13 Best Natural DHT Blockers for Men with Hair Loss

Reverse hair follicle miniaturization

There are two ways to supplement with DHT inhibitors: topically and internally. Of course, each method of supplementation will have its own mechanisms behind its efficacy. However, it is first important to understand why blocking DHT works to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth in the first place. NOTE: The majority of DHT blockers …

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Nutrafol Review 2021 | Real User Pictures

Nutrafol is a supplement marketed to women (and men) suffering from hair loss. They claims that their unique formula is one of the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced hair loss supplements available. This supplement targets two specific causes of hair loss: inflammation elevated stress hormones. By targeting these causes, in addition to the usual nutritional …

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The Best Vitamins That Can Block DHT

Various different vitamins spread across a table

Those who suffer from hair loss do not have abnormally high levels of DHT, it is just their hair follicles (and the dermal papilla) are more sensitive to DHT than those who do not suffer from it. This is why blocking DHT entirely is not recommended. Some vitamins work directly to block DHT, while others …

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How To Use A Dermaroller For Hair Growth

Using a dermaroller along the hairline

This article will outline how to use a dermaroller to stimulate new hair growth. This method can help with diffuse thinning hair, or the typical receding hairline also known as pattern baldness. You will need to know how to use this technique properly, or you risk damaging your hair further. What is A Dermaroller? A …

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