Lavender Oil for Hair Growth: Does It Help?

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One of the essential oils, lavender essential oil (LEO) is obtained by getting the oils out of various flower spikes found in the lavender plant. There are two distinct forms of this oil.

They are lavender flower oil, which is a clear oil that is insoluble in water, and lavender spike oil, a distilled form of the plant called Lavandula latifolia.

Not a pure compound, lavender oil is a naturally occurring mixture of what are called phytochemicals. These chemicals are linalool and linalyl acetate.

There is a type of lavender oil called Kashmir Lavender which is actually made at the bottom of the Himalayas (1).

Lavender is a rather hardy plant and can withstand many climates. This allows it to be grown in many regions of the earth.

In Latin, the lavender plant is actually called Lavare which literally translates to wash. They called it this because of the plant’s clean smell.

LEO is extracted from the blossoms of the lavender plant. It is used for many cosmetic purposes.

It can be found in various colognes and aroma therapies along with shampoos and conditioners. The oil is often combined with other things to provide the most benefit from it.

It is used in combination with things such as cedar wood oil, geranium oil, pine oil, and even nutmeg.

Lavender essential oil has many uses. It is therapeutic so it is used in many soothing fragrances and body oils as well as medicines. It can be used to help cure insomnia which will improve the quality of a person’s sleep.

The added benefit of sleep and soothing relaxation will also lower stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Lavender’s ability to cure these things will in turn improve hair growth because they are the leading causes of hair loss.

Using Lavender Oil for Your Hair

There is no need to purchase crazy, chemical-laden hair loss solutions when the earth is providing the perfect products naturally.

The essential oils all contain exceptional nutrients for the benefit of your hair and skin. LEO is one of the essential nutrients and is one of the important.

It is a great oil for generating hair growth and making hair healthy and full. It can be a solution to many people’s thinning hair problems.

Even people with diseases such as alopecia can notice a gain of hair when using the oil. It is often added to various shampoos and conditioners by the companies to improve the product.

LEO can be beneficial to hair in a ton of different ways. It is good for everything from growing new hair to cleaning the hair you already have.

It is even good for getting rid of nasty lice and nits. Many people are able to receive the benefits of lavender oil when they use it properly.

Hereditary baldness can be frustrating and frustration leads to even more hair falling out. LEO is a way to curb your frustration and start enjoying your hair growth. It is as simple as massaging the oil into your scalp. This should be done either prior to or during the act of showering.

It is not advised to leave the oil in without washing it out. When done on a regular basis, this lead to noticeable improvements on hair growth.

Massaging the lavender oil into your scalp will promote blood circulation which will then help hair to grow and keep the follicles working properly.

It’s also a rather powerful antiseptic. This means it has great cleaning properties. This is why it is so good for ridding your hair of lice. When used on the scalp, it will treat dry skin, dandruff, lice, lice eggs, and nits.

Its disinfectant qualities also help to defend your scalp against various fungi, viruses, and other microbes. The oil will prevent your scalp from itching and is a safe, natural alternative to using powerful, potentially harmful chemicals on your head.

How to Use the Lavender Oil


There are several very effective ways to use your LEO. The best way to get the most out of your oil is by combining it with certain other essential oils.

These all work together in slightly different ways to maximize your hair’s growing potential. There are different combinations that can be used for different functions and solutions to problems.

First and foremost is hair growth. The oils that you can combine to grow hair are lavender, rosemary, basil and jojoba oils. This concoction should be stored in a dark glass bottle to ensure light waves are not able to destroy nutrients in the oils.

They should be mixed as 10 drops of both lavender and rosemary oils and 5 drops of basil. These should then be mixed into four ounces of jojoba oil. Shake the bottle thoroughly before applying.

Another mixture which includes LEO is used to cure dry scalps. This one requires lavender oil, rosemary oil, and some oatmeal. Begin by soaking a quarter cup of oatmeal in water for twenty minutes. Mix together 5 drops of rosemary oil with 7 drops of lavender.

Make sure these are well mixed then stir them into the oatmeal. This should create a kind of paste.

Massage this into your scalp and let it sit for one hour. After the hour has past, wash it all out using warm but not hot water. Hot water could irritate the scalp.

Using LEO regularly will provide noticeable benefits within approximately three weeks to a month. The results are not instantaneous but require only a limited amount of effort.

Daily use is suggested until the individual achieves their desired effect. At this point you can begin doing periodic uses just to maintain rather than over do.

One of the easiest ways to make use of it, is to add a few drops to your shampoo.

Does Lavender Oil Really Work?

Very few studies have been done on the use of LEO for hair growth. However, one study was conducted in 1998, and it tested the effects of an essential oil blend and its benefit to hair growth.

The study consisted of 84 subjects with Alopecia Areata (AA), a hair loss condition that results in patchy bald spots on the scalp. The participants were split into two groups, with the first group applying the essential oil blend daily and the second group just applying the carrier oils daily (placebo).

The essential oils used in the trials were thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood blended in a base of jojoba and grapeseed carrier oil.

The study was carried out over seven months, and participants were examined at zero months (baseline), three months, and seven months.

At the end of the study, nineteen (44%) of the 43 patients in the treatment group saw significant improvement in hair growth compared to 6 (15%) of the 41 patients in the placebo group:

Aberdeen essential oils blend study results

Does this mean that lavender oil works to promote hair growth?

Not necessarily.

While lavender oil was included in the essential oils blend, it wasn’t the only ingredient present. In fact, many other oils included (such as rosemary and jojoba) have their own studies to show its positive effects on hair growth.

This means that further testing needs to be carried out on lavender oil alone to really determine the role it plays (if any) in hair regrowth.

However this study showed that tea tree and lavender oil have “varying estrogenic and/or anti-androgenic properties.” So both oils could potentially cause hair growth. More research is needed on this subject however.

Cost and Availability

Lavender oil can be purchased in many major retail stores along with practically anywhere else that cosmetic supplies are sold. It can also be found online at a myriad of health and supplement websites. LEO is relatively cheap and can be afforded by most anyone.

Prices range anywhere from $4 to as much as $25. Lower priced oils are typically used for scents, candle making, and other aromatherapies. When purchasing an oil for your use, you should look for a bottle that says “100% pure therapeutic grade oil.”

This means they have been put through strict distillation and tests. They are made using no solvents.

Does Lavender Essential Oil Have Any Side Effects?

The use of LEO for adults is typically considered to be safe for all. Lavender oil should be diluted and not used in its pure, most powerful form.

It is possible that using lavender oil will irritate a person’s skin. This is especially true when the oil is not properly diluted.

LEO should only be used on the external surface of your skin.

When using it in this way, a person should avoid operating vehicles and other heavy machinery as they can very easily become drowsy.

An individual should not begin using lavender oil without first speaking with their doctor about the possible side effects.


Hair loss is an embarrassing but avoidable situation. It is important to educate yourself on as many of the potential solutions as possible.

Rather than trying a bunch of different products that are riddled with harmful chemicals, you should consider trying all natural, organic products. Essential oils such as lavender oil can be invaluable tool to help regrow your hair.

It also can be used to treat dandruff and get rid of any unwanted lice or fungi. There are a ton of reasons why your hair might be falling out, but only a handful of real solutions to the issue.

When used properly and consistently, LEO is proven to provide the hair growth necessary for reuniting you with your confidence.