Nutrafol Review 2021 | Real User Pictures With 6 Month Results

  • Medically reviewed by: Dr. Anil Simhadri
  • Written by: William Slator
  • Last updated: 13/09/2021

While most hair loss products target one cause of hair growth, the supplement Nutrafol targets four!

This post will cover all you need to know about Nutrafol and its many components. That includes:

  • How it works and what the product claims it can do.
  • Its ingredients, and how they can help to regrow hair.
  • What real customers have to say about the product, and what real users looked like before and after use.
  • How to use the product most effectively.
  • The side effects to consider before beginning use.
  • The cost and availability of Nutrafol.

Finally, I’ll share multiple alternative options you can use to combat hair loss on your own.

What Is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a supplement produced by Nutraceutical Wellness. It is designed to reverse hair loss and thinning. Bimatoprost to treat hair loss

It is recommended by “prestige salons” worldwide, as well as prominent dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Nutrafol has even been reviewed in prominent women’s magazines like Allure.

How Does It Work?

Unlike many treatment methods, Nutrafol targets four different causes of hair loss:

1. Blocks DHT

Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is the most common cause of hair loss in both sexes. It is believed to be caused by DHT. This is an androgen hormone produced by the interaction between testosterone (the male sex hormone) and 5AR (an enzyme).

DHT is a necessary hormone, but people with AGA are sensitive to its effects on the hair follicles. Through a process that scientists do not yet understand, DHT causes the follicles to undergo a process called hair follicles miniaturization.

Miniaturization is a process that is slow and gradual. The follicle literally shrinks in size, and the hair becomes progressively shorter and thinner. In the end, the follicle completely disappears.

This process also cuts off blood supply to the follicles, which further compounds the problem.

2. Manages Stress Hormones

Stress is a common condition. It can be either acute (temporary) or chronic (long-term). There are numerous health conditions associated with untreated stress. For example heart disease, depression, anxiety, and gastrointestinal problems.

It can also contribute to hair thinning.

According to Neutraceutical Wellness, Nutrafol’s formula helps to manage stress hormones by reducing cortisol levels. This is especially important in the women’s formula (see below), as stress-related hair loss is more commonly experienced by females.

3. Fights Free Radicals

As we age, the molecules within our bodies slowly begin to break down. They become free radicals – molecules that are lacking one or more electrons – and scavenge electrons from surrounding tissues.

The only way to combat free radicals is with antioxidants. These are molecules that share their electrons, so surrounding tissues don’t need to give up their own.

By reducing free radicals in the body, you prevent future damage. This includes damage to the skin and hair follicles, which can lead to graying, thinning, and loss.

4. Treats Inflammation

Hair follicle inflammation is commonly seen in the balding scalp, alongside miniaturization. Scientists are not yet sure if it is a cause or effect of the balding process. Whatever the answer, this inflammation is a sign of an unhealthy scalp environment. It can be caused by a variety of conditions including dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and scalp psoriasis.

According to Nutraceuticals, Nutrafol’s formula contains ingredients that can treat inflammation directly. This can be helpful in treating a wide range of conditions.

The Different Versions of Nutrafol

The core ingredient in Nutrafol is something the company calls “Synergen Complex®. Nutraceutical Wellness describes it as:

A proprietary blend of concentrated botanicals in unique ratios suited to the biological differences in men and women throughout life.

There are three main versions of Nutrafol, each with a slightly different Synergen Complex.

For Men

As men produce higher levels of DHT than women, the men’s formula contains higher levels of saw palmetto. This is a natural 5AR inhibitor that disrupts the process of DHT production.

Of course, the formula focuses on other causes of hair loss, too. These include stress and aging.

For Women

Sea water contains magnesium chloride which is important for overall health and may even directly help with healthy hair growth

Women can suffer from AGA, just like men. While DHT can also contribute to female hair loss (at least in some women), an even larger issue is stress.

As mentioned above, stress-induced hair loss happens when high levels of cortisol are present.

To treat this unique problem, Nutrafol Women’s formula focuses mainly on stress reduction. It does this by including various cortisol-fighting ingredients, such as ashwagandha.

Women’s Balance

This product is for women in their mid-40s and above, who are undergoing or have gone through menopause. This product targets issues like hormones and metabolism that are especially relevant to women of this age group.

The Nutrafol Boosters

In addition to these three main products, the company also offers a number of so-called targeted boosters. These are supplements that are tailed to each consumer’s personal needs, addressing his or her specific root causes of thinning.

There are currently 7 boosters for sale on the company’s website:

  • Vitamin D-Booster
  • DHT inhibitor
  • Hairbiotic
  • Liver Support
  • Stress Adaptogen
  • Sugar Balance
  • Digestive Enzyme

How do you know which of these boosters is for you? Quite simply, you take the Nutrafol Hair Wellness Quiz. The test is free and takes about 3 minutes to complete.

Clinical Trials

In February of 2017, the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) released an investigatory report on Nutrafol. More specifically, a competitor (Lifes2Good) argued that many of Nutrafol’s claims were not backed by science.

As a result of this investigation, ERSP determined there were six core messages that Nutrafol could not advertise without performing further research. They are:

  • “The ingredients in Nutrafol are formulated to strengthen and nourish thinning hair from within.”
  • “Nutrafol’s unique ingredients support existing hair growth and maintenance from within.”
  • “Key ingredients in Nutrafol have been shown to increase hair growth and provide fuller hair in men with thinning hair.”
  • “The ingredients in Nutrafol are designed to provide strong, healthy, beautiful and vibrant hair in women.”
  • “Nutrafol contains more than just simple hair vitamins and delivers therapeutic benefits from plant bioactives that vitamins and minerals alone cannot.”
  • “Nutrafol was developed with ingredients which address the underlying cause of poor hair health and support general wellness.”

Whether by pure coincidence or as a result of this investigation, Neutraceutical Wellness began recruiting subjects in February of 2017 for their own clinical trials (1). Another recruitment posting was created in July of 2017 (2).

The results of these trials were published in 2018 (3).

Nutrafol Is More Effective Than Placebo

The trial compared 26 women who received Nutrafol against 14 women on placebo. After 90 and 180 days, the Nutrafol-treated women had significantly more terminal and vellus hairs.

In particular, in a 1cm squared target area, the Nutrafol-treated women had an average of 16.8 new hairs (terminal+vellus) after 180 days. This compared to 4.5 new hairs for the women in the placebo group.

Expert dermatologists who assessed the before and after photos of the women’s heads gave ratings consistent with the hair counts. After 180 days, these dermatologists rated the women in the Nutrafol group as having – on average – better hair growth and hair quality.

These dermatologists were blinded, meaning they did not know whether the woman in each photo had received Nutrafol or a placebo.

In summary, the results of this research suggest Nutrafol is a biologically active formula that easily outperforms a placebo when it comes to regrowth. An obvious caveat is that the study was funded by Nutraceutical Wellness themselves.

Key Ingredients

The best way to learn about a product is to analyze what’s inside.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Collagen is a long-chain amino acid, and it’s responsible for the elasticity of the skin and hair. As we age, the natural collagen within our bodies starts to degrade (4). This can contribute to hair miniaturization, as collagen plays a crucial role in the follicles’ health.

Hyaluronic Acid

Produced naturally by our bodies, hyaluronic acid is a chemical that assists in the transportation of nutrients to cells. It also directs toxins away from cells.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a natural alternative to Propecia, the hair loss treatment drug that inhibits 5AR. In supplements, it can be present in a variety of forms. For example:

  • Powder capsules
  • Dried whole berries
  • Tablets
  • Liquid extracts

In the case of Nutrafol, the form of saw palmetto is dried whole berries. They are extracted from the plant intact and are then dried using high-pressure CO2.


Ashwagandha is an herb commonly used in Eastern tradition. It is commonly regarded as regenerative, and can be used in the treatment of:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

A 2014 comparative study showed that ashwagandha users saw a greater improvement in symptoms than placebo patients (5).


A form of vitamin E, tocotrienols are a powerful antioxidant. This is the ingredient that is responsible for fighting free radicals.


Also known as vitamin H, biotin is a vitamin that is important in the conversion of food to energy. It is also beneficial to the health of hair, skin, and nails.

A biotin deficiency is rare, but common symptoms include thinning hair and depression.

Amino Acid Blend

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They make up the structure of the body’s cells, which means they play a crucial role in hair growth.

Supplementing with an amino acid blend provides support to the amino acids present in your body. It can also facilitate the production of keratin – a protein that makes up 88% of the hair’s composition.

Consumer Reviews

As with any product on the market, not all consumers will be happy with the results (or lack thereof). Quite a few report using the product for 6+ months, but without any noticeable changes in their hair’s health.

However, quite a few customers have seen favorable results. These include hair coming in thicker and appearing fuller. In fact, some customers have even claimed that hair loss has slowed (or stopped completely), and some are even seeing actual regrowth.

Another common effect reported by some women is an acceleration in hair growth. In other words, their hair seems to grow longer at a faster pace than before.

How to Use

For both men and women, the serving size for each dose is 4 capsules. For best results, you should take it with food. This helps it to absorb more fully, and it also makes it easier to remember to take.

The product is only for men and women over the age of 18.

Side Effects and Considerations

As with any supplement, side effects are a possibility.

The most common side effect associated with natural supplements is allergic reactions. A mild reaction can manifest with symptoms like hives, itching, and rash.

A more severe reaction includes symptoms such as:

  • Widespread hives
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Swelling of the lips/mouth/throat/tongue
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • A feeling of impending doom

If you experience any of the above symptoms, stop supplement use and seek emergency medical treatment.

Do not use Nutrafol if you are under the age of 18, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

This is not a supplement suitable for vegans or vegetarians. It contains marine collagen which is derived from Atlantic cod.

Cost and Availability

Nutrafol can be purchased on the company website, or on Amazon. It is quite costly, coming in at $88 per month (if you choose the subscription plan) or $88 per bottle.

Can Nutrafol Treat Hair Loss?

The company claims that Nutrafol combats hair loss on a number of fronts. But, is it good at what it does?

There’s no doubt that the product contains numerous ingredients with proven benefits. When combined, they can be extremely effective in treating thinning and even preventing hair loss.

Should You Use Nutrafol?


The main benefit of Nutrafol is its all-natural ingredients.

The majority of hair loss treatments on the market contain chemicals. In the long run, these harm the scalp and hair and can lead to further hair loss.

By incorporating only natural ingredients into your treatment routine, you substantially increase your odds of maintaining a healthy scalp. A healthy environment is the best way to begin to regrow your hair (or prevent hair loss from occurring).

Another positive of Nutrafol is its multi-step approach to treatment. For example, Propecia works by targeting DHT while Rogaine increases circulation to the scalp. On the other hand, Nutrafol takes a threefold approach. It blocks DHT, reduces stress, and targets free radicals.


The main downside to Nutrafol is the cost. Over the cost of the year, treatment with Nutrafol will end up costing you just under $1000. This is an unusually high price tag for a natural supplement.

The high cost becomes especially apparent when you consider that you can purchase many of the ingredients – such as saw palmetto, biotin, and collagen – at a fraction of the cost.

Are There Alternatives?

All in all, Nutrafol is a high-quality natural supplement. However, its high cost may deter many individuals from use. So, what can you do instead?

To Block DHT

While blocking DHT isn’t the best way to go, it’s a common route that hair loss sufferers take. If this is the route you’d like to take, I highly recommend a natural method.

There are two ways to block DHT: topically, and orally. To prevent side effects associated with DHT blockers, including sexual dysfunction, I suggest you consider topical.

There are many topical DHT blockers you can use, including:

Is it hard to believe that natural herbs can be just as effective as Propecia or similar treatments? There’s scientific research to suggest this might be the case.

One example is rosemary oil and extract. According to a 2013 study, topical applications of rosemary extract inhibited the conversion of 5-alpha-reductase by 82.4% and 94.6%, respectively (6):


That’s better than Propecia’s (finasteride) inhibition percentage, which was just 81.9%!

Fortunately, adding rosemary (and other topicals) to your hair care routine is simple. By combining its use with scalp massage, you can increase circulation and improve your chances of regrowth.


Rosemary oil (1-2 TSP)


Pour 1 to 2 TSP of rosemary oil into your palms. Rub your hands together to warm the oil, and then begin working the oil into your scalp. Use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into the scalp. Use slow, circular motions.

Start with small circles, and gradually increase in size.

Avoid using your nails, as this can cause damage to the scalp and hair.

To Reduce Stress

While women suffer from stress-related hair loss more commonly than men, both males and females can benefit from stress reductions exercises and techniques.

Breathing Exercises

By practicing purposeful breathing, you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This particular part of the nervous system is responsible for your body’s unconscious actions (such as the release of cortisol).

You can also increase blood oxygen levels. This means more oxygen delivery throughout the body, including the scalp. In this way, you can stimulate the hair follicles and ensure the proper delivery of nutrients.

The particular method I recommend is known as ‘chee breathing,’ and it’s all about inhalation, retention, and exhalation. Simply put, you’ll learn to breathe in a controlled manner.

In a standing position, inhale slowly from the lower abdomen into the chest and, finally, the clavicles. You don’t want to fill the lungs to maximum capacity, but just enough to feel comfortable (about 90%).


As you inhale, visualize the air traveling through your nostrils and deep into your lungs. Once you’re done inhaling, imagine a bubble of air sinking as deep into the lungs as possible.

Hold this breath for 3-5 seconds. You may have to work up to this time span if you’re new to the practice.

As you exhale, do so through your mouth in a controlled manner. Try to keep the exhalation even (meaning, don’t blow out hard in the beginning and then soften as you exhale).

For beginners, it can also be helpful to use your arms.

As you inhale, lift your arms into a high arc. As you exhale, slowly lower your arms until they are by your sides.

I recommend you practice this on a daily basis. To see results, you’ll have to do this for at least a month.

Scalp Massage

Aside from increasing circulation to the scalp, massage can also reduce tension and relieve stress. When done on a regular basis, you can increase hair loss on two fronts.Scalp massages improve blood flow and thereby increase the amount of nutritive substances reaching the hair follicle

To perform a scalp massage, you can use oil (such as outlined above) or not. Begin by placing your thumb, index finger, and middle finger on the sides of your head just above your ears. Slowly work in a circular motion. Apply various levels of pressure as you go.

After 2-3 minutes, move towards the top of the scalp. Continue massaging in a circular motion, and slowly work your way towards the hairline and temples.

Begin at the middle of the hairline, and move out to the temples. After 2-3 minutes, return to the sides of the scalp, and then work your way towards the base.

This should take about 10 minutes. You can perform it on a daily or even twice daily basis.

To Fight Signs of Aging

The most effective way to fight signs of aging is to directly combat free radicals. You can do this by increasing antioxidants in your body.

Add Antioxidants to Your Diet

There are plenty of delicious foods that are abundant in antioxidants. Some of the best are:Naturally alkalising foods in a platter

  • Spices: cloves, vanilla, turmeric, cinnamon, sage, etc.
  • Berries: goji, acai, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, etc.
  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio, hazelnuts, etc.
  • Dried fruit: raisins, prunes, figs, dates, apricots, etc.
  • Beans and legumes: black beans, kidney beans, lentils, pinto, etc.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies: the more colorful the better, and try to keep it organic.

Of course, you can eat these foods directly. However, you can also add them to smoothies, which is an easy (and delicious!) way to consume nutrients quickly.

Updated Review – October 2017

I’ve been using Nutrafol now for close to three months. I started with two pills a day, rather than the recommended four pills a day. I wanted to make sure I could handle it and the ingredients would not be irritating for me. You can do the same if you want.

After a week with no reactions or issues, I moved up to the full dose and I’ve only forgotten to take it a handful of days.

I’ve used Nutrafol in combination with caffeine shampoos and nightly rosemary scalp rubs because I firmly believe in treating hair loss on both the inside and the outside.

While it’s true that Nutrafol contains the fancy marine collagen, I also take a separate bovine collagen supplement. Because why not surf & turf this crap?! (hahaha sorry about that) I’m making up for lost time here with the collagen!

The result? My uncomfortably high hairline and empty temple areas have been filling in with vellus hairs. This helps so much because my hair is dark and I’d much rather see dark hair than empty space on my scalp, even if they are short vellus hairs or “baby hair”.

I will continue to take Nutrafol and report back again in three more months.

Update – December 2017

I’ve been asked to come back and report with pictures of my new growth.

I’m going to ask you to use your imagination for the before pictures- the areas that are thinned in these were in fact empty before I went on this journey. It’s not hard to imagine that. My “about me” photo shows my uncomfortably high hairline and attempts to hide it with hair over my temples.

But now? It may not seem like much to have short vellus hairs framing my face and filling in those gaps, but to me, this is huge.

I hope that as I keep up my treatments that these hairs get longer and stronger, and that these follicles come back to life enough to produce long strong hair.

One result of this new growth is that I’m more comfortable wearing my hair up. I couldn’t do that before (with the exception of having a loose but carefully constructed bun at the nape of my neck) because pulling it back exposed the bald spots.

Product images for this stuff now include a ton of before/after pics: check it out. You can see other women’s hairlines and how they’ve also filled in after a few months of taking Nutrafol.


Update, March 9 2018

I’m still using Nutrafol, and my hair still is filling in. The “baby hairs” are about the same length as my last update, but there is a greater density of them along my hairline.

Take a look!

Update March 2019

Due to the expense of using Nutrafol for the last few months, I’ve been using the Hairguard Essentials Supplement.

Considering the price is much less, it is quite remarkable that my hair is growing back thicker and glossier than ever before.

The Hairguard Supplement contains everything Nutrafol has and more but at a much more reasonable price. Hairguard has designed it for both men and women with thinning or receding hair.

Does Nutrafol Cause Weight Gain?

For the six months, I took it, I actually lost about 15 lbs. Of course, I have been exercising quite a bit more, but as a heavier person who tends to put on weight, it’s worth noting that hasn’t happened to me on Nutrafol.

I can only speak for myself, but for me, the answer is no.

For another user’s experience on Nutrafol, check out the video below:



Having taken a hair growth supplement for a while now I can conclude that it has helped my hair look thicker, glossier, and stronger.

If you are worried about losing more hair and want to protect yourself against further loss, whilst giving your body everything it needs to support healthy hair growth then a good supplement is recommended.

Nutrafol for me is too much on the expensive side as it stands. Although I do rate the quality of the ingredients, given my excellent results with the Hairguard Supplement, I see no reason to go back to Nutrafol.

With that said, a supplement is only one small part of your hair care regime. There is no substitute for cleaning up your diet and maximizing your micronutrient intake through healthy foods.

Reducing stress, avoiding chemicals, avoiding hot shower water, and using a good shampoo are also important.

As with all treatments, if you are intending to start Nutrafol, make sure to give the supplement sufficient time to work. Three months is an absolute minimum, though ideally, you should aim for at least six months before making a final decision.

Information contained on this website has not been evaluated by any medical body such as the Food & Drug Administration. All information is for educational purposes only. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. You must consult a medical professional before acting on any content on this website.

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  1. I would like to thank you for doing the work that you do in reviewing these products. I am intrigued with which aspect it is in supplements that cause them work- is it each ingredient working or the combination working together? Every product has a different combination that helps some but not others.

    I look forward to reading of your results with this product!

  2. That’s an excellent question, and thank you for the kind words! I wish I had a background in microbiology or pharmacology so I could give a more precise answer! I think it’s probably a little from column A and a little from column B. We know that medications can assist or impede one another, and this is likely also true for some vitamins and herbal compounds. Even if it’s just having all of these ingredients present with NO interaction, having them all in one pill, vs. 30 different bottles, is the winning choice!

  3. You are right, the price of Nutrafol does seem high, especially when compared to similar products. I can see why it is priced the way it is through and you are getting value for money and many doctors recommend it. I think 4 tablets a day is a lot, but if it makes a real difference then it’s worth it. As women age, more and more of these products will become important. I know a friend who will benefit from this product. Thank you for writing this article.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. When considering the cost of cosmetic procedures we always have to weigh the potential benefits. If Nutrafol really does work as well as some users say, I’ll consider $88/month a bargain!

  5. Thank you for reviewing this product.

    I was interested in this product until I saw that the price would be kind of hard for someone to afford on a monthly basis. Then I realized that you “Get what you pay for”.
    Why pay money for a product that does not work?

    Thank You,

  6. Very good review which I am sure took you some time to research. Interesting read, I knew about Biotin for hair and nails but did not know about this product. As you say it sounds very pricey, but might be worth it if it helps.

  7. Just wondering if this would work for men? i read through the article and noticed that the article was specifically about hair loss in women but didn’t notice anything about men. I would be very interested to know. Great information!!

  8. Hi, Penelope! Great review! I never knew about this product, but it is understandable because I wasn’t interested in these kinds of products. Sometimes it’s interesting to read something that I don’t usually read about.
    It seems like a good product. We need to remember that not every product is good for everyone. We are unique and different, and it is beautiful. 🙂
    It is good that you will try for yourself and later write about it. I would like to know your personal experience. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the feedback! Amazing how much stuff is available out there, right? Thanks for checking back in after I have the time to try this one 🙂

  10. You’ve done your research on this product haven’t you? Very informative! I’m not sure about the price being high as some would think. I think that depends on whether it works for your hair or not. If you suffered hair loss and Nutrafol solved the problem them the cost would be 100% worth it.
    Great post!

  11. Thanks for the input. I agree – if it works, $88/month (which, let’s face it, is the cost of one nice meal out) is COMPLETELY worth having thick, filled-in hair!

  12. Thank you for the thorough review here! I like that you normally go for ratings that are at 4-4.5 or higher but its stellar that you will give this one a shot and let us know, anyway! Do you think this product would also work to thicken and strengthen the hair that is already there?

  13. Yes, people have used Nutrafol to strengthen existing or thinning hair! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  14. This is an interesting product but it’s a shame that it interferes with birth control pills. I do appreciate that they do mention it as other supplements sometimes don’t and that can be risky if you don’t double-check.

    I’m also glad you brought up about the negative reviews of this product and how they were mostly written by people who were only using the product for a month. I think any product that claims super long hair regrowth in a month is a red flag and some people have unrealistic expectations.

  15. Yeah, I completely agree with that assessment. Any hair loss treatment (other than, let’s face it, putting on a wig) is gonna require long-term commitment. I do think that women who are concerned about any interference with birth control should check with their docs before starting this one. Too bad we can’t just have more men get vasectomies, eh?

  16. The price of Nutrafol does seem to be quite high but I couldn’t find anywhere for how long time should you use this supplement? I read that it takes several months to see the improvement but then – should I use it for the whole life to retain the results? Or is it enough with some period of time?

  17. That’s an excellent question. I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that with most hair loss products, it’s a lifetime commitment. The nutritional and hormonal causes of hair loss are often permanent.

  18. read the Saw Palmetto can cause cellulite. I only read it from one or two people that took it. Is that true or is there not enough in the pill to cause that? Thank you for your informative review. Really helps.

  19. Thank you for the question! In all of my research, I’ve found no scientific evidence supporting the idea that saw palmetto causes cellulite. I did see some anecdotal stuff, but keep in mind that it’s hard to isolate any one ingredient as a cause. The amount of Saw Palmoetto included in Nutrafol is appropriate as a hair loss treatment and not excessive.

    There IS scientific backing for these causes of cellulite: caffeine, carbonation, and refined and processed foods.

  20. I’m so happy to find your blog! I’m going to try the Biotin brand you suggested and up my dosage to 10,000. I found you because I was specifically searching for Nutrafol reviews. Do you have an update?

    I’m looking for something new to try and want to avoid Rogaine, because it’s messy and I’m afraid it will get on my pillow/face when I sleep and give me hair where I don’t want it!

    Have you ever tried Viviscal, J.F. Lazartigue’s Stymulactine 21 serum, or Harklinikken?

  21. Hi Joanne, thanks so much for checking in, and I’m glad you’re finding this info useful. Biotin is a must! An updated Nutrafol review is in the pipeline, thanks for the reminder!

    As for the three products you mentioned, I haven’t tried any of them, but I’m going to do some research and see if there’s anything to them.

    And yeah, Rogaine is messy and does require long-term commitment, so it’s worth trying other products with less drawbacks for sure.

  22. Thanks! FYI, I started using Viviscal after a bad shedding episode last fall, and I thought it really helped. But I got lazy both about my 5,000 Biotin and the dinnertime Viviscal. Once again, fall shedding has started — and it’s worse than last year! So I’m not sure if Viviscal never worked, or maybe just stopped because I got lazy, but I’m casting about now for more solutions. I’m also using lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, rosemary and oregano on my scalp, so I smell lovely at least!

  23. I haven’t tried caffeine shampoo! Is there a brand you like? I have curly hair (which covers a multitude of sins) and I use all the Devachan products, which include a no-poo. And I only wash once, maybe twice a week. (Right now I’m terrified to wash it tomorrow!) I started going gray in my mid-30s (I’m 52 now) so I have to color. When you use the oils, do you rinse them out or just let them absorb? And yes, I’ve learned my lesson. I have to just keep up the supplement regimen.

  24. Thank you for the tip on pepper allergy!!! I started Nutrafol yesterday and this morning had swollen gums and was wondering why…

  25. I didn’t know that stress could cause hair loss. I guess that’s not so surprising as I know stress shows up in many forms, and this would be yet another one. This is a very sensitive area for women (and men too) so the fact that there may be hope with this product is very meaningful. Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly research this product for your post.

  26. Yes, it would seem that stress is at the root (no pun intended) of far too many of our problems. thank you for your comments, and I’m glad you enjoyed the Nutrafol review!

  27. Thorough review!! Love the nutraceutical aspect of it and the research both you and Nurtafol have done. Looking forward to your follow-up review… when should we expect it?

    Also curious if it works for excessive shedding…?

  28. Yes – Nutrafol helps with androgenetic alopecia over time by strengthening the hair follicle and hair shaft, shortening the shedding phase (telogen) and extending the growing phase (androgen). It primarily does this through blocking DHT, the hormonal byproduct of testosterone that’s more present in those with androgenetic alopecia. Thanks for reading, hope this helps!

  29. I am looking forward to your review. I have been using Nutrafol for 3 months and for me it has made a difference. I could tell by month 2 that the product is working. My hairstylist and dermatologist were also able to to see an improvement. This product was recommended to me from my dermatologist, who also is using Nutrafol. I know all products won’t help all problems. I do wish the price were more reasonable, as I am not sure how long I can pay such a high price for Nutrafol. Also more people could be helped if the price were more reasonable.

  30. Thanks for the feedback, Laura! Your experience helps our readers make an informed decision. Two months is more than enough time to assess if any hair loss product is working…it’s understandable, but a bit frustrating, when people expect things to work “overnight” or in a matter of days. And yeah, Nutrafol is hands-down more expensive than other hair loss supplements. After reading more about the process to develop it (10 years of research), I guess I see why they need to recoup those r&d dollars. Over time the price will drop…while I don’t know this for sure, I’m gonna guess that minoxidil was super expensive in the beginning. So was lasik.

  31. Is this product really just for women, or can men use it as well? Also, are the ingredients natural or synthesized?

  32. Hi thank you for the informative blog Penelope! I am curious and anxious to hear your review on the product including any side effects. I am also wondering if there is any data on what happens if you discontinue the product after 3-4 months. Also, do you know anyone on here tried prp or laser therapy alone or in combination and what was their experience. Thanks!

  33. Thank you for this comprehensive review. I have been looking for something for my aunt who has thinning hair. The price does seem a bit steep so not sure if she’ll be able to afford it but as you say, you get what you pay for. Thanks for the review and I will keep reviewing your site for updates.

  34. Hi and thanks for a great article. I have had slight thinning hair for a while and I know 100% it is down to hormones and adrenal fatigue. I am trying hard to balance my body with good, nutrient dense food but I would seriously consider buying this for that extra boost. I work in herbal apothecary and recognised many of these herbs, which is great because it shows it is natural, hence the less side effects of drugs. I am pretty sure that this product would also be great for your skin and nails as they require lots of the same nutrients. What do you think?

  35. Skin and nails definitely get a boost with any collagen supplement and the other ingredients in Nutrafol also work to support them. I’m glad to help with the information, come back and let us know how it works for you!

  36. Hi Penelope, thanks for the review . I’ve been taking Viviscal for two months… am wondering if I should continue for one more month to get the cycle of three months with that product and then switch to Nutrafol.
    Have you heard anything about Viviscal and can you make any comparison to Nutrafol?
    Thanks so much

  37. Hi Penelope,
    I think you said you were going to let us know in November whether Nutrafol is working for you or not. How is it going? Also, I have been using Hairgia shampoo for awhile now. Have you heard of that product?

  38. Hi Judy! Yes, I did update this review with my results. I’m seeing some good new growth, mostly in the form of vellus or baby hairs. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to the ingredients in Nutrafol and I did ease into taking it, just in case I was allergic or sensitive to the pepper or fish protein. So far so good. I’m gonna keep taking it for another three months along with the other things in my regimen!

    What do you think of Hair Gia? I’ve never tried that one. There isn’t a ton of info about it online so I’m very interested in your experience!

  39. Ive been using it for a couple of years now. I checked and it also has DHT in it. It gives me volume but that can also be because of my curly hair. I’ve noticing the last couple of weeks my hair has become frizzy. I started using nutrafol on October 28th so I am hoping it does the trick for hair growth and getting rid of the frizz. BTW, I also have hashimotos hypothyroditis.

  40. Hello! Im starting my second month of Nutrafol and will continue for month 3 and 4. Hoping to see results. My actual problem is breakage . I can pull up a big stand of hair in the light and see TONS of breakage therefore causing thinning. I was every 4-5 days and do not use hot tools. What kind of a doctor is good with hair problems? I can’t fugue out why it keeps breaking.. I do color every 5 weeks. Thank you for any info!

  41. Thanks for your reply! I only color roots as close to my natural color(dark brown) then a gloss. Is there bleach in all hair colors? Hmmmmm…maybe no more gloss? Not sure. Ive heard about bone broth. Maybe Ill give it a try! Thank you!

  42. Well, I’m pretty sure there’s no bleach in gloss. However permanent dyes also contain oxidizing agents, which have the same effect as bleach…this could be part of the problem.

    I’d say give the bone broth or hydrolized collagen a shot and consider swapping out your current dye regimen for henna or something more natural?

  43. Hi happened upon your review & thread it’s December 11,2017 how are you liking Nutrafol? Interested in the quality ingredients as a nurse that’s critical. 3 surgeries 3 years in a row have left my beautiful wavy highlighted hair hopeless. Noticing part widening at top and overall thinking like never before. Stressed as my father is very ill & horrible job stress not helping I’m sure.
    Can you give us an update in December if you’d continue any before & after photos?
    Thank you!!

  44. I listened to the Holistic Plastic Surgery podcast about hair thinning and hair loss. A doctor name Alan Bauman in Florida was interviewed. He recommended three supplements: biotin, Viviscal, and Nutrafol. He is also a proponent of the Laser Cap. I think I’ll try the supplements since the hat is quite expensive. Also, have you ever heard of the hair care company called MONAT? It is a multi-level marketing company and my friend’s mother has grown back her hair and no longer has to wear a wig because of this company.

  45. WOW!!! I can actually see the new growth! That is awesome!

    Way to put yourself out there! That speaks volumes! I cannot wait to see more results!

    I also LOVE the fact that this “Nutrafol” is an oral supplement! Most of the treatments that I have seen require you to use a small dropper and place an oil or other solution directly onto your scalp. Just popping some pills everyday seems so much easier!

    I am definitely going to check this product out! Thanks again for this information!

  46. Thanks for the feedback, and I’m glad you can see the new growth! I was a little surprised that no one had commented on it yet and now I can put that to rest 🙂 And yeah, I agree 100% that taking a pill is the easiest way to solve the issue, although in most cases, that topical stuff is ALSO required (ugh).

  47. What a very thorough review of this product. I really like the fact that you write a review prior to undertaking they treatment yourself. That really says a lot to me about your reviews being truthful. I do like the idea of a supplement as it is, obviously, less time consuming than topical treatments. I like the fact that the manufacturers of the product are upfront about possible side effects and also the cost of the product. It does seem like a very expensive product – that would probably put some people off from purchasing it. Thank you for the great review.

  48. Thanks for reading my review of Nutrafol! This is one of the ones I’ve tried and stuck with, because I’m serious about growing back my hair and so far, encouraged at the results. it’s expensive, but for me, it just means cutting a few corners elsewhere, no more daily $5 dirty chais for example 🙂

  49. I am a regular reader with all your material. I have learned a lot about biotin and other things on the Keep Your Hair Subject. I take zinc supplements which make me perform several times my stamina level…now that I have read this, it is awesome to know that it’s good for hair too. =)

  50. I always look forward to reading your post. You always provide some valuable information for both men and women. This review was no different. As you mentioned, the price is kind of hign, but if it’s worth it why now. Also, 30 days is not enough to see results; hair grows about 1/4 inch a month.
    Thanks for sharing.

  51. There are a few things I like about this product. One it is a supplement. Two it is recommended by salons. Three you can take it to strengthen hair you already had and four it has been stated to fill in bald spots. It is a bit expensive but for what you are getting it is worth. I am a pretty patient person so waiting is not a person for me. I thank you for sharing your results with us that is really encouraging.

  52. Thanks for reading, and I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing my results with Nutrafol! The reality is that none of this stuff is perfect and I’m fighting hard here for small gains. I have to take a medication that causes hair loss (levothyroxine), and I have to take it for the rest of my life, or at least until science gets with the program and cooks up some nanobots that fix my thyroid. Until then, I’m throwing everything I can at this hair stuff, because it’s really important to me!

  53. Thanks for your feedback. yes, hair grows maddeningly slow for most of us! I didn’t share my progress pics until several months had passed, and the honest truth is most of these products need to be tried for a good 2-3 months before assessing if they’re even working.

  54. What an in depth review Penelope. Those looking for a through review on Nutrafol will most definitely find it here. The price tag is high and seeing as it takes a few months to see improvements the 30 day money back guarantee is disappointing I think. I do like the way you update the post with personal progress reports. It’s great to hear you’re happy with this product. Look forward to seeing further progress.

  55. Very intriguing! I’ve never heard of Nutrafol until now. Sounds like a good product to try…do the pills have a bad taste though? I’ve ran into that with certain brands of vitamins and was wondering if Nutrafol had a bad aftertaste.

  56. Thank you for this review and updates on your own hair. Wow you have a lot of baby hair growth so this product must work great! A little pricey, but if it works, it’s worth it…Your thorough research and reviews are very helpful. 🙂

  57. Thanks for the feedback. I know my results aren’t “glamorous” but they are real, and they are my hair, and I’m pretty over the moon about it.

  58. There are so many products out there that fail to deliver their promises. I have tried supplements to increase hair growth with no success. I appreciate that you used this product and shared your experience with us. It looks like a great product. I naturally don’t have much hair. And this product might rescue my problem. I will have to see if it works for me. Thank you again for the awesome work.

  59. Thanks for sharing your feedback, and I agree with you – there are so many bogus hair supplements out there. I’m really grateful I found one that seems to be helping.

  60. My hair has gotten a little thicker, actually. It’s not easy for me to assess that because I have combined textures – kinky/curly for the bottom half and straight for the top half (weird, right?) so thickness is never easy to determine. But I do find I need to wrap my hairband one less time around it, when I wear a loose bun.

    I highly recommend this supplement solely because of the new growth, which you can see from the pictures.

  61. Thanks for the reply. Obviously works for you and a lot of women do you think it can do the same with men due to the dht factor?

  62. Hi Penelope,

    I’ve been taking Nutrafol for less than a month. Before I started taking them I was using a daily biotin chew. Will it hurt to resume the chew while taking Nutrafol? Thanks!

  63. Hi Penelope,

    Thanks for the review. Please keep on posted on your latest changes! I appreciate it.

  64. Great product, Nutrafol looks really great and effective and perfect for busy women especially mums who dont even get enough time to groom themselves while taking care of family and kids. I will share and recommend this to my friends who are experiencing hair loss. Thank you for sharing…:)

  65. Hi Ashley – I will totally do that, thanks for the reminder. I’ll post updated hair pics soon.

  66. Hi Penny,

    Great post as usual. You give such a thorough review. Cover everything anyone would need to know all about Nutrafol. It sounds really good and getting lots of positive reviews on Amazon is a bonus.

    My hair is certainly thining, in fact I shave my head these days so save on haircuts and its nice and warm where I live so get to be cooler too haha!

    I know a couple of women who would be very interested in this stuff so I am going to share the post with them. Thanks for a great review 🙂


  67. I use Nisim a product from Canada. I have seen great results in combo with
    Nutrafol. It uses niacin to nourish hair folicals.

  68. My hair has been thinning and I’ve been wanting to try Nutrafol and ran across your review. I’m a bit confused as to something you said though. I know the lack of estrogen can attribute to hair loss in women and you stated it can decrease the effects of estrogen. I don’t understand how this is said to help balance hormones yet decrease the effects of estrogen. Can you help me understand this?

  69. I have heard of Nutrafolbefore but never really thought it would work but after reading this post and seeing your updated results I now know that it actually has the possibility for working for me as it did with you, so thanks for sharing your experience and giving me hope for my receding hairline

  70. Nutrafol must be a great and effective product, as i can see the ingredients in it. It must work as a super tonic for preventing hair loss and for hair growth, fish oils are so good for hair. Thank you so much for sharing reviews on such a great product, I will share this review with my friends as well, so that they can benefit from it also.

  71. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cary! I’ve been happy with Nutrafol, as it’s worked for me.

  72. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amanda! I’m encouraging everyone to give this a try, I’m pleased with my results from it!!

  73. hello there,
    This food supplement looks like a good product and from what i read on other people experience it really works.
    I have a friend who is only 45 but she suffer from hair loss. Do you think it will help?I hope yes because i see is a natural product.
    The price is good but you have any idea if i can find it in pharmacy?
    If she has another medication it is any problem? She has to consult the doctor? As I read in your review is no need for medical prescription but i just ask to be sure.
    Thanks for sharing such an informative article and i will surely be back..
    Have a good day,

  74. I believe this product is only available online, and not in pharmacies, but that’s a great question, thanks for asking! It’s always a good idea to check with your physician before starting new supplements, although in most cases it’s totally safe to add something like this. Hair loss can be treated – be sure to send your friend to my site!

  75. Hi Penelope, I’m very glad to have stumbled onto your review and info! Beginning early January, I suffered a serious infection with high fevers that lasted a month. I took 20 days of Ciprofloxacin (antibiotic). Within 2 weeks of my last dose, my long, thick hair suddenly and very severely began falling out. I have lost more than 1/2 my hair so far, and no sign of slowing. (Cipro, btw, is a failed chemo drug) Aside from the stress from the prolonged illness, the high fevers (104.4), and the meds, I’m also hypothyroid (taking Armour Thyroid 2 yrs), resolving iron-deficient anemic, and entering menopause. Such a mixed bag! I began taking Nutrafol 2 days ago, and I’m awaiting the delivery of Shapiro MD shampoo & conditioner. Hoping for a miracle before I completely lose my hair! If I can just get the hair to stop falling out by the masses, I’d feel better. It’s the uncertainty of when or even IF this is going to end. I also sit in my far-infrared sauna and began using a near-infrared light on my head. I wish I had taken all these actions much sooner, as I let a whole month of hair loss go by, hoping it would just be temporary and would stop. Your thoughts, please!

  76. Thank you so much for your quick response!! Yes!! I am drinking home-made bone broth several times weekly and have been using bovine-based collagen powders in my smoothies for quite some time. I’d forgotten to mention those, but they do matter! It makes such sense – what you said – about the body taking care of the vital mechanisms first and foremost, “tanking” the non-essentials, like hair. I get that! I’m in recovery mode, and I hope to at least halt this hair loss soon! I will keep up the good fight and keep you posted in the meantime! Thank you <3

  77. Wow, I’m so glad you’re already in the bone broth camp! Very cool to meet another convert, I’m used to having to explain painstakingly why we need to consume powdered cow and fish skin all the time 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Recovery mode means there’s an end in sight, and you’ve got this. Definitely come back. This blog is very widely read, though not everyone comment,s and I’m sure there are a ton of other women in the same exact boat reading and curious about your path.

  78. Hi Penelope,
    I too am a Nutrafol user for just over a month so I can’t say just yet what my results are. I was wondering what other supplements you take with Nutrafol? Thanks for sharing so much information with us!

  79. Thank you so much for your quick reply! I just read the reviews on the collagen powder and wonder why I have never heard of this stuff? Seems everyone has had great results. I wish I had found your site months ago when I thought I was the only woman suffering from hair loss. It’s nice to have a group of people willing to share their experiences and show support.

  80. I’m glad you’re here now, Angie. And I’m glad it’s been only months vs. years, because it means your follicles are still alive and you can bring them back.

    I feel like EVERYONE should be taking collagen. Older, slower and more thorough methods like roasting and stewing and eating organ meats and cooking bone-in meats meant our collagen needs were met through our diets, from the beginning of time until probably the last 80 years.

    Still, depending on your culture, eating things like tripe and tendon (common in asian and some european cuisines) is normal and a great source. If there were a good (or, honestly, bad) pho place in my town, I’d probably eat tripe pho there five times a week.

    My skin is extremely thin, which makes me extra worried about things like weight fluctuations and aging, and I’m certain it’s related to my hair loss and difficulty with hair growth. The collagen makes a tangible difference in all these areas. thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe on the bottom right, and come back and let us know about your journey!

  81. I hope to have progress to report. And soon. I would be happy to share any updates as I notice them, but where is the best place to do so? Also, I commented under another reader’s comment, in response to it, and I don’t see it at all. Are we able to do that? Final question: Is there some sort of notification when someone responds to a comment? Otherwise, is it just a matter of remembering where I’ve commented to find your possible response?

  82. Hi Kim! I’m thinking about starting a new forum section that’s just conversation among readers. I’ll work on that because it’s a good idea. and you bring up another good point – I may need to try to find a plugin so people can get notification of responses to comments! It’s all a work in progress. For now, why don’t you share your progress report here! I will go approve and publish your other comment asap!!

  83. You are doing a great job on your site! Love all the valuable info and your personal touch that comes along with answering a multitude of questions and responding to comments. I think a forum is a great idea! It would be so helpful for people to share their thoughts, trials, and triumphs!

  84. Thank you so much for the kind words! I agree, this site is a work in progress and now that I have so many regular readers who are trying out my protocol, a forum is the best way to make it more social. I’ll announce it when it’s ready asap.

  85. So! I began implementing self-help measures 3/27/18 after sudden & rapid hair loss that began tail end of Feb. I have experienced diffuse loss, though my part has widened and there are some extremely thin areas all over the top of my head. I have lost 3-4″ of length, as all my longest hair has fallen out. Though the average person would probably not notice my hair loss, my family & I sure do! We estimate a 60% or better loss. Here are the things I’ve been doing, beginning end of March and adding on as I discovered: Far-infrared sauna (when I have the time!); Near-infrared light therapy; EO’s massaged onto scalp and left on overnight; Progesterone cream; Shapiro MD shampoo & conditioner; Nutrafol daily supplement; HairMax Laser Comb. SOMETHING (if not many or all) is working. My hair fall is diminishing AND last night I separated sections of my hair, as I have done daily, and found evidence of brand new growth! Granted, it was ONE hair per 3 sections, but it gives me hope! If I found 1 hair per 3 sections checked, that gives me hope that I might find 1 hair per any and all sections checked. They are only maybe 2-4 mm in length and very hard to spot in my 10x magnification mirror. I am hopeful and expecting to see MORE with time and diligence with treatment. I am seeing a dermatologist in 3 days for the 1st time, and hopefully she will confirm the new growth and tell me it’s generalized!

  86. Oops! Forgot to add that I also take S-L biotin, collagen, cod liver oil, ashwaghanda, and other supplements pertaining to my individual needs, as well as making & consuming home-made bone broth. I had already been doing these things prior to my hair loss, but they can certainly help.

  87. It’s super encouraging to hear about your results so far, Kim! Come back and keep us posted. You do know it’s gonna take a couple of months to see a ton of progress, but the fact that you’re experiencing less fallout already and tiny growth in your magnification mirror is AMAZING! This stuff works if you work it.

  88. Yes, all of those supplements are great for skin & hair health, glad you have such an awesome health routine!

  89. Hi! I don’t have thinning hair but I do have thin hair that I would like to make thicker and fuller. I have read all your hair supplement reviews and the other recommendations for hair loss. Although I don’t suffer from hair loss, but want to make my hair thicker, fuller and healthier, what would you suggest that I incorporate into my daily routine to achieve this? I also workout everyday so my hair is pulled up everyday when I work out (I also heard working out can negatively affect your hair growth but not sure if there is any truth to that) I have the normal everyday stresses of life, but nothing that severely impacts my day as to say that I am a super stressed person. Do you take Biotin AND bone broth…or just one of them?

  90. ok thank you for your response! So in your opinion, do you think I should also opt for a hair supplement like Nutrafol or a different brand or is that overkill?

  91. If you can afford Nutrafol, it’s great. But since you’re not actively losing hair, the biotin, collagen and the Thin Hair treatments I linked to should be enough, in all honesty.

  92. awesome!! Thanks so much!!! I can afford Nutrafol but I don’t want to spend the money if it really isn’t necessary. I have been hearing about the Keratin hair supplement too.

  93. Penelope – making bone broth is simple and quick. I just load my crock pot with bones, fill with water, and turn on high. After a few hours, I add 2T ACV and turn to low, letting it simmer and pull minerals and collagen from the bones for the next day for beef, 1/2 day for chicken. I strain all the bones out, return the broth to the crock pot, add seasonings such as salt & pepper, turmeric, garlic & onion powders. Sometimes I’ll add Great Lakes gelatin if I don’t have joint bones. I let that simmer and infuse awesome flavor into the broth. Since I make a large crock, I separate into Chinese soup containers and fridge or freeze depending… 1 mug a day!! Yum!!

  94. OMG that’s brilliant, thank you so much! Do you mind if I copy this and attribute it to you and put it up in the article? I think it would help a ton of people who are fathoming taking on the task 🙂 Especially love the bit about your Chinese soup containers!

  95. Share away!! We’re of the mindset of “waste not, want not”, so using the bones for basically free broth that is a nutritional powerhouse is a bonus! And it’s great to have around for when I need it for dishes or a soup base. We’ll even throw our dinner’s steak bones or bone-in roast’s bones into the freezer until we accumulate enough for my large crock pot load.

  96. That’s a brilliant idea – saving the bones from the food you already eat. I mean, I’ve definitely done that with chicken carcasses, but never thought to do it with shoulders and steaks and roasts. good thinking!!

  97. Hi again! Can you consume bone broth AND the collagen or should you just stick to one or the other. Will consuming both cause any adverse reactions or health issues? If not, do you feel it is necessary to do both?

  98. Some people have digestive reactions to bone broth or collagen, but not everyone and it’s usually mild. I generally recommend one or the other, but both won’t hurt! What I think is important is getting collagen from both land and marine animal sources – they contain different types of collagen and amino acids, so I just like to cover my bases.

  99. ok thanks. I will just stick to the collagen then since it is easier and less work to fit into my busy schedule. Awesome info in these posts!

  100. Thank you Penelope for your wonderful website and info on hairloss products and what has worked for you. My daughter who is 8 has Alopecia Areata, she was diagnosed with it when she was 2.5. It has been very stressful and i am trying everything to help her cure this disease :(. I am thinking of trying the Just Nutritive Alopecia Hair & scalp therapy. She gets 1 or 2 coin size bald spots every winter then when spring comes it stops falling out. Thanks for your review, i will give some of the products your recommend a try.

  101. Hello!! I’ve been using viviscal for a little over a week and have started to notice I’m getting a few zits which I haven’t had in over a year! I’m thinking of trying nutrafol and I’m just wondering if you know if it can cause oily face or breakouts? Also did your hair get thicker or grow longer while taking nutrafol? Thanks!

  102. Hi Penelope. I’m finishing my second month of Nutrafol and I also use Phyto shampoos for hair thinning. Just noticed in your review the HRT issue. I’m also on Bioidenticals which contain testosterone. I’m I doing something wrong?

  103. Can you combine it with Rogaine, or does it work the same with out Rogaine. I’ve been using Rogaine for years and honestly I have more bald spots since I started, my hair still falls out. I started using Nutrafol a month ago, still waiting to see results.

  104. This is my 1st month on Nutrafol. I am 66 yr.s old. Had been taking Viviscal with little change.Then my husband told me that CoQ10 also helps with hair growth. I am also taking this. My stomach is upset now. I have been losing my hair for a few years, but then with added stress and a couple surgerys within a few months of each other, the hair fallout has increased and growth seemed to come to an abrupt halt. Have been taking Nurafol for 3 wk.s and notice decrease in fallout. Now I need to figure out the stomach upset. maybe the CoQ10 should be cut out. The price for Nutrafol is high, esp. knowing that I will have to take for yr.s to come.

  105. Update!!
    Quick recap, first: Extreme & sudden huge hair loss after prolonged illness with high fevers and Cipro antibiotic for 20 days that began 3/1/18.
    Began implementing everything possible to stop the hair loss and to regain normal volume – end March / early April.
    Though I could see an occasional new hair mid-April, another month of solid and aggressive self-helps proved something or all the measures being taken are working.
    Early June – anywhere I part my hair, I have 1cm – 1″ mobs of new hair! It sticks straight up from my parts – love it!! No mistaking this new growth is replacing my loss! I’m so obsessed with examining it in the mirror – LOL!
    I had a dermatologist visit for another reason when my hair was still thinning, and she measured my parts in various locations around my head. I told her the things I was doing, but she pushed Rogaine instead. I never did purchase the product after reading up on it. I had decided to give the more-natural helps a good solid try first. End of May I returned to her, and I asked her to please remeasure my parts, but she insisted it was way too soon (assuming I was using Rogaine!) I told her that I could see new growth, so she reluctantly re-measured. Surprise! Every single section closed in by 1-2mm, and she said that all my parts were the expected width of a person not experiencing hair loss! Since then, my hair has been growing in like crazy! I know that had my dermatologist not thought this hair loss could be permanent, she wouldn’t have prescribed Rogaine. I am anxious to share with her the things I’ve done instead, and maybe she will see that there are safer and faster-acting remedies that truly work!

  106. Hi Robyn, yes the price is extremely high for a supplement. But from what I can tell it’s because of the quality of the ingredients they use rather than them just trying to get a fat profit margin. My guess is that most of the hair supplements found on Amazon are mostly full of junk and fillers which is why they can be sold profitably for much less.

  107. Hi and thanks for this great review. I’ve ordered it for my son who has the family men’s curse of early thinning hair. He’s 21 and has been on Rogaine 2 years and added Viviscal about a year ago. It all definitely slowed down the loss, but I think it is still happening. He’s ready to give Nutrafol a try, but how to wean off Viviscal so there is no system “shock and shed?” Do you think it is ok to take both for 14 days as he lessens the Viviscal per day and then per days in the week until its weaned off?

    1. Hi, My name is Beth. I stumbled upon this forum and saw your question posted… My son is 19. His hair had started to thin about 15 months ago. About 4 months before that we had a devasting school shooting (Parkland) and I assume from the horror of this it made him start to lose his hair. He has been on Viviscal for 3 months, collegen,pumkin seed oil, and biotin. Plus I got him 4 PRP treatments. He is very upset. Has the Nutraful worked for your son? When you took him off the Viviscal was it a problem for him? If you could let me know I would really appreciate it 🙂

  108. Hi Carmen, yes I agree. It is very expensive. I beleive they use the best ingredients however probably a large portion of the cost is going towards their profit.

  109. Thanks!!! What sort of caffeine shampoo and conditioner do you recommend? What other scalp treatments have worked well for you?

  110. This gives me hope. I’m desperate to halt this rapid loss .. and considering buying this.
    What id like to know is .. what happens when you stop taking Nutrafol?
    Will the hair loss and bald patches come back? Or is this a permanent fix. When will one know when to stop taking it?

  111. Hi Cassandra, it’s not a magic bullet, but it might help overall. I recommend optimizing your diet so that if/when you stop taking it the hair you’ve potentially regrown will stay there and not fall out again. It’s not permanent but it will certianly be easier to keep your new hair than regrow it.

  112. Hi Stacie, laser therapy has worked well for me. I use my laser cap once every two days for 30 minutes. It’s the easiest thing to do, and although it’s a big upfront cost, there are no on-going costs after that. It seems to work really well for female baldness. It might be work looking into.

  113. Very important question. Are you being sponsored by the company?
    Most negative Amazon reviews I found were by the users of 4 months and more.
    Thank you.

  114. Hi Inessa, we are not sponsered by Nutrafol. I am aware that it’s easy to create fake reviews on Amazon. Thanks for your comment.

  115. I’ve been taking Nutrafol for a month now. I’ve noticed in the past two weeks a great deal more of shedding than I was experiencing before… is this normal during the process using the supplement that you will shed more before it kicks in?

  116. I am SOOO into wanting to take this product! I started the subscription and had taken it for about 2.5 month when I got a TERRIBLE case of what seemed to be interstitial cystitis! And this is the only thing that I really changed in my diet…. it was beyond horrible.. took me 5 months to get over the problems.. I quit taking Nutrafol as soon as it started but I had to go on a special medicine to heal the bladder… I really WANT to get back on the Nutrafol but I don’t know if this was the cause of my problems.. any input?

  117. Hi I heard that post menopausal women should use the Men’s formula? Is there any truth to that and if so why?

  118. Will this supplement work for those of us who have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease?

    Hair loss is a side effect and nothing I seem to try helps.

    Ever offer a reduced price for those of us who are desperate to buy something that works?

  119. I am a Male with diabetic type 2. Does this works for me? Does this medication in any way interupt my sugar levels or my diabetic medication?

  120. Thanks so much for this review, it is so so helpful. i think i will try this product as well as my hair has been shedding a lot the last 3 months and not sure why. Please keep us posted on any other new findings you have on hair loss.

  121. Thank you for the thorough update. I definitely need to know if this works so I can stop buying stop that do not.


  122. Hi, I have been using Minoxidil, Aldactone and Propecia for years but in the past 2 weeks my scalp has been very itchy. Any ideas why this is happening? I am in the northeast so I’m wondering if it’s the cold weather.
    I have also tried PRP treatments. They seem to make my hair fuller but I’m not sure it helps with hair growth and since it’s so costly, I’m not sure it’s worth continuing. I haven’t gone for a treatment in months. My hair looks much thinner on top and it’s so upsetting.
    Thank you for your article. You mention Nutrafol, biotin, caffeine shampoo and a DHT blocker, but it’s all so confusing. I am wondering what a good regimen is?

  123. Thanks for asking! Neutrafol makes a different product just for men – you can read more about it here. It’s the same concept, and very similar, but with slightly different ingredients, since the hormonal causes of hair loss in men and women can be a bit different.

  124. Yeah, it can be really tricky when you start and then stop something, the body doesn’t know what to expect, and it can wreak havoc on the hair shedding cycles. I’m glad you’re using all those essential oils, it’s a great starting point.

    Have you tried a caffeine shampoo yet?

  125. I’ve also never heard of the Devachan products, I’m so glad you’re commenting and educating me about even more stuff that’s out there! And yes, it’s good to wash less often than overwash, but some people do think that fungus (ewwww) is a major cause of hair loss so it’s a balancing between killing that crap and then keeping your scalp unfried and in balance with its natural oils. The good thing is that the essential oils you’re using, particularly lavendar, have proven anti-fungal properties. And lucky you with the curly hair! Mine is straight on top and wavy on bottom, which for all intents and purposes means straight, so it looks greasy on top even when I’m happy with the bottom, and I have to wash it more often than I’d like or tolerate more greasy appearance than I’d like.

    I’ve tried two caffeine shampoos. One is the Ultrax, which in spite of not being the most “natural” type of shampoo gives great results – I really liked it and need to pony up for the next bottle. The second was much less expensive, Alpecin, and unfortunately it just was too fake smelling and looking to keep up with. I’ve never actually tried coffee soaks but have considered it. I will probably try this brand next, since they’re consistently sulfate free and reasonably priced.

  126. It’s on the way, I’m gonna give Nutrafol three more weeks so the update is accurate and thorough.

    And yes, I’ve been shedding WAY less than before. I also started using some inexpensive hair loss shampoo and conditioner, just to contrast with the far more expensive stuff I’ve tried, which may also be playing a role. I’m really shocked by how nice this stuff is for under $20!

  127. It can help, yes. The Nutrafol people say that the good thing about CTE is that there are multiple causes, and so you can have a more layered solution, and of course they promote Nutrafol as part of that solution, along with a balanced diet, stress reduction, correcting any scalp infections, or stopping any medications which may have precipitated the CTE. hope this helps, thanks for stopping by!

  128. It’s been around for over two years, but it’s based on ten years of research. great question, thanks for asking! To read more about the development of Nutrafol, you can read an awesome article on

  129. There is a version for men here – theirs is different, because men have some different hormonal causes of hair loss than women.
    Most of the ingredients in Nutrafol are natural, especially the herbal and fish collagen. Some of the vitamins appear to be synthesized from natural sources. great question!

  130. Hi Sue -thanks so much for the question. I don’t actually know anyone who’s tried prp therapy, but perhaps someone can chime in when reading this comment. I do know that most people who utilize cold laser therapy do it in conjunction with other hair loss remedies, like DHT blocking shampoos and supplements like Nutrafol. The treatments can all work together synergistically.

  131. Hi Nicole, thanks for the great question. I have reviewed Viviscal here, and the short version of Nutrafol vs Viviscal is this:
    The two are very similar – both contain marine collagen. However, Nutrafol has more naturally sourced ingredients, and includes a wider variety of herbal hair growth agents/DHT blockers like Saw Palmetto, Fo-ti, and Pepper extract. Nutrafol also has other proprietary ingredients to treat stress. On the other hand, Viviscal comes in at less than half the cost of Nutrafol. Nutrafol was originally developed to be the “next” propecia without the sexual side effects, which is one of the primary prescription hair loss treatments for men. Nutrafol for women is different than their product for men, because there is some difference in hair loss causes for men and women, but at least ten years of research went into developing both.

    I’d say if you’re not thrilled with the results you see from Viviscal after the next month, switch over to Nutrafol and give it three months. Come let us know what happens! And if you’re not already using a DHT blocking shampoo or a caffeine shampoo, get one of those too ASAP!

  132. Yeah, you’ve gotta give it time. I started taking the Nutrafol in August, so about three months? That’s a realistic amount of time to assess a hair growth product, because of telogen, and also my personal reality of having a lot of stress in my life the last few months. Stress makes my follicles downright suicidal! And the thyroid disease just complicates everything and makes it that much more sluggish.

    I think OGX also sells a decent straightening shampoo, Art Naturals is also supposed to be really good on frizz! Looks a lot less expensive than Hair Gia, too … this stuff adds up so fast, esp the Nutrafol!

  133. Hi Polly, thanks for the question. You would want to see a dermatologist for hair loss concerns.

    Breakage relates to hair strength, which relates to the size and nourishment of your follicles. I would recommend that in addition to the Nutrafol, you start supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen and/or Bone Broth every day. You can read more about why I’m suggesting this here.

    As for the hair coloring, do you bleach first or use a bleach-based color? Bleach always reduces the diameter of the hair … so if it’s bleach, that’s probably the reason.

  134. Hi Cristina, thank you for the comment and question. I’m still taking Nutrafol and happy with it, though it’s in combination with all the other treatments. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to it, but then again, I’m not allergic to any of its ingredients. I think it’s been a big part of my success.

    I would suggest that you act aggressively and give it a shot in combination with a DHT Blocking shampoo and also Rosemary Oil massages into your problem areas every night. Give this a couple of months and then reevaluate. None of this stuff is gonna make your hair fall out MORE, excluding known allergy concerns.

    I definitely need to post some more hairline pics so you all can see my progress. I’m gonna get to that by the end of this week, for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Cristina!

  135. Hi Lori! Yes, I think Nutrafol and Viviscal are the two best hair loss supplements out there, because both of them incorporate collagen. It’s good to hear that a medical doctor agrees. And yeah, biotin is a MUST!

    The hats are expensive, yes, but have you considered a laser comb? This one is only $150 and has 16 diodes. Check it out!

    And thank you so much for the comment 🙂

  136. Thanks for the comment, Lace! I agree, it’s really important that more products move onto having a longer guarantee, just given the nature of hair loss cycles and how long it takes to see substantial results. At the very least, this is enough time for someone to see if they’re having an adverse reaction or allergy to the product. Hairmax in particular is awesome about having a long-term guarantee…their products come with a 5 month refund!

  137. Nope, they go down easily – they’re coated and not “raw” like some of those cheaper vitamins you get that look like sawdust. Then again, with aftertaste, it’s possible I’m a tad bit immune, because I do so much that some would consider gross, including and hydrolized collagen supplement powders that are tasted every. single. sip. That said, my aggressive routine is working well enough for me to keep doing all of this stuff, because it’s better than my balding alternative.

  138. Thanks for the question! DHT is actually the primary cause of hair loss in BOTH men & women. Nutrafol makes a formulation specifically for me, but it does include DHT blockers. Check it out!

    1. If you are somehow not getting benefits with company to push this product, why are they making a special formulation for you?

  139. Great question, thanks for checking in, Kymberly!. Nutrafol contains 3,000mcg/biotin per daily serving. I continue to take a separate, additional biotin supplement at 5,000mcg/day because I believe I show symptoms of biotin deficiency otherwise. Biotin isn’t stored in the body and will be released, so there really is little danger in also taking your gummy – it takes quite a bit to reach “biotin toxicity”.

    Definitely consult with your medical doctor if you have any questions about it, because it’s possible you might have a reaction if you take anti-seizure or cholesterol-lowering medications.

  140. I don’t personally know any men who use Nutrafol but you can totally check out reviews online for a complete picture. My guess is that it’s just as awesome for men as it is for women, or at least this woman!

  141. Thanks for the feedback, Susan! It’s awesome you’ve had good results with Nutrafol in combination with Nisim – I’m gonna have to check that one out. The Niacin product I like here in the US is by OGX – a shampoo, conditioner, and spray.

  142. Hi Kev – thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in a comment, and for sharing the info with people who might need it. there is also a version of Nutrafol for men – check it out!

  143. Hi Angela, thank you so much for the thoughtful question. Let me try to answer it and clarify the estrogen issue.

    Saw Palmetto can act to block DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone and a primary cause of hair loss in men and women. That same mechanism also acts on progesterone receptors, which can decrease estrogen in the body. This is a good illustration of how nothing in life is free. Excessive DHT is far more destructive and alarm-raising than lack of estrogen, when it comes to hair loss. The net result is still a gain – blocked DHT.

    Other ingredients in Nutrafol work on different hormones, specifically cortisol, which play a huge role in the stress response and contribute significantly to hair loss. You can read more about stress and hair loss here.

    Nutrafol also has a nice little article about what happens during postpartum hormonal shifts and how that affects our hair.

    Hope this helps, let me know!

  144. Hi Sam. I totally understand where you’re coming from. There are a few good hair loss supplements that are less expensive. I would recommend you check out Hairfluence at $20 a month or even Propipdren at around $40 a month! 🙂

  145. Hi Kim! Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts. I’m so sorry to hear that you had medication induced hair loss. With antibiotics, it’s rare, but it does happen, and Cipro is a big one. And you have the double whammy of the thyroid disorder, where your entire body is running on fumes and inessential functions like, oh, hair growth get totally tanked.

    The good news it it’s been a month. Not months, not years. That means your follicles are still alive. You can totally bring them back. Be fearless and dedicated and do multiple treatments at once.

    I’d recommend that in addition to your Nutrafol and the Shapiro MD shampoo & conditioner, you ALSO do a nightly serum treatment. You can do Rogaine or Lipogaine, or Rosemary essential oil scalp massages (I do the last one because I’m cheap and I also don’t want to chance side effects from minoxodil).

    This might be overkill, but I ALSO recommend you include a bovine collagen supplement. The Nutrafol has marine collagen, which is awesome, but cover your bases with land animals. Collagen peptide powder is the easiest way to make this happen, Bone Broth is the most time consuming but it all depends on your perspective on cooking.

    Come back and let us know how this stuff works for you, please! And reach out any time you have more questions!


  146. Hi Angie, thanks for the comment and question! Give Nutrafol a couple of months for sure.

    I’m gonna link to all of these in the names – I also take a separate biotin supplement, a good D3 supplement (both of those are suspended in coconut oil which is also good for my thyroid issues), and I also force myself to drink hydrolized collagen powder every day (cow sourced – I get marine collagen from the nutrafol). That’s it for the supplements. Luckily, other than the Nutrafol, those things are all cheap 🙂

  147. Also, consider adding a good DHT Blocking shampoo to your routine, and I recommend rosemary essential oil scalp massages at night to everyone. A good/cheap dht blocking shampoo is from OGX, I think this stuff is great. there are other options of course, more natural, more expensive/ritzy, just plain different.

  148. Hi! Great question – and you can definitely use my regrowth strategies to improve the thickness and fullness of your hair. I think you should stop pulling your hair up into a tight ponytail. Loose at the nape of your neck is much kinder to the follicles.

    I take biotin and hydrolized bovine collagen every day. I am too lazy to make the bone broth, so this is my solution.

    Additionally, my Nutrafol supplement has marine collagen. You can buy marine collagen separately here, it’s inexpensive and helps a great deal with strengthening collagen, which is what our skin and hair is made from!

    You should also consider using a product specifically for thin hair, such as this great treatment from Just Nutritive.

  149. You can definitely also supplement with keratin, or use a premium shampoo/conditioner combo like the one from Vitamins, which includes Keratin.

  150. You’re famous over here on the Bone Broth post! It gets a ton of traffic, so I’m guessing your strategy will be implemented in households everywhere 🙂 Let me know if you wanted me to link your name to any social media or anything like that 🙂

  151. Thankyou for an excellent article but I didn’t understand if you were taking THE HAIR GUARD WITH THE NUTRAFOL or instead of I am 74 and desperate because my hair loss is getting worse. Do you think it’s safer to have hair cut short my hair is finally long its taken years I don’t look good with it short and would hate to cut but if it helps oh well.

  152. Hi. Super review. I took this before and stopped because I was regulating my blood pressure. I’m taking Nutrafol again. 4 tablets in the morning daily. I’ve noticed that my skin has been really itchy-especially the bottom back of my scalp and around my hairline in my face. Woke up this morning and it came to to me that this definitely could be from taking Nurafol for 3 weeks. Have you heard of this allergic reaction? Even parts of my arms itch. I’m not taking anything else that is new

    1. Hi Podi,

      It could certainly be that there’s an ingredient in Nutrafol which you’re allergic. I would recommend you stop taking the product and consult with your doctor.


  153. This is an excellent article and extremely helpful. Because Nutrafol is so expensive, I am considering Hairguard instead. Do you know if it’s a vegan product ?
    Thank you !

    1. Hi Anne-Lise,

      Our shampoo does contain collagen which does not come from a vegan source. The other ingredients within the Shampoo are vegan, however.


  154. Great read. Thank you. Could you spend some time comparing the hair guard product to the nutrafol product? Major differences, similarities, ingredients?

  155. Nutrafol is ludicrous for a man.Ashwagandha has as you’ve noted in the past and literature BACKS it up TO RAISE TESTOSTERONE=RAISING DHT, ITS A POTENTIAL ISSUE,BIG ISSUE FOR MEN WITH PATTERN BALDNESS.

  156. I’ve been using Nutrafol 4 tablets a day now for 6 months and I definitely see a difference not only thickness in hair but my skin such as liver spots have almost disappeared. The only thing I hate to mention is that when urinating there is a strong smell! Is this normal?

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