Top 3 active-ingredients to look for in an effective hair loss shampoo.

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Updated: Tuesday October 20th,
by Will Slator

In this article we will look at the top 3 ingredients to look for in a hair loss shampoo, according to the scientific studies.

We'll look at what these studies say, and if these ingredients really are proven to regrow hair. 

I'll share my top 3 shampoo active-ingredients for thicker, stronger hair growth, further down this article.

Using a shampoo is something everyone uses. Therefore, it make sense to choose a shampoo that can help decrease hair loss and even help activate more hair growth as well.

But is this even possible?

In this article we will look at how some of these shampoo ingredients compare with minoxidil (the only topical treatment approved for hair loss by the FDA).

It would make sense that if the scientific studies show comparable results between minoxidil and a shampoo active-ingredient, then good results are possible to obtain from shampooing. 

We'll explore this further in this article.

Can a shampoo really improve your hair loss?

Our first question is, can a shampoo really stop hair loss?

Any shampoo will not come into contact with the scalp for a very long time, and therefore will be limited in how effectively it can treat hair loss.

Minoxidil, for example, is applied to the scalp and can remain on the scalp until it is washed away. This could be anywhere from 8-24 hours.

This is obviously much longer than the 1-3 minutes a typical shampoo is in contact with the scalp. This is one of the biggest hurdles for an effective hair loss shampoo.

However, a good shampoo may be able to help remove sebum and block DHT in 1-3 minutes. This is turn could help prevent hair loss.

In the 100X magnified photos below you'll see how much of a difference a good shampoo can make. 

I'll be revealing which shampoo this is later on in this article, but for now you can see the real difference to the scalp quality and size of the hair follicles.


After 6 months

Can everyday shampoos actually make hair loss worse?

The science is now showing that an everyday shampoo could actually cause hair loss.


Well it has to do with the ingredients some manufacturers use. 

A typical shampoo buyer is more concerned about the smelltexture and lather of their shampoo, 

More so, than understanding whether those ingredients actually support healthy hair growth.

One such ingredient added to everyday shampoos is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), which is added to create the foamy texture of the shampoo. In fact this is the only purpose of SLS. It is added simply to create foam. That's why it's also used in car washes and foam cannons.

Unfortunately though, that 'foamy feeling' which looks great in shampoo ads does little to improve hair health and can actually damage and irritate the scalp with long term use.

If you have a dry, itchy or irritated scalp, then SLS is one ingredient to avoid right away. As many people who stopped using SLS shampoos find out, an irritated or inflamed scalp can itself cause hair loss.

In addition to SLS, other ingredients are added to everyday shampoos to improve smell and texture. Some ingredients are added which very aggressively clean the scalp and hair but are more suited to people who aren't worried about hair loss.

In conclusion, if you're worried about hair loss, then avoiding everyday shampoos and the ingredients found in them, which are not designed for people with hair loss issues, is a smart decision.

Can scalp issues cause hair loss?

We have previously discussed that scalp issues can cause hair loss. In this section we will discuss that idea further to see if it's true and what can be done.

Is it possible that scalp issues, such as itchiness, inflammation, dandruff and psoriasis, could cause hair loss?

Yes. In fact various different studies have shown a connection between itchiness/dandruff and hair loss.

So, the next question is... Can shampoos help with such scalp issues?

Again, the answer is yes! The right active ingredients have been shown to improve scalp issues such as irritation, inflamation and dandruff.

Let's do a quick overview of the top active ingredients to help treat scalp issues.

1: Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple cider vinegar gently cleanses the scalp and helps promote optimal scalp pH. It can also help get rid of unhealhy fungus and bacteria (Source)

2: Coconut Oil - Coconut oil promotes scalp and hair health by hydrating the skin and hair without being greasy. Proven to help maintain protein levels in the hair follicle. (Source)

As we can see from the studies. These plant-based ingredients can help treat scalp issues, which in some cases can be a cause of hair loss.

Now let's take a closer look at another important factor in any shampoo formulation.

Whether or not it can help block DHT!

Can shampoos help with DHT build up on the scalp?

Scientists understand that DHT is involved in causing hair loss.

After all, the FDA approved drug for treating male pattern baldness, simply works by stopping DHT throughout the body.

So can a shampoo help block DHT on the scalp directly?

The studies show that some plant-based active ingredients can help block DHT:

2: Caffeine - Caffeine is a proven DHT blocker. It also effectively penetrates into the scalp, rather than sitting on the surface, so it can more effectively block DHT. (Source)

As you can see. There are plant-based ingredients proven to help block DHT. This in turn may help stop hair loss. So any good hair loss shampoo should contain some active ingredients which are able to block DHT.

Now let's at whether some ingredients may actually be able to help promote hair growth.

Top 3 science-backed, shampoo ingredients to look out for based on the data

When it comes to hair growth, we need to look at what the studies show. As such, we've spent a great deal of time looking through all the papers to find plant-based extracts that can help with hair loss. Out of all of those a few proved to be the most effective.

We've selected the top 3 extracts from all the studies and outlined how well they work to stop hair loss below. Lets take a closer look at each:

1: Oleuropein - Oleuropein beat minoxidil in a hair growth study after 28 days. It worked by boosting anagen growth phase and reducing inflammation. (Source)

2: Taurine - Taurine was shown to protect the hair follicle and reduce the effect of TGF-B1 which is a protein which can cause hair follicle miniaturization. (Source)

3: Peppermint extract - Peppermint extract boosted hair growth more effectively than minoxidil after 4 weeks in one study Increased number, and length of follicle compared to minoxidil. (Source)

As we can see from these top 3 alternatives, there really are naturally derived substances that show positive results in clinical studies and can even compare favourably to minoxidil.

Unfortunately, the FDA will never approve any of these for hair loss treatments because no single company holds exclusive rights to manufacture any of these and will therefore never pay to get them approved by the FDA.

However, for people seeking an alternative to "off-the-shelf" shampoos and even minoxidil, this is good news because we can still use these extracts to help regrow our own hair without the big expense.

Choose a shampoo that blocks DHT, resolves scalp issues and activates hair growth.

So far we've discussed the 3 main ways that a shampoo could help reverse hair loss.

These 3 ways are:

1: Treat scalp issues

2: Block DHT

3: Activate follicle growth

For each of these pathways, different active ingredients are needed.

Not to mention, avoiding sulphates and parabens that are common in most "off-the-shelf" shampoos.

We've suggested a total of 6 active ingredients which carry out these functions (as shown by clinical studies), and which you should look for in your next shampoo.

So, what is the next step for people who are worried about hair loss?

One option that many people are now turning to is the Caffeine Shampoo.

The Hairguard Caffeine Shampoo works effectively through exactly these 3 ways.

It contains powerful DHT blockers, proven hair growth activators and plant-based ingredients to treat scalp issues.

The Hairguard Caffeine Shampoo has been gaining popularity in hair loss communities for exactly these reasons, with over 100+ excellent 5 star reviews and counting.

Let's see what this shampoo can do in practice...

As shown before, these 100X magnified images of the same area of the scalp show just how much difference the right shampoo can make to the scalp and hair.

The 'before' photo shows an inflamed scalp, with dandruff and some hair follicle miniaturisation taking place. After 6 months the scalp looks healthier and the follicles themselves have thickened and strengthened.

Before Caffeine Shampoo

After 6 months of use

There's clearly a difference in the health of the scalp and hair follicles, but what does the actually visual change to the hair look like? 

Further down this article you can see Caffeine Shampoo user, Scott, K's before and after photos to see what a difference it made.

Over 100 verified customer 5 star reviews

The Caffeine Shampoo has gained a lot of popularity lately due to its combination of effective and naturally derived ingredients, and now has over 100 top rated 5-star reviews from verified customers all over the world. 

Users of the Caffeine Shampoo are seeing "thickness improvement" "more baby hairs" "less hairs falling out". It's clear that it is helping a lot of people improve their hair health dramatically.

"I'm seeing my crown area looking more dense"

Verified Purchase

By Fabio , A

I use a shampoo brush to invigorate the scalp and combine that with this shampoo. It helps get rid of dandruff and sebum and bring more blood flow into the scalp. using the shampoo brush works really well with the caffeine shampoo.... I'm already seeing my crown area look more dense than a few months ago.

"I used to see big clumps of hair in the shower"

Verified Purchase

By Jemel, C

I love this shampoo. I used to see big clumps of hair in the shower drain everytime after showering. Since using this those hair strands in the drain have practically gone away and my hair looks much better as a result.

"My hair just feels thicker and healthier"

Verified Purchase

By Francis ,G

My scalp and hair used to get incredibly greasy and my previous shampoo didn't help at all. Now with the hairguard shampoo the oil production on the scalp is more in control and my hair just feels thicker and healthier.

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It's earning raving fans and gaining popularity as seen in these major publications

And it's not just the customers who are raving about it. Bloggers and major publications have started talking about this plant-based hair growth shampoo and how well it can work.


Scott, K from Arizona used the Caffeine Shampoo for 6 months (along with a couple of other Hairguard products) and noticed his hair coverage had improved during that time. He sent us the photos below:

This kind of improvement isn't a one-off occurrence though. Men and women from all across the US, UK and Canada are seeing visible improvements as well after 6 months.

So, how can you get started with a hair growth shampoo that works?

Firstly you'll need to check that it's still in stock. High demand, due to a number of high profile bloggers endorsing it meant it has been out of stock recently. 

Caffeine Shampoo availability can be checked below:

Try the Caffeine Shampoo now with free shipping

Caffeine Shampoo availability can be checked below:

Try the Caffeine Shampoo now with free shipping

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Hairguard, the manufacturer of the Caffeine Shampoo is one of the world's leading hair loss companies and has been helping men and women with hair loss for over 5 years. 

There's no reason not to get started right away with the Caffeine Shampoo, which right now is available with free worldwide shipping and the rock solid 180 day refund guarantee.

With the addition of a whopping 180 day money back guarantee, you truly do have 6 months to try it yourself first and see if you get good results like the hundreds of other reviewers who took a chance on this plant-based, DHT blocker shampoo. 

That's right, you can actually try the Caffeine Shampoo right now for 180 days to see the results for yourself before committing. There's also free shipping available right now for the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

For those worried about hair loss and looking for an effective shampoo that can help treat scalp issues, block DHT and promote regrowth, the Caffeine Shampoo is the top alternative that you can try with zero risk.

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