed in it – along with capsul of apple polyphenol into the solution of emu oil and hyaluronic acid… The mixture turned into something of a paste and ended up hardening on my scalp… Is that normal?

    • Hello Chad, if the hair has been bald for a long time it’s much harder to regrow those hairs, since the skin has essentially sealed close and opening and the hair follicles have no way to start the growth cycle.
      The pygeum and pumpkin seed may have had something to with the paste hardening, usually there is a small amount of liquid left over but the hardening paste is unusual. However I wouldn’t think there is anything to worry about.

  15. Is the dermaroller also good too use with the minoxidil foam that i use. Will it work better if i use the dermaroller? Greetz.

    • Yes I think that will be a good combination because the derma roller stimulates new cell growth and will allow the minoxidil to penetrate deeper into the scalp. I would recommend testing one area of your skin to make sure you don’t get any adverse reactions, since the derma roller is creating tiny pricks in your skin, it could cause irritation.

    • It takes a long time to lose hair, it also takes a long time to regrow it. Focus on it for at least a month before expecting any results

  16. Hi Will. I’m only 16 and I have all the MPB symptoms, like receded hairline, shedding and miniaturized hair around the hairline. Because it’s starting this early, I assume it’s pretty aggressive right? My question is can this method help me keep it at bay and maybe i’ll see some regrowth? Or am I doomed? Any other things I can do to at the very least slow my MPB down? I’m not exactly rolling in cash. I hope you can help me man 🙂

    • Hi David. Yes I would assume that if it’s starting at 16 it may be quite aggressive, does MPB run in your family? However your situation is not hopeless, there is plenty you can do so that you never have to worry about it. This method will help, but it’s more about regrowing hair. At your stage (well done for catching it early) you should focus on the health based techniques (that I write about here and in the course.) For example, you need to get your body alkalised, you need avoid blood sugar level spikes by eating natural healthy foods. Also avoid tap water (which contains fluoride) avoid overly hot showers. At your early stage you still have every chance to keep a full head of hair, but if you follow the mainstream advice (and mainstream diet) then your hair may continue to recede. Hope that helps

  17. Hi Will,
    I was very excited about finding your website and this process until I read your response about how hard it is to re-grow hair after many years. My crown has been balding progressively since my early 20’s and I’m now 58 yrs. old. Has it been too long for your process to work for me?

    • Hi Tom, if the scalp has had no hair for a long time the skin heals completely over and becomes ‘woody’ unfortunately this does make it much harder to re-grow hairs. If there are small, fine hairs still there then you should be able to reignite these, so focus on the hairline and working outwards from there. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  18. Hey the scalp cleaning portion of this sounds fantastic. I am on propecia right now but made the decision to quit off of it due to possible/ current sides. Some of these similar sides I’ve heard about being seen after using Saw Palmetto since its approach to disarming DHT is similar to that of Finasteride.

    Right now I’ve decided to go only the natural solution so I was wondering what your opinion on using the scalp cleaning regimen with the derma roller and elixir however switching the Saw Palmetto with Pumpkin Seed Oil.

    Otherwise I was about to start using derma roller with oral Pumpkin Seed Oil as well as puncture capsules for topical use of PSO. Using this along with biotin and B- Complex supplements do you think it would have the same effect?

    • Hi Matt, I think this is a good approach, the possible side effects of Propecia are just too scary. I think switching the saw palmetto to PSO could work well, although I don’t think topical saw palmetto will have any bad side effects but it would be interesting to try. The research on the effectiveness of pumpkin seed oil is encouraging. However, I would put an emphasis on diet based techniques I’ve written about here since they will help lower the DHT sensitivity of the hair follicles on the front of the head (mainly reducing blood sugar level spikes and alkalising the body.) So it’s a double pronged approach. Let us know how it goes with the topical PSO. Will

        • You can try doing it without the peel first, that’s fine. See how you go and then use the peel (make sure you dilute it and do an allergy test first) to take it to the next level.

          • Hey Will,

            I’m a bit confused as to how much of each ingredient I should use for a potent mix. When you say “parts” of each ingredient do you mean ounces? What’s a good rule of thumb? When you’re describing the mixture for the elixir, what’s the best way to measure each “part”. Is there a standard, or does eyeballing each ingredient work? How much of everything would be needed to make a decent sized bottle?


          • Hi Ray, you can see a clear explanation of the ratio of parts from DK’s comment. That’s how to mix it correctly. How much you decide to make in one go depends on how much you think you’ll use (the area you want to cover x how often you plan to use it) I recommend doing a trial run with the correct ratio and then going from there. I don’t make too much in any one go, as I like to change around the ingredients often to see what works best. See how much you need to make for one application and scale up from there. Perhaps try 3x per week and make enough for a week to get started.

          • Thanks once again Will! I made the solution and have been using it in conjunction with the dermaroller and I completed my first scalp peel today. So far everything seems ok and I’m not experiencing any complications. Other than all this, is there an at home laser device you recommend? Something that does the job, but doesn’t break the bank?

          • Thanks again, and sorry for bombarding you with so many questions, but the more research I do on the topic the more I learn! What are your thoughts on using a bentonite clay mask on the scalp? Can it be used in conjunction with the acid peels?

          • Good question, I’m actually experimenting with using bentonite clay on the scalp myself and a few other ‘guinea pigs’ (other members of Hair Loss Revolution.) So far so good, but only long term results will tell. We’re hoping that the bentonite ‘neutralises’ DHT and other harmful substances whilst at the same time providing trace minerals. Yes I believe it can be used in conjunction with acid peels, or perhaps instead of them. Still reviewing this idea.

          • Hey Will,

            I am also curious about using bentonite to create a clay mask for the scalp. Have you got any updates about how this has been working for you and your ‘guinea pigs’?

            Do you use ACV with the clay to form a mask? And how long should it be left on for? Thanks!

          • It works well, especially if you have a greasy scalp/hair. Yes you could use ACV + bentonite clay mask. I usually just leave the bentonite on for a few minutes then wash it out.

  19. Hi,
    Is their any other oil i can use rather than emu oil, which has the same property to penetrate deep, plz let me know.

    • I’ve only ever used Emu oil, but there may be similar alternatives. Why would you want to anyway? Emu oil is perfect for the job.

  20. What are the ratio again?

    1:1 for emu oil and Hyaluronic acid.

    Add 1 part Saw Palmetto to 7 parts of the mixture from Step 1.

    Add 1 part Apple polyphenol to 7 parts of the mixture from Step 2.


    • Hi, yes this is a clear explanation. Although now I’ve changed step 2 and 3 to 1:6 ratio for both, (not 1:7 as it was before) after further experimentation.

  21. Thanks will for such a amazing info…. i just wana ask is there any substitute for salicylic acid? in india i am not able to get as it comes only in face washes and some skil lotion i am not able to get separately. is there anything which i can use to remove the plauge ? Thanks 🙂

    • If you can’t find it then don’t worry too much. Focus on the other steps. You could try a mixture that I have been working on and will reveal fully soon: Use a juicer to extract the juice of cucumber and ginger, mix this with natural sea salt and then add bentonite clay. Rub this on your scalp like you would when washing your hair. Leave it to sit for 3 minutes. Then wash out thoroughly with mild warm (but not hot) water.

  22. hey Will just had a couple questions.

    -my situation is same as you just catching my receding hairline as early as possible. I was wondering if you had any before/ after pics or any success stories using this method.

    -also I’ve been trying to avoid saw palmetto because i hear it can have similar side effects as propecia which i tried and quit because of which. I’ve been using pumpkin seed oil pills but can i use pumpkin seed oil from the gel caps as a substitute by cutting them open?

    thanks man

    • Hi Matt,
      I don’t have any before/after pics from using just this method isolated from the other techniques and methods we use here, but if you join the email newsletter there are some overall before and after pics. I am working on some new members sharing their pictures, but clearly people are quite reluctant to be shown.
      Yes, the side effects from those dht blockers just isn’t worth it IMO. But pumpkin seed oil has worked well for me and others. I now use pumpkin seed oil without any capsules, just as a liquid in a glass bottle.

    • I think that could be a fair swap – Let us know how it goes for you. I use apple cider vinegar in my homemade shampoo and it works great.

  23. I had dense long lustrous hair, so dense that the hair brush/comb would not penetrate, It all happened when I applied coconut oil and in less than 4 days, I lost 70% of my hair – Straight from its roots. Later I found that the coconut oil has 88% saturated fats which clogs scalp pores. But pure Sweet almond oil works magic!

  24. I am a 55 yo female and have lost significant hair in the last two months. Not sure if it is hormones or stress. Do you think I would need to do the peel? or do you think the derma roller and elixir will work as this is a recent hair loss? FYI, I have already started the detox.

  25. Hi,
    Thank you for the info. I wanted to know if there is a different type of oil to use other than emu oil as I am vegan.

    • Hi Wendi, I haven’t tried it, but I think Jojoba oil would be a good alternative. Let me know how it goes if you do try Jojoba.

      • So using Jojoba instead of hylauronic acid, and instead of emu oil should work too, as you mentioned before, the active ingredient is Saw palmetto right? the oil is for the base.

  26. Does this mixture tend to cause brain fog? I had the worst kind of brain fog with finasteride and really don´t want to experience it anymore, seeing as saw palmetto has a similar effect, it wouldn´t be a good time if it get´s into the bloodstream 🙂

    • Hi Fitz, no I’ve never experienced it or heard others getting brain fog from using saw palmetto topically. If you’re still worried about it, either decrease the amount of saw palmetto, remove it, or swap it for reishi mushroom. I completely agree that the harmful effects of finasterdide can be horrible – Just not worth it for most of us, especially when the natural options are just as good.

  27. Have you tried adding high quality pure lavender and or tea tree oil to this regimen? Rosemary is also Good for hair growth but not advised for people with high blood pressure.
    I have read that using the derma roller as often as you suggest can actually damage the scalp and cause it to scar, eventually preventing hair from growing. I read on other sites that when you use the derma roller every other day that initially it will help stimulate hair growth and encourage new hair growth but it can lead to scarring if done that often. How true is this?
    I appreciate your sourceful website and I hope that my husband has success with your protocol.
    We follow mostly a paleo lifestyle, eat only organic, free range, grass fed , wild caught foods. We’ve been doing so for about 4-5 years. We are both 32. We do need to improve on being consistent with taking supplements.
    Male pattern baldness runs in my husband’s family. I am hoping that your protocol works. I am documenting everything that we are doing and will share pics with you if we are successful in preventing baldness. You can see my husband’s scalp where his hair is thinning but he still has a full head of hair.
    Have you tried using A high quality MSM with your elixir? I think I am going to add it to the mix. Also, try organic beet root juice and cilantro juiced from your juicer. Theyre good blood cleansers. I don’t know if it removes DHT but I know that it does clean the blood. Thanks again.

  28. Just made the mixture and put it on my scalp for the first time 🙂 Fingers crossed for my hair please! I’m a woman, I know there are not many of us (looking at all comments) using this recipe so I’ll let you all know how it’s going. I have a terrible stage of androgenic alopecia and hair thinning and that’s my last hope before I put a system on my hair…
    PS. Why nobody said saw palmetto smells so bad as a gel? 😉

    • Please don’t just focus on this method, you need to balance your body from the inside out most importantly. Consider getting the Hair Equilibrium course as this will guide you through my most powerful hair loss fighting techniques.

  29. Hi Will, yes, I plan to do so. I already changed my diet and will take more steps soon 🙂 Thank you.

    • I’ve never tried it personally so I don’t want to comment, but my guess is that it could be a reasonably good substitute

  30. Hi William, what is your take on PRP treatment. I’ve heard it’s expensive but they claim it works. Thank you so much for this website. It is so helpful? Can this dermaroller hurt the scalp or is it completely safe? Thanks

    • Hi Dawn, I’m not too sure about PRP treatment, I haven’t looked in to it at this point. You can overdo the derma roller. Once you’ve used it to stimulate re-growth you generally won’t need to keep using it.

  31. Hi Will. I have an oily scalp and my hair follicles are clogged. I had a Trichologist examined my scalp and I did 2 scalp treatments already. And I’m also losing hair. I figured it’s because of my clogged follicles. Will this treatment help me? I’ve lost so much hair due to my unhealthy scalp. Thank you!

    • If you have an oily scalp its due to an imbalance inside your body from the foods your eat. The oil is essentially toxins that your body is trying to get rid of. These toxins are better outside your body than inside, even though they will be damaging your hair so your body will continue to secrete them through the scalp. You need to do a detox and optimise your diet. I would also recommend using only natural shampoos that your make yourself at home from natural ingredients specifically for oily hair. Inside my program, Hair Equilibrium, I have a whole module dedicated to homemade shampoos, and also diet and detox. There is also a lot of information here about diet and detox, but get the Hair Equilibrium program if you are really worried about it.

  32. Hi Will,

    I’ve just been reading your advice on hair loss, I’ve had thinning hair since my early twenties, very unsettling for a female. Over the last two years I’ve used the derma roller, 1.0, and have found improved hair growth and less fallout. Last winter I attended a training course by medic8 in order to offer dermaroller facials, on the training course we were told it was best to use the roller only every 6 weeks, as after the initial three weeks a different type of (stronger ) collagen would be laid down in the dermis, and that this wouldn’t happen with out a 6 week break. As I’d been working on my scalp every other day prior to this training course I’m not sure what would be “best practice” what do you think?

    • I agree, it is possible to over do it with the derma roller. It’s important to only use it to stimulate new growth, and give new cells time to recover and grow. Once the new hair growth is initiated then you won’t need to use the derma roller at all if you have optimised the other parts of your body correctly.

      • Hey Will! That said, what would be a good dermaroller regimen? I’ve been using it with the elixir five days a week and once a week scalp peels for about five weeks. I’m noticing improvements in the growth of the miniaturizing hairs at my front hairline, but I’m also noticing that area of the scalp is becoming dry and flaky. What would you suggest?


  33. Hi Will,

    I’ve been following your wisdom for a couple of months now and enjoying the journey toward healthy hair. I have one question though. In your experience, what does having VERY weak hair indicate? I ask this as perhaps the most extreme symptom I’ve experienced is incredibly brittle hair – thin and wiry, almost`stretchy, that tangles very easily and can literally be torn off in clumps with minimal force. What do you think? Many thanks.

    • Very weak hair in most cases shows a critical deficiency in nutrients, minerals and oxygen to the hair follicle. There are lots of other reasons that could be causing this too. Unfortunately its not as simple as ‘eating more fruits and vegetables.’ But there are certain things you can do to optimise your diet and massively boost the nutrition going to your hair.

      • I’ve been using the scalp solution with an 0.25 dermaroller for about 1 month now, my entire hairline is filled with vellus hairs. I use the dermaroller and solution every day, do you think I’ll have to stop using the Dermaroller at some point? Or will I be able to use it for an infinite amount of time since it’s so small?

        • Just use this technique to initiate hair growth. After some time you won’t need to use it at all. Switch to scalp massages after new hair growth begins.

  34. Hello Will,

    Great post!! I just started to use a somewhat similar except the Salicylic acid, Apple polyphenol, and saw Palmetto. I use Cayenne pepper for circulation so I was wondering if I could it instead of the Apple polyphenol with the other ingredients for the elixir?

    • I am a big fan of Cayenne pepper, although I’ve never tried it for this purpose and only take it internally as a supplement. But I would definitely think it is worth trying.

  35. Hey will, thanks for info. One thing i wanna know is that i am using ketoconazole 2% shampoo as an inhibitor for dht. Should i continue that along with this process.

  36. Will the salicyclic acid really work in removing the dht from the scalp.and what is use of saw palmetto.

    • Salicylic acid can help remove the scalp sebum that contains DHT, but is generally more for unclogging and unblocking the hair follicles. The saw palmetto acts as a topical DHT blocker. It’s actually much more important to optimise your diet so that your scalp remains clean, healthy and DHT free over the long term rather than focus on this technique specifically.

  37. Hello Will,

    Your post has greatly helped me in regrowing my hair, although I started to use rogaines first because I had it on hand and didn’t want it to go to waste. I recently just bought the items your stated in the article for the elixir. But I was wondering how much should be applied in a day? Do you recommend twice a day at 1 ml doppler? And as for the mixing of the products how would you recommend mixing it?



  38. Hi Will, I read about your Lavender Oil article. Is the essential oil mixture safe to be applied daily with the elixir? Thanks

    • Yes I think it could work well, but not at exactly the same time (at least 6 hours apart). However I have never tried lavender oil in combination with the elixir so I can’t speak from experience on this one. Also do an allergy test on a small area of skin before applying to a large area.

  39. Why it is necessary to apply coconut oil before salicylic acid? Normally when doing a chemical peel on face or skin, you apply SA then apply moisturizer. Shouldn’t coconut oil be applied after washing off the SA from the scalp with water, so that it provides moisture to the scalp?

    • The coconut oil protects the hair follicles from the alcohol found in most salicylic acid products. Its a cautionary measure and not absolutely necessary. Personally I don’t use the salicylic acid peel anymore, I used a homemade mixture containing ginger juice and other special (natural) ingredients. The recently updated more advanced and detailed version of the Scalp Solution is available in the Hair Equilibrium Program now.

  40. hi, ive been using minoxidil solution and a multivitamin on daily basis,
    will i have to stop those to start your therapy mentioned above?

    • It’s up to you – there is no need to stop either, but after a while you might find the minoxidil isn’t necessary anymore.

  41. Hi Will,

    Thank you for this great information. I am allergic to salicylic acid. Is there an alternative for removing the plaque or it is not crucial for reaping the benefits of this method?



  42. I’m nervous about the derma roller. Do you think it will work to just use the mixture you recommend and regular vigorous brushing and massage? Can you have the dermarolling done professionally? Also, I am a 59 year old woman who began thinning just on top of my head around my 20’s. My grandmother also had this problem, but my mother had a healthy head of hair all her life. When it all began a dermatologist advised me to cut my hair short and to do as little to it as possible and that’s been my lifestyle.

  43. I developed Alopecia Universalis over the past 2 to 3 years:-( I used Minoxidil for awhile, but gave up. I’m very interested in your concoction! Are you aware of anyone with AU having a positive outcome with this?

    • I’m not aware of anyone with AU having tried this method, since I focus on pattern baldness, but I’d be interested to hear how well it works.

  44. I recently began experiencing male pattern baldness due to birth control that indiced insulin resistance and PCOS. Results are mild but the hair loss is really bothersome. I have stopped the birth control 3 weeks ago and quit all sugar and dairy and am working to become more alkaline and reduce inflammation. I am also doing am old tea cleanse to reduce the extra hormones in the system. I would like to try this to help regrow my hair in the front. Once I start, does my hair become dependant on this solution to continue growing like rogaine is or do you think I could get my hair back and then stop ? Also, would a laser comb help as well or does that again cause dependency and need to be done forever? Just looking for some natural options. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Amy, the general idea is that this method helps to new hairs to grow, but if everything else in your body is balanced then you won’t need to keep doing it. The parts of my scalp where I’ve used this method have not thinned/receded since I have done it because the rest of my body is optimised for natural hair growth. I’m not totally sure about a laser comb combined with this method since I’ve never tried it.

  45. Hi,
    I’m 25 years old and for last two years I’ve been suffering form a very heavy hair fall. Since last year till few months ago, I was using minoxidil 5% with tablet finasteride and I felt a great change in my hair thickness, but as soon as I stopped this, condition got worse than before now I’ve tried many medicines (ayurvedic) but my hair are thinking day by day. I’m so upset about this sudden change . Is it really possible to get my hair back. I’m using egg yolk oil with amla. Should I stop this?

    • You need to reduce hair follicle sensitivity to DHT. One good way to start doing this is by alkalising your body and removing certain foods according to your blood type – you can find out more about this in my Hair Equilibrium Program. Or you can take the quiz and follow the instructions after that.

  46. I started 1 month ago and have been completely bald for more than 25 years. I now have a full head of small new hair about 2-4mm in length as well as a few thousand darker hairs now.
    What is needed to thicken the new fine hairs that are growing everywhere?

    • Good work John, I’m glad to hear that it’s working well for you too. You need to optimise your body for hair growth, since your body is what caused the hair loss in the first place.This will allow you to thicken those existing hairs and make sure you don’t lose them again. Follow the concept of ‘hair equilibrium’ to ensure those new hairs grow thick and strong.

  47. Will, thank you so much for sharing your advice.

    I started having itchy scalp about a year ago, and three months ago, after moving to a new job, I started having hair loss issues. While the hair loss was serious, the hair left on my hands or in the drain did not look all that much to account for the actual thinning I experienced, which is appalling. I started using minoxidil a month ago and the hair loss, although it is not completely over, has slowed. I just came across your website a few days ago and today did the scalp peeling liquid.

    Can DHT cause such drastic hair loss? I almost kept feeling that on top of falling out a lot, my hair just also stopped growing, which would make the thinning twice more extreme. I had really thick hair and now I believe it has been reduced by close to 40%. I am a woman in early 30s.

    • I am in a very similar situation as Kristi, although I think I’ve lost closer to 50-60% of my hair. I’m heartbroken. Initially my OBGYN, endocrinologist, dermatologist, and several friends assured me it was related to having recently had a baby. I lost so much hair over 9-10 more months by believing the false sense of security they gave me. Finally saw a Trichologist and I do have confirmed diffuse loss, plus DHT buildup. No new hairs are growing from those that shed. The problem is I am still breastfeeding my infant… so many treatments are not recommended for me, and many supplements have to be investigated. I’ve seen some things like Saw Palmetto, etc. are reportedly not compatible with nursing. The peel seems like it would be fine but I’m hesitant to dive head first into the rest of the program. Little one is resisting cups and bottles of cow’s milk so I’m a bit stuck. Any thoughts here?

  48. Sorry, Will, I just have another quick question. What is the most often that the charcoal peel can be applied? My scalp feels really refreshed and I am thinking of doing it again in 2-3 days. Is there any reason not to keep it on longer? I had to pick up a phone call and therefore could not wash my hair for 20 minutes with the mixture in–is there any harm in it?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Kristi, if your scalp feels refreshed then there’s no harm in doing it again. But after 2-3 peels then I would recommend leaving it a week between doing it again after the first few times. I also think it’s fine to keep it on longer.

  49. Hi Will,

    I wanted to thank you for all the information you put up online to share your findings. I’m sure you find just as much fulfillment helping others as you did for yourself.

    One question I had was how to measure the success of the exfoliant. I am going to use your ginger,cucumber lemon and clay mixture. What does plaque even look like?

    How do I know I’ve effectively cleansed it? Could you clarify that please?



    • Hi Bobby, you should be able to feel that your scalp is cleaner, and when you run a fingernail over it there is less or no plaque coming off.

  50. Hi Will,

    I am 25-Male , using herbal medicine for my hair fall and male pattern baldness. Though I can see new hair growing in the front part of my head, i fear the hair from the middle part of my head is not stiff and strong. I recently started applying Hilldews Castor Oil but cant see any change.. How do i save my hair and cure baldness?

  51. Does the salicylic acid work as good as the natural exfoliate? Seems easier to just order the acid instead of making my own. If I use the salicylic acid do I just rub that on my scalp and let it sit for 15 mins? Then dermaroller/elixir?

    • I recommend using the exfoliate now because some people have sensitivity to the salicylic acid. The exfoliate is 100% natural, and fairly easy to make. Theres also no limit to the number of times you can use it.

  52. Hey man thank you for your work this comment might be a bit too long but I hope you read it and answer it – PS: I have purchased your program and read through it. Great stuff and hence a few questions about it. Here we go:

    I have started losing my hair 3-4 years ago. My father is bald so as his father and his brother so I am sure there is a genetic factor there for sure.

    About a month ago I have come across this video where this guy talks about hair brushing, headstands, good diet and lots of water. Took him 6 months to stop and another 6 months to regrow his hair lost hair – his was also genetic.

    This inspired me so I took his advice and about a month already I do what he says in the video. I also started looking around and found your site and got the book. Also, one more detail – even though I still have hair on my head – since it started thinning I started shaving my head (do you think this is good or bad?). Reason why I do it is because I can rock the look but while rocking it I might as well work on getting my hair back because it is better with it than without.

    Anyways my daily regiment is as follows:

    I brush my scalp with Wooden Message Hair Brush for 20 mins
    I do balayam 10 mins after
    I do 1 min headstand
    I put ginger and coconut oil homemade mixture on my scalp and leave it for the whole day

    once again scalp massage for 20 mins
    balayam 10 mins after
    and refreshing the mixture to leave overnight

    My diet is pretty clean and I am consistently adding more good foods you mentioned. I have a bit of stress in my life which trying to eradicate and sleeping around 11 or 12 latest to wake up at 7am.

    Do you think that this regiment is good enough for now while I start slowly but surely implementing more of the steps in your ebook? Just because I found your book later and wouldn’t want to do a drastic change in my routine and would rather do it gradually.

    Do you also think that I would be able to regrow my hair without using dermaroller?

    Also, once again do you think that shaving my head is good/bad for this process. I just look like shit with thinning hair and with a shaved look it is comparably a lot better. But just wanted to make sure.

    Thank you so much for reading this essay. Just after all these years finding someone who has a possible solution and went through the same thing and conquered it is a breath of fresh air man – no lie. Thanks for all!

  53. Hey Will,

    Is washing out the elixir the next day really necessary? I have sensitive sinuses so washing out and having wet hair is kind of a problem for me. Would applying elixir every other day and washing out every third day be any effective?


    • I would prefer to wash it out everyday, but you can experiment washing it out when you like. Most people prefer to go to bed with it in and then wash it out in the morning.

  54. I am Sagar and have come across your website while searching for hair loss treatment.I have been loosing hair since March 2016 and there is overall thinning over my scalp(crown,back,frontal and above ear). And i went through sudden stress from Jan to April 2016 with very poor fooding habit. I consulted trichologist in july 2016 and they told me I am suffering from Androgenetic alopecia. I am very positive for your Hair equilibrium program. Will it be helpful to stop hair-loss and regrowth of lost hair?

    • Yes, hair loss stabilisation and then regrowth is exactly what happens to those who follow the program.

  55. I’ve read about Castor oil being beneficial to hair growth. Could I use castor oil instead of jojoba oil?

    • I’ve personally never tired it with this mixture, but I experiment using different ingredients all the time, and yes I think its worth a try. I don’t think it will do any damage and castor oil can definitely be beneficial for hair.

      • Castor oil and coconut oil mixed together, massage into scalp, apply plastic hair cover, overnight, repeat 2/week, fine hairs grow on scalp line….. use cold pressed from health food store, thick and messy but worth the effort, can add drop of tea tree oil….

  56. Thanks for such an informative post Will. I tried the scalp exfoliate, but I still have a few doubts about it:

    1. How can I be sure that the exfoliate worked? How can I determine the amount of times I should re-apply it to actually exfoliate the scalp?

    2. After making the mixture, I ended up with quite a lot of the liquid. Is it a good idea to store it in a bottle for future use? How long can I keep it for without having to make another mixture again?

  57. Hi, I’m so glad to have come across this website, I’m devastating to be losing my hair, especially as a woman, but want to try natural remedies before Minoxidil. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve given to finding a remedy and sharing it.

    I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the info, I’ll definitely sort out my diet and make the elixir but I can’t see me getting round to making shampoo as well, would Castile soap do? Also I’ve heard good things about Peppermint oil for hair growth, would it be OK to add this to the elixir?

  58. Hi… I have read your article about dht blocker… You have mentioned about pumpkin oil and saw palmetto, but you have not mentioned how it should be used and in what proportion???

  59. Hello, Mr.Will, I am 18 years old, and have been experiencing male pattern baldness due to genetics since I was 15, I have hair loss on the temples, do you think your program would benefit me

    • The Equilibrium program works most effectively for early stage hair loss. So yes, after 3 years of hair loss you should be able to re-grow a significant amount of hair, and thicken up the existing hair relatively easily.

  60. Hi Will.
    I have just had a hair transplant & whilst searching for alternative ways to promoto new hair growth & aid the transplant i have come across your website.
    Is your method suitable for me & if so how much recovery time do you recommend before starting the scrub etc…
    Thanks for your help

    • I would personally focus on the dietary methods first to give your new hair the best possible chance of survival and growth, and to keep your old hair for as long as possible.

  61. Hi Will,

    So, been on Minox for 6 years now, and want to stop but have heard horror stories from stopping. You lose hair in patches everywhere you applied and more, after about 3 months of stopping, and it is most definitely worse looking than shaving completely. I’d like to avoid this, and in this article you indicate that the elixir can replace it.
    My first question is, does “replace” mean that you first lose a ton of hair from your scalp being “addicted” to minox? Or does it equate to a smooth transition between the two, and possibly better results? I’m currently in my early 20’s and have signs of receding and thinning but nothing too terribly drastic, yet, but it’s getting there and definitely noticable. Minox has seemed to slow the process but definitely nothing to write home about. That’s kind of one thing I have going for me in terms of quitting, I guess, because Minox’s effectiveness diminishes with time and I’ve used it for awhile.

    I’m sure there are a lot of others in this situation and it would be especially helpful if you had some insight into this. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just keep using minox and this probably in addition.

    • I would recommend that you keep going with Minoxidil and use this method also simultaneously. However, there are natural products that have proven in clinical trials to be even more effective than minoxidil in stimulating hair growth. I am currently creating a bonus ebook that shows you which of these oils and teas you can start using right away instead of minox, which are backed by clinical studies.

      So, in conclusion, stick with it until you’re confident you solved the root cause of hair loss first, then you wont need it.

    • Yes Justina, I have – I’ve been doing it for 7 weeks and had positive results (new hairs along the hairline) however, like the author mentions, you need to fix the underlying root cause of the hair fall otherwise the results won’t last, so you can get his program if you want permanent results.

        • For me, twice per week. Yes the tiny hairs along the hairline are thickening, scalp feels better, and the larger hairs just look more healthy and more well ‘fed’ – somewhat like the ‘minaturization’ process but in reverse.

          • Jakob, does the cause of your hair loss happen to be Androgenic Aloppecia (Male Pattern Baldness)? Because if that’s the ‘root’ cause, you can’t “fix it”. Please answer

  62. Can pure ground ginger powder be used instead of juicing ginger pieces? Thank you for posting this. If I have to I will find a way to juice the ginger pieces.

    • Hi Susan, it’s better to use fresh ginger juice. I know it’s hard to juice such small pieces but you don’t need much.

  63. Hey Will,
    I’m 20, had a receded if hairline for a a couple years now (but I cover it up with the rest of my hair) and my question is should I stop taking hairomega dht blocker? I have noticed very positive results from it but the more research I do, the more I worry about my body’s hormonal state in the longevity form. I just do not want to do something now that I would regret later in life (effecting my sex and hormone health) since I know DHT is a vital part in our body especially at my age. Thanks

  64. Hi Will,

    Do you have any data/reviews that show the success of your process? I am very intrigued but want a little additionally confirmation before I get started.

  65. Okay. This seems like a lot of hard work and time-consuming.
    I would very much appreciate if someone mentioned their progress since they started. Does this really work for androgenic alopcia?

  66. Hello Will, I am in a very similar situation as Kristi, below, although I think I’ve lost closer to 50% of my hair. I’m heartbroken. Initially my OBGYN, endocrinologist, dermatologist, and several friends initially assured me it was related to having recently had a baby. I lost so much hair over 9-10 more months by believing the false sense of security they gave me. Finally saw a Trichologist and I do have confirmed diffuse loss, plus DHT buildup. In addition to dramatic hair fall, I’ve had pretty noticeable itchy scalp. Derm also said she believed it was sebhorreic dermatitis. Now it has been almost a year since the shed started. No new hairs are growing from those that shed. I am getting uncomfortably thin, especially up top near my part. I just had a scalp biopsy done yesterday and am nervously awaiting the results. I tried your exfoliating peel once and didn’t get around to trying again yet. I felt refreshed but have no idea if anything improved. I will probably have to do it a few more times, but I’m sure the peel alone is not going to be as effective as the whole program. The problem is I am still breastfeeding my infant… so many treatments are not recommended for me, and many supplements have to be investigated. I’ve seen some things like Saw Palmetto, etc. are reportedly not compatible with nursing. Because of this, I’m hesitant to dive head first into the rest of the program, or any treatment for that matter. Little one is going though some medical testing for possible digestive issues so I’m a bit stuck. Any thoughts here?

    • Hi, good to hear you’ve tried the natural scalp peel. I would be careful about any natural dht blockers, such as saw palmetto whilst breastfeeding. I would recommend focusing on a really healthy diet and then looking into blocking DHT topically after you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

  67. 1) My hairline started receding about 5 years ago but I still see tiny little fine hairs where it use to be. Will this help bring those hairs back to its normal state.
    2) I have a pure shampoo that doesent have any chemicals in it, just most of what you have in your natural shampoo recipe plus tea and olive oil extracts…can I still use it?
    3) I dont use normal hair grease in my hair, I use extra virgin olive oil, would it still be safe to use even after all of your steps?

    Thank you for what ever answer you can give me.

  68. I really enjoyed this article. I intend to begin trying these methods TODAY! Everything that has been discussed makes so much sense! I will check in here and there to let the readers know how these methods are working for me!

  69. Many ingredients mentioned above are hard to find or very expensive here where I live. I was thinking: perhaps mixing milk of magnesia, activated powdered charcoal and water might work. What do you think Will?

    • Hi Andre, if you don’t have access to the ingredients then I would recommend trying to substitute them because that will probably be better than nothing. However, these are what I’ve found to work best over years of trial and error.

  70. These are great natural treatments and I 100%agree with using them , but People go see a dermatologist and get a biopsy to find out why your loosing your hair , you could have LPP or patern baldness you could have a fungus , go see a dermatologist!

    • Dermatologist are USELESS! I can guarantee the majority of the people on here, like myself, have seen if not one, multiple dermatologist and or medical professionals. The scalp biopsy is very limited on what it can show. For example, it can’t detect fungus because the fungus can’t survive in the solution the sample is placed in. All they do is put you on some sort of harsh medication whether it be topical, oral, or both that has completely adverse affects and only complicates the problem in the long run. They nor the pharmaceutical companies give two s#$&# about finding a solution. It’s all about keeping you coming back so they can keep their pockets full. It took me three long years to realize this truth. Once I did, and took matters into my own hands, already using many of the remedies listed here, I was finally able to find relief, and a drastic improvement in my condition.

  71. Hi Will
    I am wondering if you have had any women suffering from female pattern hair loss find success using your methods? I have been using 4% Minox. but usage has been a bit sporadic of late. Can I stop using it and follow your programme?

    • Hello Theresa, yes there have been quite a few women who have emailed me to say they’ve managed to regrow your using the Equilibrium system. I would recommend switching from minoxidil to a mixture of magnesium oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil in a 100/10/5 ratio.

      • I read Theresa`s post with interest, as I also am bothered by thinning at the temples of my hair line. Do you mean that, rather than following the `recipe`detailed in the article for men to use, that women should switch in the mixture of magnesium oil, peppermint oil & rosemary oil.

  72. Is it safe to use the derma-roller and elixir over a receding/thinning hairline…

    i.e. Will it cause further hair loss if I derma-roll over pre-existing hair or the elixir comes into contact with pre-existing hair?

    • That’s okay. The dermaroller won’t damage any pre-existing hair and it meant to be used over thinning areas. Just be careful not to pull out any hairs with the roller – although this is unlikely if you use it slowly and carefully.

  73. Hi Will,

    I am just wondering what is the explanation for people who do not eat healthy but still don’t suffer from male pattern baldness either?

    • Diet alone doesn’t cause hair loss. Pattern baldness is a genetic predisposition, and diet can be one of the ‘triggers’ but it isn’t the only one.

  74. Hi Will,

    I have dry, britte and wirey hair. It never feels greasy. Do the same products still apply?

    Surely the baking soda would have adverse effects on my hair? Or would I just use a lot less of it?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Mike, yes the same products still apply whatever your hair type. However I would always recommend doing a skin test before using a new product just to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions to it.

  75. hello Will
    Great articles,i will definitely buy your book at some point, i wanted to ask,in another article you suggest to use a different elixir after the dermaroller that includes magnesium oil,emu oil,borage oil etc. which one you think is best? also i’ve been searching for an article in which you suggest to drink a morning smoothie, i cant find it anymore is it easy to reply the link to this comment? thanks a lot 🙂

    • You can use any sort of natural sea salt. It just shouldn’t be processed and artificially whitened salt.

    • I’ve never tried it before and I’ve never done research into it. If you do want to learn more though I’d be happy to do some research and perhaps write and article about it?

  76. Hi Will,

    Can I safely wear a cap / hat while following your guide(s)? Or will it slow or have negative effects?

    And what about hairstyling products?

    Thank you.

    • I think a safety cap should be fine, but hairstyling products are generally not recommended because they contain chemicals.

  77. I have been crying all the way through as I read from you. You have imparted so much knowledge and wisdom to us all. I have read so much from so many articles but never have I come across anything so rich and deep as what you have given to me. I am now making a list of my forward movement for my journey to new hair. I have wasted so much money in the past and I have had no results. Thank you so very kindly for taking so much of your precious time to teach me and so many others. Just know you are appreciated. Thank you. Jennifer

  78. Minoxidil is cheaper than half of the pretty exotic stuff mentioned in the article, nevermind “the program”.

    • I think most people know by now that minoxidil has very limited results. Wouldn’t you rather fix the underlying problem naturally than have an on-going cost for something like minoxidil (which has side effects)?

      • Hi! Great website! I have done A LOT of research also and i agree with mostly all of what you say. I l’ve been taking epilobium (1000mg dry caps) and pumpkin seed oils (1000mg also i think) for 3 months but i am also using minoxidil. I have just discovered everything related to mantaining a good scalp health actually i’ve started using a similar “demarroller” acutally is like a hand brush and my dandruff improved a lot and my scalp is not itchy anymore. So my question is: could i continue using minoxidil??? So far i think its working and i am afraid of leaving it, and the other when do you think aprox i will see some results? Thanks again! I’ll keep researching! Best wishes!

    • Minoxidil is toxic and doesn’t really solve the problem. For most men it won’t regrow the hair, and for some it won’t even slow the loss.

    • Hi Ahmed, thanks for your recommendation. Yes I think the derma stamp is a better (albeit more expensive) version of the dermaroller. The stamp reportedly causes less pain, is more time-efficient, and has adjustable length, but it is quite a bit more expensive.

  79. Hi Will, can I use ginger essential oil as a replacement for blending and extracting juice from ginger root?! That seems like a lot of work, unsustainble for my routine.

    • Hi Mike, that might be a fair replacement. I haven’t tried it myself but I think it would be worth a go if you don’t have the time.
      I would have thought intuitively that the raw extract would be better, but let’s see. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • I used to use powdered ginger, and dab my fingers in it along with some oil and rub it in like that. It wasnt ideal, but effectively we are just trying to get ginger to the scalp, right? After mixing with the oil, hopefully some would be absorbable.

        I am uncertain as to bother with the essential oil however, if rosemary serves the same function of increasing circulation.

  80. Hi there,

    Thanks for the information in the article, it was great. I have 2 questions:

    Can PRP help with thinning hair on the crown?
    Is there any negative effects of using hair concealer products? I tend to use a little amount on the crown area and sometimes leave it in over night.

    Many thanks


  81. Damn this is actually working, noticeable fizzy hear on crown area. 1 month solid so far. Haven’t been using the Bentonite Clay but I am using the charcoal powder. Is the clay important? Also, can the Emu oil be substituted?

    • Hi Chris, stick with whats working. Bentonite clay is useful if you have very greasy hair. But if your diet is good you probably won’t need it. It is okay, in my experience to substitute emu oil for something like jojoba or castor oil, or you can choose to leave it out.

  82. is there a conditioner to use also or just the shampoo? also how many times a week do you use the Elixir? Lastly, should I stop using gel in my hair? I have very frizzy hair and it helps make it appear more neat and decent.

    • Hi Sam,

      We don’t currently offer a conditioner.

      We recommend you use the Elixir each night. You can then rinse off in the morning with lukewarm/cold water, or leave in all day if you’d prefer.

      As for gel, it’s always best to avoid the use of any products that may clog the follicles or strain the hair.


  83. This is valuable information I am a licensed Hair stylist and have thin areas on my temples .. from extensions this should help to repair my scalp condition as well as my clients . thanks and I’ll definitely order the package And keep you posted on my results

  84. I have bought some apple polyphenol capsules, so do I crush them into a powder and dissolve this into the mixture?

  85. How often can I dermaroll with 0.5mm? I have read only once every 3 weeks you should do this, but you’ve mentioned doing it a few times a week. My skin seems to heal pretty quick, but dont want to damage cells.

    • Hi Mike, it does depend on your skin and how quickly it heals. I recommend starting at 1 x per week, and seeing how it feels. Adjust it depending on how quickly you feel like it heals.

  86. I cant really find the other items, so I am wondering if:

    1 teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder)
    1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar
    2 drops of tea tree oil

    would be a recent ‘cleanser’ for days I dont intend to shampoo. Does the apple vinegar have a smell post shower? I love that stuff. It’s such a great resource for all sorts of things.

    • Hi Jason, yes that’s a good mixture for cleansing. But what do you mean ‘shampoo’? I don’t use any kind of commercial shampoo, and I don’t recommend you do either. Use ACV and variations of that, once per week and you will be fine. If your hair gets too greasy in 1 week then frankly you need to change your diet and reduce your intake of bad fats.

  87. Hi, this may sound strange, but how can we now, that the information given by you is credible ? How do we know, it´s not a scam. No offense, but we all know, they´re like a miriad of scammers out there, distributing snake oil, taking advantage of the agony of us hairloss sufferers.

    I know you would claim that you´re legit, nonetheless of the truth, but I just wanna ask you for citing outside sources, who can verify your credibility.

    Thanks alot for your answer, I sincerely hope, I can trust you.

    • Hi Alexander, firstly I’d just say to use common sense. If you like the ideas and they make sense then try for yourself and see what happens.

      Secondly I try to backup my ideas with scientific studies. It’s not always possible, but I try to do that.

      Thirdly, I don’t really mind what you think, I started this website because I enjoy research and writing about hair loss and what worked for me. Feel free to use the advice or not 🙂

      Thanks for your questions.

  88. Hi will, can you suggest any other way apart from using the dermaroller at home. It looks a little scary.
    Doesnt doing the exfoliation and then applying the homemade oil & shampoo do the trick?

    • Hi Jo, the dermaroller is recommended and has been proven to increase hair growth more than a topical treatment alone. You can always start slow and use it more if you feel comfortable. However, you can still use this method without it if you want to.

      • Hello..I read somewhere that Iodine tincture is used to irritate the scalp so that the resources are redirected to the area to kickstart hair regrowth which is almost similar to what dermaroller is doing. Is using iodine better ? Since using dermaroller at home sounds scary and not sure if we would be doing it the right way without injuring ourselves. Any inputs on this will be helpful

  89. Hey Will,

    How often should we continue to do the epidermis scalp removal once hairloss is stabilized? How can you even tell once the plaque builds back up?


    • Hi Mike, I personally don’t even use it anymore. But you can continue to do it twice a year. It really depends on how quickly the plaque builds up. But if your diet is optimal then the plaque will stay under control. Things like chemical shampoos, and hair styling products will make the plaque build up quickly though, so try to avoid them.

      • So because I have a dry scalp, I probably wont have much worry about plaque?
        I hear the hair cycle is about 4 years long.. So would we have to wait that long to see proper results?

      • I am only 18 years old & I am losing so many hairs. Is onion juice a good way to regain our hair and prevent the hair loss?

        • There are better methods. I personally don’t use OJ and I don’t recommend it to other people. Though some people have noticed successful results using it, I still recommend using GRO2 for topical applications.

  90. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have tried my best to follow your method. I first cleanse my scalp using activated charcoal, lemon, ginger, himalayan salt, etc, then after washing off I dermaroll with 0.25mm and then apply the hair tonic (pumpkin seed oil, jojoba oil, stinging nettle (I could only find the tea so I apply that), and I couldn’t obtain saw palmetto). The thing is, I only did this method twice, and I feel like I have been having loss of libido, and suffering with a bit of ED (could be something else entirely, but I’ve been having constipation so it might be linked). I also drank 2 teaspoons of pumpkin seed oil once last week, then this week I drank another teaspoon, so that’s all I’ve done so far and it has affected my libido I feel. Is this normal and common? Can applying these DHT blocking ingredients through the scalp have this effect or was it because I ingested it orally? I’m 19 by the way so I thought maybe that would be a critical factor since I’m so young. I’m planning on only doing this once a fortnight now. Please respond to my message. Thanks.

  91. hi, i just went in search of a derma roller and as someone below suggested a derma stamp. just wondering, i got asked to choose my needle size from .2 or .25 or .5 etc. is there a most recommended size? and the derma stamp why is that better you think? thanks heaps

  92. I’m losing hair but my scalp is red and sensitive. Should I even try these treatments on my sensitive scalp?

    • Hi,

      We would recommend seeking medical advice before proceeding with any of the methods mentioned.

      The sensitivity may be generalized and caused by the process of hair loss, but it could also be an underlying issue that should be treated before you proceed.

      – Steph

  93. Hey Will, I’m about to go on the road for a month and I was wondering if you had any tips on hair loss when you’re not at home. I’m not sure how to eat on the road since I can’t cook and showering might be minimal. I’m in a band so that’s kind of why it’ll be not the cleanest road trip. I was wondering if you had any advice thanks!

  94. Hi Will,
    Do you recommend shaving the hair very short so it would be easier to clean the scalp and also easier to use the dermaroller? My hair is falling from the back of my head.

    • Yes it would be easier, however it’s not always necessary and most people aren’t willing to shave their heads. If you’re happy to do so then by all means it will make using the dermaroller and applying topical solutions much easier.

  95. Don’t take any of that stuff!
    Saw Palmetto, pumpkin seeds, etc. are VERY bad for your male hormones and will drastically DECREASE your DHT, leading to making you a ZOMBIE with no more strength, no more energy, no more sex drive, with depression and kidney pain… but with more hair. Your call!

    • I have been taking Saw Palmetto and pumpkin seed extract for the past couple of years. I feel great. My free testosterone has actually increased as a result of the compounds reducing the conversion to DHT. My Doctor confirmed this is a common effect. I feel stronger and my muscles are firmer… sex drive has never been better. So the comment above about these compounds making you a zombie seems a bit strange to me. Just providing feedback.

  96. I believe it was on your site a scalp wash that was available, will it be available any time soon?

    Your response is appreciated.

  97. Hi Will,
    Your content is my holy bible to treating my hair loss. I am a 30 yr old female suffering from AGA since 7-8 yrs now. I have tried several no poo /home made shampoos in the past but only rye flour (3 scoops of rye flour and warm water) works for my natural (greasy) hair. Is there a rye flour variant i can make for washing out the elixir from my hair? I also use nizrol [ketoconyzole]once a week to relieve the scalp tenderness , i am hoping the scalp elixir will calm down the tenderness and will eliminate the need of nizrol.

  98. Hey Will, in your other post, you used Emu oil in the mixture, can I substitue Emu oil with Rosemary Oil ? Since Emu oil is pretty expensive where I live

    • It’s hard to find a good substitute for Emu oil – it has some very unique properties which make it ideal for this purpose. I don’t think rosemary oil is a good substitute. I know, it is expensive though. I have heard of reader substituting it with jojoba oil, so you could try that.

  99. Hey Will, first of all, great job you’re doing with this website !

    I wanted to ask you about my approach:

    – For alkalizing my body I take Spirulina capsules 3 times a day, a whole lemon squezeed in water along with green tea powder and a tablespoon of pumpkin seed oil( green tea and PSO used for lowering DHT in body at the same time). I also two take two glasses of water mixed with a tablespoon of baking soda each, since I read that baking soda is great for alkalizing.

    – I dermaroll with 0.5mm roller 3 times a week ( right after I do a salyclic acid peel, also, is doing peels 3 times a week bad, because I have an oily scalp) and then I apply saw palmetto ( is it ok to use mix the powder from capsules, cause it’s impossible to mix it completely with other oils in the mixture ), PSO, Hyaluronic acid and rosemary oil, and leave it for 30-40 minutes, and then I wash my hair.

    – I dermaroll 4 times a week my temples with a 0.25 roller and apply Peppermint oil only on temples ( I do this on the days I don’t wash my hair since I wash it 3 times a week ).

    – I try to do handstands daily for 1-2 minutes and I try to ocassionaly massage my scalp.

    Do you think this is a good approach? I’m just 21 years old and I’ve been losing my hair for 2 years, and although it has really thinned out and approached 2.5-3 NW in short time, I have tons of vellus hair all over my scalp especially on temples
    but I just can’t seem to make them thick, and at the same time my terminal hairs are falling out.

    Thanks !

    • Hi Canvra,

      It does sound like you’re on the right track!

      It’s so important to increase blood flow to the follicles, and you seem to be doing that with the microneedling, peppermint oil, and handstands.

      We typically recommend you dermaroller just once per week at 1.0mm, but if the frequent dermarolling at a lower length is working for you, then continue.


  100. Would a mixture of Jojoba Oil, Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Oil work as a Minoxidil substitute? And if so in what ratios? What is in your Gro2 and how do I buy it in the UK?

      • May I ask why avoid jojoba? Does it clog pores because it’s a wax? And you mentioned that jojoba helps to penetrate the scalp, why is this? Thank WIll.

  101. I’m losing a lot of hair while using essential oils on my scalp. I’d say up to a hundred hairs fall out. Is it normal? Or should I stop using these oils.

        • If you mean rinse (without shampoo, or any sort of cleansing agent) then that’s fine. But any sort of daily cleaning for the hair removes too much of the protective oils and can disrupt the natural pH balance of the scalp. The more you remove the natural oils, the faster your scalp will produce them again. Rinsing daily is fine though, just make sure you use cool (preferably cold) water, not hot water.

          • Ok, could I use a mixture of water, acv, baking soda and a few drops of peppermint oil as my shampoo? I don’t really like to use a carrier oil since it makes my hair so oily

          • One last question. How long can I store my acv baking soda mixture without a lid? Or with a lid?
            Thanks for your help!

          • I would recommend using a lid on the container. Or it can be easily mixed each time you want to use it.

    • Yes, it definitely shouldn’t be more than 2x per week. Ideally 1x per week. It will feel dirty to start with, but as your diet improves your scalp will stop producing so much oil (a reaction to being over-shampooed) and your hair will effectively start to clean itself. Too much shampooeing strips away protective oils from the hair and scalp leaving them dry and vulnerable and causing chemicals to enter to the body transdermally. Too much shampooing also affects scalp pH and good bacteria balance.

  102. hi will, I am 31 years old and I began losing the hair above front crown.. At the Time rather hair fell out rapidly. I have female baldness pattern. Can you tell me if your method would restore the hair above my female pattern hair loss? That skin has been little bald recently last years, but I would be thrilled if there is a way to regenerate the follicles so they may produce new hair! is there get plaque,dema roller method work or not?

  103. Hi Will,

    Hope you are doing great.

    I would like to know if I can use the special hair growth elixir right after I use Derma stamp or do I need to wait for 12 hours before I apply the hair growth elixir to my hair?


    • Hi Adnan, I’m good thanks.
      I don’t recommend to use the elixir straight after the dermaroller because it will sting really badly. Yes you should wait around 12 hours. There are other mixtures which you can use right away. For example, using emu oil right away doesn’t sting. But for GRO2 you’ll need to wait.

  104. Hi Will i would like to know if i can’t get ginger and cucumber in my country what can i replace them with?

    • I think that would be a mixture worth trying, however I haven’t tried it personally myself in this particular way. Please let us know how it goes.

      • hey Will,

        I can’t really compare it with the original version but it felt very refreshing. Comparable with a shampoo wash but just without the hair being completly dry afterwards. But I have one problem. Currently I’m using Acv, Bs and Peppermint oil maybe every 4th day. My hair root always starts to pain whenever I’m on the 2nd or 3rd day after a homemade shampoo wash. So the dirtier it gets, the more it starts to hurt.

  105. I am completely overwhelmed reading all of these comments.. I have no Idea what exactly you are recommending for hair loss?? HELP – my son is 24 and his receding hair line is BAD.

    • Hi Theresa, yes there are a lot of comments on this post. You don’t have to read them all. I would recommend that you start by reading our free eBook – Scalp Secrets – this gives a clear & simple overview of what the 4 main points where scalp health and quickly improve your son’s hairline.

  106. Hi Will, I bought an ebook and am doing exactly what it says. I recently started applying peppermint oil and magnesium oil. Then I get rashes and tingles. And it looks like the hairline has gone further back. Is this normal? May I continue? I use lfe-flo company magnesium oil and now company peppermint oil. I can not find the one I left commenting on the last time, it makes me feel awkward because I wrote a translator. But please reply, have a good day

    • Hi Min,

      That sounds like an allergic reaction, or it may also be that the peppermint oil is not diluted enough.

      I would strongly recommend you discontinue the oils. If you feel inclined, you may test them separately on the inside of your wrist to determine if a sensitivity/allergy is present. You should mix the peppermint oil with another carrier oil that you know you’re not allergic to, such as canola or olive oil when testing.

      – Steph

  107. You can’t get ginger in your country? Get out of there and go somewhere, where you can. Life without ginger is quite boring

  108. I have a question. My forehead has this thick layer of dead skin that practicality grows back in a day. I used activated charcoal last night and when I washed it off I saw it shriveled up on my scalp and I had to get a knife and scrape it of in chucks. Do you know what this could be or how to get rid of it? Its only on my fore head that my hair is very thin. When I pinch it it stings but other then that it feels dry and numb. I searched online a several people have this issue and no one knows what it is.

    Thank you

    • Mesotherapy helps to stimulate blood flow so it needs to whenever the hair is not as thick as you would like it to be. However, when the hair is regrown it will be more stable (presuming diet and other changes have been made) so there will be less need to use it.

  109. Hi Will, thank you for your research and your generosity. And a huge thank you for putting together GRO2. I look forward to trying it soon. I would be very interested in a shampoo and conditioner also. I hope you have much success with GRO2 and you decide to expand your product offerings.

    My question: now that GRO2 is available I am unable to find your course to purchase as before. Are you moving away from the course as your main product? Many thanks,

    • Hi Ian, thanks for your kind comment. The course – Hair Equilibrium – is still available. In fact I still recommend the course over any physical product because it takes a holistic approach and attacks the problem from multiple angles (which makes it most effective.) Although topical treatments like GRO2 can and do help hair loss sufferers, using ONLY a topical treatment is really limiting in how successfully the hair will regrow. Using the principles of Hair Equilibrium and then trying GRO2 is the best way to go. Thanks for the question, hope that helps.

  110. Is the natural dht remover(clean scalp), dermaroller, and healthy
    diet enough to regrow and thicken thin hair on the top/frontal?

    • Hi Mark, it will help to stop further loss, but to actually regrow the lost hair, there is probably more you need to do. The dermaroller will help stimulate new blood flow to the scalp, but you also need to use scalp exercises and massages to get the blood flow going again. Since fibrosis and calcification have already lowered blood flow you need to exercises and massages to reverse these.

  111. Hello Will
    That’s seems to be such a good research you did.
    I need a bit of help with it.
    Should we use the exiler right after using the derma roller or I need to wait for some hours for it?
    And should I use derma roller n exiler daily? Or just 2-3 times a week?
    For scalp massage should I use any kind of oil after washing out the exiler? Like almond or amla oil?

    • Hi Lucky, no don’t use the elixir right after the dermaroller. This will cause too much stinging. Wait 12 hours to use it. You shouldn’t perform ‘microneedling’ more than once per week. The scalp needs time to heal properly. I wouldn’t use an oil after washing it out. It’s up to you but an oil by itself would tend to leave the hair greasy.

      • Hi Will. In your ‘Hair Equilibrium’ program, you said Scalp Elixir must be applied 5 minutes after using the dermaroller. But here, you said we should wait for 12 hours. Can you please clarify this?

        • Hi Krishna,

          This is due to a miscommunication on our end, so we apologize for the confusion. Within the Program, the ‘elixir’ we recommend isn’t the elixir we otherwise mention throughout the site.

          The elixir mentioned on this page should not be used immediately after dermarolling. The one within the Program can be, as it doesn’t have any of the same ingredients that can cause irriation.

          – Steph

  112. Hi Will,
    I haven’t tried all of these yet but I’ve been struggling to grow my hair my entire life. I’m a female, 22 with Afro textured hair and my hair has never been longer than 2 inches. When I turned 20, I cut everything off and tried to start growing it again. It started off growing well but when it got to about an inch long, it started breaking off again. I cut it again early this year to try to start growing it again but it’s the same story.

    My hair strands are very soft and brittle and my hair isn’t very dense. I noticed that anytime I take my hair out of a style all the old strands fall off and only the new growth of about an inch stays. Do you think this is regular hair loss or should i consider going to a dermatologist?

    • Hi Mo,

      This certainly sounds like something that a dermatologist can help you to address.

      While breakage may occur in some individuals with pattern baldness, there are often other signs (such as a receding hairline). You may be suffering from a nutrient deficiency, or some other such condition which is contributing to the breakage.

      – Steph

  113. hi will, happy diwali. my question is my temple area was receiding before i start my acutual treatment for hair thinning. . now i see small and tiny hairs in my left temple area everything was good but after summer my hairfall start again with lot of bulit up of dandruff on my frontal area of head when i shower it get stuck in my nails (white stuff) and scalp feels eitchy all day …

    • Studies are showing saw palmetto can cause sexual failure and loss in libido. How does this treatment relate to those claims? blocking Dht causes adverse side effects. Is this treatment safe?

  114. Hello Will,
    Thanks for the article. I have 3 questions.
    1) When will shipping to India for Gro2 be added ?
    2) I have bought 15 ml bottles of peppermint, rosemary and pumpkin seed oil. And 200 ml of olive oil. Can I mix these together?
    3) I also have a 0.5 mm dermaroller. Should I apply dermaroller once per week ?

    • Hi Manoj, unfortunately at this time we can’t ship to India because customs/an unreliable postal service means we can’t guarantee the package will arrive on time, if at all. Sorry about that. I wish there was a more reliable way to send packages there. You could mix those together certainly, but personally I wouldn’t use Olive Oil in the mixture. It will feel too oily and sticky. I’d swap it for magnesium oil instead if it was available.

    • hey manoj. Im indian too. and recently im suffering from hairloss too. Id like to talk to you so we can discuss on this and can overcome the problem. As my hairfall is unnatural and is triggered because of use of some medicine. mail me at junkmaildev95 at gmail we can change numbrs to talk if you wish.

  115. hi will, can i use hyaluronic acid that has other properties in it such as tea leaf extract for the growth serum or does it have to be pure hyaluronic acid

    also is it fine to use the gel form of hyaluronic acid?

    • Hi Hayden, I know, it’s hard to find Hyaluronic acid without additional ingredients. Usually the additions won’t be a problem, as long as there are no chemicals in it too. So, tea leaf extract would be fine. The gel form… mmmh. It depends, since additives are often used to give it the gel texture. Try and stick to the liquid.

  116. Hi Will,

    I’m really desperate to stop my hair from thinning. I stumbled on your website and I would like to give it a shot.

    There is just so much info at once and I don’t know how and where to start, plus I lost regarding where to find all the ingredients and I’m currently a student so I don’t have a lot of money to spend..

    Could you help me get started?

  117. Hello, Will, thank You for Your articles.

    I don’t understand what I am doing wrong because I can’t stop hair loss… I am doing almost everything You are mentioning in this article for already 3 months, but hair is still falling out… Maybe 3 months is not enough or I should try something else like onion juice or other treatment?

  118. Hi – this info is amazing. I have a couple of questions. My hair has been thinning for a while at the temples from years of wearing it up in a ponytail. However, I had major bowel surgery six months ago and have started losing handfuls in the shower every time I wash it. It does not seem to be coming from one particular area so I don’t really know how I would dermaroll it as I think it is a scalp wide issue? I have always had really straight fine hair with no volume and I’m terrified what will happen if I can’t fix it….. I can definitely do the plaque removal / scalp detox – is there anything else diet / lifestyle / hair care that might help? My diet is now by necessity 100% clean – no dairy, gluten, coffee, alcohol, red meat. I don’t know if hormones might have something to do with it as the reason I needed my bowel resection was endometriosis. Any help would be gratefully received. Many thanks, Kate

  119. I’m confused on how exactly to make it. You just kind of out of nowhere mentioned emu oil hyalurinic acid and I don’t know what to do with those.

  120. Hi there,

    I’ve tried this. I made the exfoliation mix exactly per your instructions, but nothing seems to be changing. Still a very shiny forehead. What would you recommend? My forehead is quite oily.

  121. Hi, can you explain more briefly about this : “The ratio should be roughly 1 part saw palmetto: 6 parts hyaluronic acid and emu oil.” I dont undertstand. Thankyou ! 🙂

    • Hi Syamil,

      Here’s a bit of a clearer breakdown:

      Step 1: Combine the emu oil and hyaluronic acid in 1:1 ratios.
      Step 2: Add 1 part of saw palmetto to 6 parts of the emu oil/hyaluronic combination from Step 1.
      Step 3: Add 1 part of apple polyphenol to 7 parts of the emu oil/hyaluronic/saw palmetto from Step 2.

      – Steph

  122. I am planning to remove the epidermis plaque by using the homemade scalp exfoliate you described. You wrote that using it only once won’t probably be enough, however how do I know whether the epidermis plaque has been removed or not from my scalp? Thankyou.

    • Hi Emre,

      The answer to this is different for everyone.

      For people with a lot of plaque, the scalp will likely feel less tight. You may also experience less itching and irritation.

      It can take a few days to know whether it’s worked or not, so just consider the symptoms you experience now and whether they’ve improved after you’ve performed the peel.

      – Steph

  123. Hi will. I searched on the internet and it says that the apple vinegar cidar is used after shampoo. Can I just use (AVC) only because I dont want to buy shampoo. And does it really need baking soda ? Thankyou.

  124. 1.If i stop using minoxidil all the hair which grow by the
    help of minoxidil will fall out in 2-3 months

    • Hi Saransh,

      This isn’t necessarily true, assuming you replace your minoxidil routine with a similarly helpful one. We recommend weaning from minoxidil slowly, while also using other techniques such as those mentioned in Will’s Scalp Secrets.

      – Steph

  125. Is this method also for those who don’t use any products on their hair except shampoo and conditioner? My 24 year old son has a receding hairline and losing hair on top of his head ( just like his father did ), so, should he do the scrub, messages, and the dermastamp…or what do you recommend?

  126. Hi. I am currently trying to recover from hair loss I had experienced a year or more ago and prevent hair loss through DHT. The hair loss I am a victim of was diagnosed as a fungal infection, I am skeptical of this but nonetheless the back of my scalp has short curly hairs: different in texture from the rest of my scalp.

    I would like to talk to you about ketaconozole shampoo. This was prescribed at 2% strength to me and still is for my “scalp fungal infection”, however aswell as being a antifungal it is also a DHT inhibitant. As well as containing ketaconozole the shampoo also contains coconut fatty acid and animal collagen.

    As well as this shampoo I have to use once a week, I wash my hair once or twice in the week with a shampoo containing salicylic acid, gingseng, jojaba seed oil, biotin, keratin and deriatives of cocnut proteins. Afterwards I shampoo once more with a caffeine shampoo, hoping for this to speed up the growth of my curly hairs I’m regrowing.

    What do you think about this?

  127. Would all of the above be necessary for the duration of my life? I would feel like a mad scientist constantly concocting and applying all these treatments to my hair every other day just to not go bald… seems extremely tedious and time consuming…is there a period where u can stop and maintain results?

    • Hi Oscar,

      The answer to this will vary.

      If you’re able to treat the problem directly, then you wouldn’t need to continue the regimen for life. But if you suffer from pattern hair loss, then you’re likely to need to perform some type of maintenance throughout your life.

      Once your hair is regrown, it may be as simple as a 10-minute daily scalp massage to maintain your hair.



    • Sorry, we currently do not ship to India. Unfortunately the postal service just isn’t reliable enough to ensure the package arrives on time.

  128. Hello,

    I am interested in trying this process but I Ann scared. Studies are showing saw palmetto can cause sexual failure and loss in libido. How does this treatment relate to those claims? It seems like blocking Dht causes adverse side effects since this is directly linked to testosterone. Is this treatment safe?

  129. Hi!

    What is the best way to treat your scalp after dermaroller?
    It is a good idea to put the elixir immediately or use just emu oil?

    Thanks in advance for you answer!

  130. With the scalp cleansing mixture would it be bad if it touches the hair? As the area of my scalp where I need to remove the plaque is so close to hair will it damage it or will it be fine?

  131. Is John Freida volumizing shampoo not a safe shampoo?

    I ask because I do have thin hair, and want something that will give me volume for my hair.

    • Volumizing shampoos work by adding ingredients that simply attach on to the hair follicles, making them bigger and stiffer. This only gives the appearance of thicker hair and would disappear when the hair gets wet. Instead go for a long term approach to actually improve the health of your hair which would cause it to thicken naturally. John Freida is full of chemicals that will actually damage the long term health of your hair, making it steadily weaker over time. Choose a shampoo that is 100% natural, gently cleans, blocks DHT, optimizes scalp pH, increases blood flow and feeds the hair follicles with nutrients and minerals. And don’t over-shampoo either (no more than 2x per week.)

  132. Hi,
    I have been having an extremely smelly and Itchy scalp for the last 10 years since I was around 15 years old and since have noticed gradual thinning of the hair , but now after rampant hairfall over the last year due to severe stress , ive lost about 30% of mu visible hair .The main problem is the smell and a white powdry substance that forms if my hair isnt washed for 4-5 days . I have consulted almost a dozen dermatologists and trichologists over the years to no avail, they all says its dandruff , No treatment has worked and the smell is unberable and so is the itching ,
    Ive been using a combo of almond, olive, tea tree, jojoba ,neem , castor oil in equal propotions , twice a day everday for the last month , it seems to supress the smell but Ive noticed an increas in shiny baldness,( is this because of the oils or could it be something else) although , I have general thinning near my temples and top , I am balding evenly all around back and sides, As a precaution Im now on dutastride for the last 2 months, earlier was on saw palmacetto , and multivitamins fir the hair , now my prescription is down to only DUTE( I dont mind the side – effects) , but I dont know if its working , Ive even doubled the dosage to 1 mg /day.
    Also would applying oils day and night cause more hairfall , but I do it to get rid of SHS( smelly hair syndrome- non medical terminology) by doing so , the smell is still there but supressed and the medicine world has nothing for this yet , And over 5 dermatologist have said there isnt any fungal infection,( Im not convinced)
    Can you advice
    ( I have done some research on SHS but to no avail and the underlying cause of this condition is adding to my uniform baldness all around)
    My scalp has been quite dry for the last 2 yrs since I consume 2/3 fresh lemon sodas a day( Im guessing thats the reason since I read up on your articles)
    Thank you

    • Hello Dean, it might be something to do with your diet. I would also go on a probiotic diet that can help restore proper gut health. Did you ever have a time when you took a lot of antibiotics?

  133. Hi Will,
    Thanks for sharing your experience and helping people with hair loss problems. I am certainly going to try all above useful information. I have been using derma roller but few similar steps that u had mentioned. So more importantly i wash my hair everyday, reason is i feel good as it feels fresh and also i apply castor and coconut oil right after derma roller overnight and have to wash them in the morning. But if i completely don’t use any shampoo and instead use the apple cider vinegar with other ingredients that you mentioned will it rinse of oil from my hair?

  134. Hi Will,

    Your article is very good..But Going through it itself providing a trust, like these things will really work out. Because While reading it, i was trying to understand in detail about each and every mixture. I will try out this. Thanks for your time in sharing us.


  135. Hi,

    In your elixir you state the ingredients but under Saw palmetto you mention Elmo oil and hyaluronic acid. Are these needed as well? I’ve seen another elixir recipe on another page of your website that mentions these two additional ingredients but doesn’t include all the other ingredients listed on this page, i.e. nettle.

  136. Hey, there!! Thanks for sharing the information. As you mention that these techniques work by reducing DHT levels, so do they have any adverse effect?

  137. Hey Will. My hairline started miniaturizing when I was around 19, didn’t know what it was back then and didn’t care. I’m 26 now and norwood 2 but I can still see my old hairline on the mirror with tiny hairs and some terminal hairs left on the temples. How long do you think it will take to regrow my hairline to how it was? Also, can I just use salicylic acid to remove dht from scalp? Thanks!

    • Hi Chris, I’ll be honest with you, regrowth is hard. You need to get everything right to get those tiny baby hairs back to full strength. It is possible though but will take a long time. The first step is to stabilise your hair so you’re not losing any more.

  138. Tried the scalp exfoliate. Works nice and is refreshing, but messy. That charcoal makes it black as coal, so don’t let it drip off your head and onto your shirt or floor because you’ll have a real mess. Doesn’t seem like it has a long shelf life, so one would have to make this recipe over and over again.

  139. I would shuffle my hand through my hair over the bathroom sink and hundreds of hairs would fall out. So I started using minoxil and at first that only increased the shedding in the beginning.

    I would always only wash my hair a few times a week because I thought it was bad to wash hair often but then I read that the scalp sebum contains DHT So I decided to try exfoliating my scalp every day to help remove dht.

    How I did this was I dissolved beta Sitosterol pill, biotin and saw palmetto in a small amount of water.
    The beta sitosterol would dissolve into a sandy texture which is great for exfoliating when rubbing into the scalp.

    I also poured some of the mixture into a good tee tree conditioner. The thickness of the conditioner would help hold the dissolved supplements onto the scalp. The rest of the mixture I would pour on top of my hair that already has the conditioner worked into it.

    I would scrub and leave in for 10 min then rinse.

    After the shower I would apply minoxil while hair was still damp.

    In the mornings and at night I would test this and noticed that only a few hairs fall out over the sink when I shuffle my hands through it and this is only after a week of exfoliating this way every day. Prior to doing this my hair was falling out at least 100 times more.

    So my conclusion is that dht is in the scalps natural oil production and that is what needs to be removed in order to stop hair loss.

    Minoxidil foam helps remove the natural scalp oil that contains (dht) and helps drive blood flow to the scalp.

    Exfoliating daily does the same.
    You can also try doing upside down exercises like hanging off the edge of your bed for a few minutes to bring blood to the scalp or purchasing a inversion table and doing that for 10 min twice a day.

    In addition to this I’m going to try something called PRP where they inject your own blood back into your scalp to increase healing.

    Prp is very expensive but This can probably be achieved the same by using a Derma roller.

  140. Hi Will
    Thanks for sharing the information. I wanted to give a try but I couldn’t able to find liquid apple poly phenol here in india. Could you please suggest a replacement for poly phenol which could provide the same results.

  141. Hi will, this is great stuff. Thanks for sharing it. I am trying to switch to an alkalizing diet, looking for meal ideas, and I am wondering about soup. Is the broth from animal bones less acidifying than the meat? And in general, is boiling food a good idea for this type of diet?

    • Bone broth is highly recommended. It contains collagen and amino acids, helps reduce inflammation and heal gut problems. I try to drink it everyday. I don’t know specifically whether it is alkalising or not but it should certainly be part of your diet.

  142. Thanks so much for all of this usefull information. I have just bought the elixir and the shampoo. Regards the scalp exfoliate I have only heard bad things about how messy activated charcoal powder can be. Can you recommed a brand that isn’t messy OR a substitute for the charcoal?

    Again, many thanks

  143. Hello Will,

    it seems that activated charcoal is a very messy substance. Can you recommend a substitute or is it possible to avold using it in the scalp exfoliate preparation.

    thanks, Steve

  144. I have tried everything to halt my hairloss, finasteride made things worse and now my scalp has become so sensitive and itchy. It never used too be like that before taking finasteride. But now for some reason even scalp massages make my scalp itch in the receding areas and derma rolling also has a similar effect. I have no idea what’s going on with my scalp lately at all 🙁

    I don’t think I can use minoxidil, keto shampoo or anything that has saw palmetto in it as it also irritates my the receding areas of my scalp. Same with Aloe Vera and coconut oil. Maybe it’s unregulating.

    I have tried your scalp exfoliator the last 3 weeks, it seems to be one of the rare things that doesn’t drive my receding scalp crazy and when used in 2 days in a row the itch seems to ease abit for a day or two.

    Sadly It doesn’t sound Like I can use this daily so there isn’t much hope for me when it comes to options or minoxidil alternatives.

  145. Hi Will. Thank you for this great article on DHT removal. I am 30 and I have a receding hairline that has progressed more rapidly recently and moderate overall hair loss and thinning. Typical Androgenetic Alopecia symptoms. I am thinking to start with a combination of:
    1) Your Hairguard Scalp Elixir
    2) a DHT blocking supplement such us the one from Advanced Trichology (Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, Pumpkin Seed)
    3) a DHT blocking shampoo such as Utrax Labs Hair Surge Shampoo (Caffeine, Ketoconazole, Saw Palmetto, Peppermint)
    (All these along with massage and dermarolling)

    All of the above solutions have similar main ingredients like saw palmetto and peppermint oil. Is it good to overlap these ingredients across these 3 solutions? Is it not too much? I would appreciate your advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Sergiu,

      Thanks for your questions!

      I think the Scalp Elixir and the DHT-blocking Shampoo are both great places to start.

      I would caution you against a DHT-blocking supplement, however, as this can carry its own side effects. You can learn more about DHT-blocking side effects here:

      These side effects aren’t likely to be present with the shampoo, but are highly likely to occur with a supplement.

      Kind regards,


  146. Hi, i see this guide says to leave in overnight and wash out in the morning, but im already using the Scalp Elixir which i do the same process with. So which topical would be more effective then? Or will i switch it up and do both on a cycle of alternating days

    • Hi Nathan,

      We absolutely recommend the Scalp Elixir as the more effective of the two topicals. With the Elixir, you won’t need to make your own.



  147. What are your thoughts on Selsun Blue or other “dandruff and itchy scalp” shampoos? It’s a double edged sword. I hate using these things on my hair for the reason you said – chemicals. I used to shampoo my hair once a week and always let it dry on its own. But it is supposed to help with the psoriasis I developed this year because I am so stressed. I don’t want to use it often but I am tempted to because if I can heal my scalp quicker then my hair should be fine in the long run.

  148. I’ve bought the treatment and applied it to my hair and my husband’s hair. I’ve stopped my hair falling, great, and now I wait for hair growth in my husband bald hair’s scalp. I wanted to ask, could you replace the apple polyphenol with apple stem cells، I think its effect is stronger than apple polyphenols

  149. Knowing that I am following a very healthy lifestyle, you have purchased all the required materials at the top and I use organic shampoo

  150. Hello. Thank you for your post (blog, generally)

    I am a female with androgenetic alopecia and would like to try your solution. However, I live in a country where most of the mentioned products are impossible to find. I can try buying online of course, but is it possible to buy the solution itself from you?

  151. My issue started when I moved from humid East Coast to high dry desert. I have small white flakes and my scalp now doesn’t get oily (it can be itchy). I always thought I just have a dry scalp but now I am thinking that it might be DHT. How one distinguish between DHT buildup and dry scalp? Thank you

  152. Hi Will,
    Please tell me what strength salicylic acid I can use, there are 5,10, 15 20 % , which is the best for a good clean.

    Also, is using a roller, mine is only 0.25mm, with minoxidil at the same time fine or use the mixture you suggested instead.


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