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I started this website around 6 years ago (formerley called Hair Loss Revolution) with the goal to share all the research I had done in stopping my own hair loss.

Since then, the blog has continued to grow as I've written about more and more topics.

Please find the latest articles below.

Does SIBO Cause Hair Loss?
Your gut’s health plays an important role in your body’s overall well being. Without a proper balance of good and[...]
Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Hair Loss?
In this post, I’ll discuss the effects that chronic marijuana use can have on hair loss. This will include a[...]
Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?
One question that many men and women wonder, especially if they’re susceptible to hair loss, is whether their daily use[...]
Baby Hairs: What Are They & Why Won’t They Grow
When it comes to hair styling, baby hairs typically fall into two categories: the bane of an individual’s existence, or[...]
Can Adrenal Fatigue Cause Hair Loss?
There are many conditions that can trigger hair loss, and some of them are more common than others. The most[...]
Burning Scalp Hair Loss – Causes & Treatments
A burning scalp can cause discomfort, and it can oftentimes be accompanied by itching, flaking, redness, and even small bumps.[...]
Hyaluronic Acid for Hair Growth
When you suffer from chronic hair loss, it can seem as if your body is constantly working against you. You[...]
Keto Hair Loss: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Ketogenic Diet
It seems that for almost as long as food has been readily available, there have been dietary trends and fads.[...]
Clascoterone (Breezula) for Hair Loss
It’s been over 20 years since the FDA last approved a pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of male pattern baldness[...]
7 Steps to Get Rid of Clogged and Blocked Hair Follicles
Here are 7 simple steps to get rid of clogged and blocked hair follicles. After reading this guide you will[...]
White Bulb on Hair Follicle – A Sign of Hair Loss?
While the loss of hair with a white bulb attached can be a normal occurrence, you may have reason to worry[...]
Botox Injections for Hair Growth in Men – Incredible Results
You’ve likely heard about botox injections for aesthetic reasons, whether from friends and family, in regards to your favorite reality[...]
The Growband: User Guide for Hair Loss
There are many hair loss treatments on the market which claim to stop your hair loss and help you to[...]
Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo | My In-Depth Product Review for 2020
Caffeine is an excellent morning jolt, or even an afternoon pick-me-up. But what if I told you that it might[...]
Is Fenugreek Good for Your Hair? A Review of the Scientific Research
There are a number of natural ingredients which may have merit for improving hair health and speeding up hair growth,[...]
Probiotics for Hair Health: What They Are and Why You Need Them
Can probiotics help improve hair lustre, thickness and gloss? A number of studies, which were conducted on mice suggest there[...]
Treatments for Female Pattern Hair Loss: Four Ways to Combat Balding
Thinning and balding are often seen as problems that only affect men. But less than 45 percent of women will[...]
Propecia Results: What To Expect From This Hair Loss Drug
By the age of 50, 30 to 50 percent of men will be affected by male-pattern hair loss to one[...]
Diffuse Thinning: What It Is, And What You Can Do About It
Shedding and hair loss are common conditions faced by men and women alike. They can be caused by a myriad[...]
Finasteride for Women: Everything You Need to Know
Finasteride is a drug that’s popularly known for its use as a treatment for hair loss in men, but what[...]
How Much Does Propecia (Finasteride) Cost? Is It Worth It?
One of the most difficult choices that a man or woman with hair loss will face is which treatment option[...]
Female Hair Loss 101 – Everything You Need To Know
Although hair loss is often considered primarily a concern for men, hair loss in women is more common than many[...]
Just Nutritive Grow New Hair Faster – Does It Work?
Grow New Hair is a product line for hair regrowth, made of all natural ingredients, including nut and seed oils[...]
Plantur 39 Shampoo | My Detailed Review for 2020
You may be looking for a hair loss solution online, and stumbled into Plantur 39 shampoo reviews. Let's look in[...]
Scalp Massage for Hair Growth: 2020 Guide
Daily scalp massages are one of the main ways I've been able to thicken my hair and lower my hairline.[...]
Acupuncture for Hair Growth: Benefits & Results
There are many alternative treatments that hair loss sufferers may consider, but perhaps one of the most underrated is acupuncture.[...]
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Hair Loss: Is It Right for You?
As hair thinning, recession, and balding affects millions of men and women worldwide, it’s no wonder there are always new[...]
Grapeseed Extract for Hair Growth: 2020 Guide
There are many natural hair loss treatments on the market that claim to stop thinning and loss and even induce[...]
The Benefits of a Vegan Diet for Hair Growth – A Scientific Review
Plant-based diets including vegetarianism and veganism have been around for thousands of years, though they’ve more recently begun to gain[...]
9 Scary Reasons Why Drinking Alcohol Might Cause Hair Loss
In this article, you’ll find out the truth about alcohol and its relation to hair loss (in men and in[...]
Minoxidil Side Effects: 16 Most Common With Pictures
In this article I'm going to show you the most common side effects of using minoxidil. And YES, there are[...]
High Hairline & Hair Loss: Are the Two Connected?
As we age our hairlines naturally rise (slightly) from what is called a "juvenile to mature hairline". However, after a[...]
Coconut Oil for Hair Growth: Benefits, Side Effects and Uses
Coconut oil can help reduce hair damage (protein loss) by up to 39 percent, helping to stop your hair from[...]
Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Hair Loss?
In this post, I’ll discuss the effects that chronic marijuana use can have on hair loss. This will include a[...]
8 Causes of Slow Hair Growth & 13 Ways To Make Hair Grow Faster
Slow hair growth is becoming more common for both men and women due to poor diets and stressful lifestyles. It[...]
Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Growth: A Scientific Review
Did you know that pumpkin seed oil may be able to to improve hair count and hair thickness in people with[...]
Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Growth: Benefits, Recipes & Instructions
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an all-natural health supplement that has been gaining popularity in recent years. One reason for[...]
My 2020 Hair Growth Serum: Recipes & Ingredients
In this guide you’ll learn how to make the hair growth serum that helped re-grow my hair, and thousands of[...]
#62 Best Foods For Mega Hair Growth – Feed Your Hair Today
When you're suffering from hair loss, no matter the cause, it's important to take a multi-pronged approach to tackling the[...]
What Studies Show About Turmeric For Hair Loss: 2020 Update
Folk medicine is often considered to be a relic of the past. However, there are still many treatments in use[...]

My Philosophy

Chemical products and prescription hair loss treatments may be the quick fix, but are they the best?

In the vast majority of cases, I would say no. In fact, why use potentially harmful products with an endless list of complications and side effects when you there are non-chemical means available too?

That’s the philosophy I incorporate into my daily life, and the one which I hope Hairguard clearly reflects.

About Will Hartfield

Hi, my name is Will! I’m someone who knows what it’s like to live with a receding hairline, but I’m also someone who has reclaimed my hair, my confidence, and my life.

I’ve earned my degree in biomedical engineering, and I’m on a mission to find the most effective hair loss treatment that work without side-effects.

In fact, I’ve been on this journey for four years and have had great success in treating my hair loss and regrowing my hair.

In my early twenties, I began to notice a thinning hairline. Even worse, my hairline was receding. I tried Rogaine and Propecia – the only FDA-approved hair treatments on the market – but was unhappy with the side effects.

After all, does anyone really want to suffer from loss of libido in order to regrow their hair?

In addition, I knew once treatment ended, so too would the results.

That’s when I shifted my focus away from covering up the symptoms, and instead decided to tackle the source of my problems.

Since that time, I’ve has spent countless hours researching and testing different hair loss treatments.

From scalp massages to vitamin supplements to PRP, botox and more, I’ve made it my mission to find the best hair growth treatments available.

My hope is to inspire and instruct hair loss sufferers worldwide.

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  1. Hi, ive been following you guys for a few months now and i know for a fact you have more articles than these, so i was wondering if there is a link that shows all the archived posts made from 2015 onwards? or whenever you started posting online.
    I ask because if you search you can find some important articles back in 2016, so i’d like to have an easier search option so i can go straight to the article rather than having to hopefully find it through a google search, that would be most appreciated if so.



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