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Is Hair Loss Reversible? – 5 Secrets To Help Hair Grow Back

Anybody who has lost their hair to pattern baldness has, at one point in their life wondered, if hair loss is reversible.

Actually, the above statement isn’t true. Many people who have hair loss blindly accept that there is nothing you can do to reverse hair loss.

They don’t even look for answers and treatments. More still think that hair loss is only reversible with the help of drugs. Drugs like propecia that can have some seriously scary side effects.

I’m very happy to say that yes, hair loss is reversible, and naturally too.

The main reason that hair loss is reversible is because male (and female) pattern baldness is not natural. It is a side-effect of modern life and there are specific dietary and lifestyle habits that cause hair loss in the first place.

Thankfully, this means there are also dietary and lifestyle habits that can reverse hair loss when done right.

It does take time though. Hair thinning and receding takes place over a long time, and re-growing your hair is equally as slow. So if you’re looking for a magical solution, then this is not the place.

However, if you are looking for a natural, and permanent way to reverse your hair loss then you’ve arrived at the right place.

There is a caveat though. At some point, hair loss can become too far advanced to be reversed. This is because the dermal papilla, the part where the hair follicle grows from actually dies.

Once it is dead it’s gone forever. Luckily most hairs that haven’t been bald for too long still remain in a dormant and stunted phase.

The root of the hair follicle can be recovered with the right steps, but you will need to attack the problem from multiple different angles to win.

Myself and hundreds of other men (and women) have used the following methods to reverse our own hair loss, and you can use them too. it does take consistency and commitment though. But in the long run its well worth it.

Not only can you re-grow your hair, but you fix the underlying problem that was causing hair loss in the first place too.

Often this is something health related that was not quite right with your body.

Most of those who try these methods report feeling much more energetic, healthy and getting ill much less often. Our health and out hair are interconnected.

However, even very healthy people can have hair loss because they get  a few vital things wrong. And even unhealthy people can have thick, beautiful hair.

The difference is called ‘genetic predisposition’ to hair loss, but that’s for another time. Below I will summarise an effective strategy for reversing your hair loss.

  1. Step 1 is minding the foods you eat since many foods can cause hair loss. Foods with a high glycemic index spike blood sugar levels (increasing insulin resistance) which can increase DHT sensitivity. One of the best ways to block DHT naturally is to alkalise your body with alkalising food and vegetable juices and reduce free radicals with antioxidants.
  2. You will also want to remove DHT from the scalp using this method. This will help to actively stimulate new hair growth and recover from thinning and receding hair. You can make your own rogaine alternative, a homemade minoxidil and topical DHT blocker.
  3. There are certain rules about hair etiquette that are a minimum of what you should do. These involve stopping smoking, avoiding hot showers and not damaging your hair with color dyes and gels or waxes.
  4. There are also essential oils like rosemary, jojoba, lavender, avocado, cedar wood, tea treeemu oil and of course pumpkin seed oil which has been proven to increase hair count when taken as a supplement, that can help to repair and re-grow tired and lifeless hair. There is also the technique of mesotherapy and Ayuverdic medicine which has been quite successful for stopping and reversing hair loss.
  5. There are plenty of herbs, vitamins and supplements that can be used to fight hair loss too. There are specialist substances like folic acid, copper peptides, aloe vera, pygeum africanum, azelaic acid, saw palmetto and prostaglandin D2 that can also help you.

When you combine all of these together you give your hair every chance to grow.

*This article was reviewed by Dr. Anil Simhadri

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