The 7 Best Hair Loss Forums and Groups

  • Medically reviewed by: Dr. Anil Simhadri
  • Written by: William Slator
  • Last updated: 06/12/2023

Hair loss can be a very sensitive topic. It’s not something that many people feel comfortable talking about openly and it can be the source of much fear and frustration.

Even the thought of communicating concerns about hair loss to close friends and family can be very daunting.

The Hair Loss Forum Facebook Group

Our Hair Loss Forum Facebook group has thousands of members who all contribute to questions and answers about natural ways to regrow hair.

If you’re interested in forum style help, discussion, community and support, but don’t want to go through the hassle of signing up and getting approved by old-school forum then simply join our Facebook group called The Hair Loss Forum Facebook Group

Why Use A Hair Loss Forum?

Hair loss forums offer an anonymous platform where anyone concerned about the issues surrounding hair loss can receive the information and community support they seek to help them to move forward with confidence and hope to create the results they desire.

Not only do forums provide a safe space to share support, they are also an excellent information source, with many forums sharing news and ground-breaking research about the latest hair restoration treatments and products, as well as inspiring stories from people who have experienced successful results, or have simply chosen to embrace life without hair.

Here are some of the other forums you might want to join

Hair Site

Hair Site is one of the largest and longest-serving websites for hairline restoration for both men and women.

With featured doctors and specialists from around the globe, it is geared primarily towards scientific research, education and effective solutions to hair loss. It offers the latest news on successful hair loss treatments and pioneering, FDA-approved products.

The main discussion forum is categorized into helpful sections comprising surgical and non-surgical treatments, supplements, and cosmetic products and there is also a section specially dedicated to exploring the unique options available to women who are experiencing hair loss.

Users can submit their questions, which the site guarantees to have answered by a specialist within 24 hours.

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Bald Truth Talk

Bald Truth Talk is an online hair loss and hair restoration community with its own associated radio show hosted by Spencer Kobren called The Bald Truth; America’s longest-running and critically acclaimed self-help radio show directed towards men suffering from male pattern baldness.

The show discusses the most prevalent issues concerning the hair loss community including personal accounts of transplant operations and discussions about the credibility of surgeons.

The primary focus of Bald Truth Talk is surgical hair restoration and they are passionate about providing reliable information to the community about the most safe and effective treatments for hair loss.

Within the forum area there is a whole section dedicated to hair transplant results by IAHRS-recommended surgeons only, including before and after pictures. Members are also invited to post pictures of their own transplant results in a specially designated section.

There is also a section within the forum dedicated especially to women, where they are invited to share their stories and discuss treatments, transplant results, and cosmetic measures.

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Hair Restoration Social Network

This forum was created by and for hair loss patients. As the name suggests, it provides a safe space for people concerned about hair loss to provide support and encouragement to one another by sharing their success stories and results.

Its home page also posts a variety of hair loss news and research via live feed Facebook and Twitter integration.

The main focus of Hair Restoration Social Network is surgical hair restoration and it provides useful information about recommended surgeons, as well as what to expect when undergoing transplant treatment.

There is a section within the forum reserved especially for surgeon reviews and via a link to their sister site it is possible to schedule a free consultation with a hair restoration physician and also listen to recent physician interviews.

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Regrowth is a unisex forum that provides information about both natural and pharmaceutical hair growth products and treatments.

Leaning towards the realm of science and education, it has a helpful glossary of specific terms associated with conditions of hair loss and hair loss therapies, as well as informative articles about the latest technological advances in hair loss research and treatments, providing a very useful guide for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of hair restoration procedures available.

Its integrated online shop sells a range of cleansing, conditioning, and styling products suitable for both men and women.

In the Regrowth Network Info Centre it is also possible for community members to schedule complimentary online consultations with doctors and have their questions answered directly.

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Sly Bald Guys

This is a supportive, easy-going forum aimed at men who are proud to be bald! Taking a light-hearted stance towards hair loss, Sly Bald Guys combines community support and informative personal blogging with an element of fun.

The forum provides helpful information about safe shaving, grooming, and caring for a baldhead, as well as a whole section dedicated to building confidence.

It also has a designated section where members can discuss other non-hair-related topics such as dating, relationships, fitness, and sports. It offers product reviews, promotional discounts, and even giveaways!

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Women’s Hair Loss Project

As the name indicates, this forum is dedicated to females who are experiencing problems with hair loss, with an overarching emphasis on creating a strong support network. Their tag line is, ‘Help, hope and understanding.’

With very easy-to-navigate sections, Women’s Hair Loss Project provides inspiration, success stories, and a safe place for women who are feeling vulnerable with their condition of hair loss to express their daily experiences and challenges.

The forum has a section specifically dedicated to ‘ranting and venting’ as well as links to informative articles containing helpful information about causes and treatments, hairstyling, and cosmetic solutions for hair loss.

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Alopecia World

This site is aimed at creating a positive support network mainly for women who are living with Alopecia. Members can discuss treatment options, and product effectiveness and share their own personal messages, daily challenges, and stories.

The forum offers discussion on a diverse range of topics surrounding Alopecia, such as symptoms and potential causes, challenges faced by sufferers in the areas of relationships and employment, to information about relevant events and fashion products.

The site has a number of links to shops selling useful products such as wigs, hairpieces, head wraps, turbans, and cosmetics.

With a large emphasis on sharing inspirational photos, videos, and personal blogs this forum is dedicated to empowering women who understand that bald is beautiful.

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